Scream Queens’ Ratings Do Not Impress

Yikes! The Fox network is not having a very impressive fall season so far. Several of its sophomore shows have returned with less than impressive ratings (Gotham) and two of it’s freshman dramas have also failed to impress.

My favorite, Minority Report, got off to a shaky start on Monday night, and now Scream Queens has done the same. Via TV by the Numbers, the teen horror fest drew 4.4 million viewers for its two-hour premiere last night, garnering a modest 1.7 in the coveted 18-49 age group.

This is all very shocking considering the level of promotion Fox put into this show. Add on all the celebrity names (Arana Grande, Keke Palmer, Nick Jonas) and one has to wonder what went wrong. Teen girls should have been tuning in to Scream Queens in droves.

I can’t help but think the way TV ratings are measured is antiquated. I’m sure far more people watched both Minority Report and Scream Queens. Something tells me we’ll probably see a more accurate measuring of the show’s success when DVR ratings are calculated and released later this week.

In the meantime, did any of you guys watch Scream Queens, and if you did, what did you think?


  1. I watched through the scene with the cook, then I had to quit it. I’ll watch again via on-demand. I’m trying to catch up with season three of Elementary. Also, I missed “Limitless” on last night. I loved the movie. I’m interested in how the show will work. 🙂

  2. i watched it and it just did not hold my attention, it was too silly, i thought it would have been at least on the level of SCREAM, no too deep but not so funny i could care less and fall asleep the 2nd hour (which i did)

  3. I was bored and tuned out. Switched over to Hulu and watched Minority Report.

  4. I didn’t watch scream queens, i am going to watch it on demand. but i watched minority report and loved it.

  5. sorry to comment twice, but i forgot to mention i watched gotham and thought it was just like last season; great plot twists and very interesting. And i agree Brownsista the way they report the people who are watching is very old and needs to be re done.

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