Sean Bell’s Murderers Acquitted

Usually I would not cover this story on BrownSista, but rather the official forum where it is already being discussed. However Toya, who runs Meagan Online, thought this case was important enough to post here- and I gotta agree with her. Personally, living in the Bronx, I knew the police officers would be acquitted. For those of you who may not know, cases of officers shooting unarmed Black and Hispanic men happen quite often here in New York and when it does and officers are brought up on charges, they always choose to be tried before a judge rather than a jury. Most often victims are shot in Black/Latino neighborhoods and the offending officers, who are usually White, do not want to face a jury box full of Black and brown faces. Thus, they go before a judge, who most likely will be White and they walk. This scenario has happened at least 3 times in the last few years, and I am sure will happen many, many more.

3 Detectives Acquitted in Bell Shooting
Published: April 26, 2008

Three detectives were found not guilty Friday morning on all charges in the shooting death of Sean Bell, who died in a hail of 50 police bullets outside a club in Jamaica, Queens.

Justice Arthur J. Cooperman, who delivered the verdict, said many of the prosecution’s witnesses, including Mr. Bell’s friends and the two wounded victims, were simply not believable. “At times, the testimony of those witnesses just didn’t make sense,” he said.

His verdict prompted several supporters of Mr. Bell to storm out of the courtroom, and screams could be heard in the hallway moments later. The three detectives — Gescard F. Isnora, Michael Oliver and Marc Cooper — were escorted out of a side doorway. Outside, a crowd gathered behind police barricades, occasionally shouting, amid a veritable sea of police officers.

The verdict comes 17 months to the day since the Nov. 25, 2006, shooting of Mr. Bell, 23, and his friends, Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield, outside the Club Kalua in Jamaica, Queens, hours before Mr. Bell was to be married.

It was delivered in a packed courtroom and was heard by, among others, the slain man’s parents and his fiancée. The seven-week trial, which ended April 14, was heard by Justice Cooperman in State Supreme Court in Queens after the defendants waived their right to a jury, a strategy some lawyers called risky at the time. But it clearly paid off with Friday’s verdict.

Before rendering his verdict, Justice Cooperman ran through a narrative of the evening, and concluded “the police response with respect to each defendant was not found to be criminal.”

“The people have not proved beyond a reasonable doubt” that each defendant was not justified in shooting, he said, before quickly saying the men were not guilty of all of the eight counts, five felonies and three misdemeanors, against them.

Mr. Bell’s family sat silently as Justice Cooperman spoke from the bench. Behind them, a woman was heard to ask, “Did he just say, ‘Not guilty?’ “

Roughly 30 court officers stood by, around the courtroom and in the aisles.

“There are no winners in a trial like this,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said later. “An innocent man lost his life, a bride lost her groom, two daughters lost their father, and a mother and a father lost their son.”

The mayor continued: “Judge Cooperman’s responsibility, however, was to decide the case based on the evidence presented in the courtroom. America is a nation of laws, and though not everyone will agree with the verdicts and opinions issued by the courts, we accept their authority.”

He added: “There will be opportunities for peaceful dissent and potentially for further legal recourse — those are the rights we enjoy in a democratic nation. We don’t expect violence or law-breaking, nor is there any place for it.”

Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, speaking at an event in Brooklyn, declined to comment on the verdict, saying that the officers could still face disciplinary action from the Police Department. He did say, however, that the United States attorney’s office had asked him to delay such disciplinary action until it had decided whether or not to pursue federal charges against the officers.

He also said that the police were ready, should any unrest develop.

“We have prepared, we have done some drills and some practice with appropriate units and personnel if there is any violence, but again, we don’t anticipate violence,” Mr. Kelly said. “There have been no problems. Obviously there will be some people who are disappointed with the verdict. We understand that.”

Detectives Isnora and Oliver had faced the most charges: first- and second-degree manslaughter, with a possible sentence of 25 years in prison; felony assault, first and second degree; and a misdemeanor, reckless endangerment, with a possible one-year sentence. Detective Oliver also faces a second count of first-degree assault. Detective Cooper was charged only with two counts of reckless endangerment.

During the 26 days of testimony, the prosecution sought to show, with an array of 50 witnesses, that the shooting was the act of a frightened, even enraged group of disorganized police officers who began their shift that night hoping to arrest a prostitute or two and, in suspecting Mr. Bell and his friends of possessing a gun, quickly got in over their heads.

“We ask police to risk their lives to protect ours,” said an assistant district attorney, Charles A. Testagrossa, in his closing arguments. “Not to risk our lives to protect their own.”

The defense, through weeks of often heated cross-examinations, their own witnesses and the words of the detectives themselves, portrayed the shooting as the tragic end to a nonetheless justified confrontation, with Detective Isnora having what it called solid reasons to believe he was the only thing standing between Mr. Bell’s car and a drive-by shooting around the corner.

Several witnesses testified that they heard talk of guns in an argument between Mr. Bell and a stranger, Fabio Coicou, outside Kalua, an argument, the defense claimed, that was fueled by bravado and Mr. Bell’s intoxicated state. Defense lawyers pointed their fingers at Mr. Guzman, who, they said, in shouting for Mr. Bell to drive away when Detective Isnora approached, may have instigated his death.

Detective Isnora told grand jurors last year that he clipped his badge to his collar and drew his gun, shouting, “Police! Don’t move!” as he approached Mr. Bell’s Nissan Altima.

Other witnesses, mostly friends of Mr. Bell, said they never heard shouts of “Police!” Mr. Guzman and Mr. Benefield testified that they had no idea that Mr. Guzman was a police officer when he walked up with his gun drawn.



  1. This whole situation is tragic to me, it just shows the racism this so called justic system has!
    I’m sick of it all

  2. I’s amazing that you can kill a cop a get an automatic death sentence, but a cop can kill a innocent citizen and get suspended with pay and aquitted…This is why the relationship between the black community and cops continues to be in a bad state…I’m always mistrustful and afraid for my life whenever it comes to the police even it’s just something as minor as a traffic vioation or a parking ticket…You never know when you come across an idiot with a badge and gun.

  3. This is just crazy. And Stef, I agree with everything you said.

  4. I heard it and just got up and left my office to avoid getting emotional here. All I could think of was “michael vick got 3 years for being part of a dogfighting ring that resulted in the death of a dog…but these officers killed an unarmed, innocent man…and they walk free.”

    I have to explain this crap to my sons without killing their spirit and their hopes for their future.

  5. Nef Chocolatepeach,

    You’re so right on with the Micheal Vick comment, he got prison time for dog fighting and these 3 men kiled a man and almsot killed two others in the process and they don’t get one day in jail, that’s pure bullcrap.

  6. I must say I`m not surprised because sadly I expected it. We, as a people, have been in America far too long to not know the order of the day. Cop/cops shoot and kill an unarmed black man and it`s just business as usual. This makes me furious as hell that they can just kill us wholesale without fear of being held accountable. The deck is heavily stacked against us brothas. Today they`ve traded in the noose for the gun and the legal system, that`s what I call modern day lynching. If a young brotha makes it to see his 30th birthday that in itself is a minor victory, so what does that say about the odds against the black man today? All you have is whites with The KKK mentality posing as cops to make their killings justifiable homicide. Their badge and their gun makes it all legal now. First it all starts with systematic racism.

    This is done to herd brothas into a life a crime so that they can either jail us or kill us wholesale. Most companies will hire a sista before they hire a brotha, so therein you have a brotha without employment with no means to provide for his family. I submit to you a man with no means to provide for his family or his woman feels less than a man. So what does he do? He more time than not enters into a life a crime in order to provide, survive and to maintain his manhood. The system realizes this so in this event they move on him. We have to understand the nature of the people whom we deal with, plain and simple. You say,”well all a brotha has to do is go to college and get an education”. Nowadays there are just as many brothas with a college degree out of work as there are non college graduates.

    Corporate America does this by design. College degree or not the ones who run corporate America still has the final say. So once a brotha enters into a life of crime he`s treading on a very dangerous slope for more reasons than one. However, as we all know it doesn`t take committing a crime for a black man to be gunned down unjustly. For any mother with a teenage son I can only imagine the fear that she must possess each and everyday of her sons` life. Not knowing if when he walks out of the door that will be her last time seeing him alive. This is real and it`s the world we live in today. Our lives have no value in this country and many times it has no value with our own kind, hence we have an alarming rate of black on black crime. Something has to give because at this current rate the black man will cease to exist.

    P.S. Thanks Steph for posting this because sometimes we do need to take a timeout from the world of entertainment as there are more important issues.

  7. I’m pissed with this. That judge need to be shot her damn self. Even the white people here at my job is not happy with the verdict. Every one is saying now if you hate someone and want to kill them, become a cop.

    SO SAD….Sean Bell did not deserve to go out that way. PISSED and I’m in NYC!

  8. just hiting a cop can get you a long prison sentence…and when they beat the mess outta you! they get to walk free

  9. And people wonder why there is no trust in the legal system and why there is no trust in police authorities. This is sad, and one of the reasons I sometimes choose to simply not watch the news. I’d be pissed all day with the stuff on there, and pissed for the rest of my life if I knew what wasn’t. Race is still issue in this country, and as long as things like this happen that do nothing but promote racism without penalties, the hill to equality will only get steeper. Things like this make me ashamed of my country.

  10. I am am truly disappointed with the outcome of this case. Terence, you are so right, yet I was hopeful and convinced that justice would be served this time around. Why is there more value placed upon a damn dog’s life than a BLACK man’s? Our criminal justice system is seriously flawed. This was someone’s son/fiance/father/friend. I can’t begin to imagine the kind of pain that they are experiencing. I pray for his family and friends. The day will come when those involved in the MURDER of this innocent man will have to answer to the REAL JUDGE. And may God help their souls then!!!

  11. I am so upset, but I’m not surprised. I guess US PEOPLE are just plain threatining, wether we are armed or not. I can’t even speak any more b/c I’m getting upset. Later guys.

  12. I am saddened but not surprised. If I were this family I would sue those cops in civil court for everything that they have. And do they get to keep their jobs after this. Do we have to worry about men like this supposely protecting and serving. Because that is going to be a tragic situation. I give them two weeks on those streets. I don’t think they should put them back out their.

  13. I should have known this would happen when they waived their right to a trial by jury. They didn’t want any real humans getting in the way of a beastly decision. We need to stick together more, then these people will know that we are serious. It no longer matters how we personally feel about each other, at the end of the day we are just nig&^% to them. We need to stand up and take our place, and demand respect in this country whether we are a black man or woman.

  14. Wesley Snipes also got 3 ridiculous years on that tax evasion charge, trying to make an “example” of him. This, while arrogant white corporate titans screw the country out of hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes every year, by using offshore tax shelters.

    I have some sympathy for cops in general, they have a tough job with tough calls and obviously one always has to be careful about judgments in hindsight. But this was just inexcusable from any angle. I have white, Latino and Asian friends backing us up on this, so this is hardly an unusual conclusion. This was, without any doubt, a horrendous act against a human being, and a decent one at that, taking care of his family. While accounts vary, Sean Bell seems to have been reasonably afraid that he was being carjacked– the undercover officer did not identify himself, and when Bell and Guzman took off like that, they were doing so in the fear that they were being attacked, not running away from an arrest. Besides, why shoot 50 times against someone who’s obviously fleeing? It’s so frustrating that this was given short shrift.

    Despite the anger we all justifiably have due to the injustice of the Sean Bell case, we need to harness this anger toward productive uses.

    If things are ever going to improve for African-Americans, we have to redouble our efforts to gain social, political and economic power here.

    Remember, time and demographics are both on our side. Whites now have a birth rate well below replacement in the USA, while the African-American population grows steadily both by natural growth and immigration from Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean. Even some Blacks immigrating to the USA from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. (BTW if any of you can speak Spanish and/or Portuguese, please encourage our Black brethren in Latin America, especially from Brazil, to emigrate to the USA. There’s strength in numbers.)

    I know Blacks and Latinos have often been at loggerheads, but we’re natural allies– both fighting against White oppression, with Latinos having been invaded in multiple wars by the Anglos in Florida, the Mexican-American War and Spanish-American War. Latinos lost half of Mexico when Anglos invaded in 1848, and were ethnically cleansed by Anglos so that they could start slavery in the conquered territories. Blacks and Latinos today are natural partners in the fight for social justice, both fighting for affirmative action and against discrimination. Spanish is an easy language to learn, and the more that we reach out to each other, speak some Spanish ourselves, and support our Latino brothers and sisters, the more our alliance is cemented.

    I’d say if anything, the key for us is to gain political power, and to do that, it’s best to concentrate ourselves geographically a bit more in a few states, where we will soon be the majority. On the one hand, we need Blacks throughout the country to demand our rights, but on the other, a better geographical focus is the key to political power, as it is throughout the world’s democratic countries.

    IOW, we need to have our own “North American Nubia” where we have a demographic majority and political power. Some Deep South States are obvious candidates– Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana for example, all of which will soon be Black-majority within perhaps a decade. This would be a core of our nation.

    But we can have a second North American Nubia (or North American Africana, whichever name you prefer) in the Upper Midwest– Michigan is one of the Blackest states in the Union, and much of Illinois is also strongly African-American in demographics, culture and social importance.

    Some of my homies from college have even urged conversion to Islam for African-Americans. It’s not something I’ve considered myself, though I’ll acknowledge that at least for many urban African-Americans, they’ve done quite well after the conversion. Many having been in jail or kept out of jail, they become more focused and disciplined, as fathers they take care of their Black children and care better for Black women, stay away from drugs and violence and so forth. (interesting link a friend sent to me– The Nubian Manifesto )

    IMHO there are many different personal routes we can take for empowerment, but as a group, we must stay strong and focused and, again, have enough of a geographic concentration that we can gain political power. Just as we should ally with Latinos as they become the majority in their own homelands in Southwestern states and Florida, so should Blacks ally with Muslims in Michigan (who will soon be the majority in that state).

    It’s obvious from our people’s history here, that we’ll survive only by standing up for ourselves. Political and economic empowerment are the central aspects of this.

  15. BTW, not defending Michael Vick and the dogfighting ring, and yes, I realize there’s the argument about intent. But again– 50 bullets pumped into Sean Bell and his friends like that? When they were fleeing a scene– apparently in fear of a carjacking? It’s upsetting, it just isn’t right. An awful situation for all the participants.

  16. This is an outrage! It not only makes a mockery of justice, it’s also a slap in the face of civilized humanity. What the law enforcement community and the legal system has done is given all of us peoples of color the middle finger. This kind of bullsh_t goes on in Los Angeles too. Let me tell y’all a true story. I worked for years and years with a very wonderful, very nice Afro-American lady; her and my wife worked in the same section of the building and would always talk, laugh and have a good time all day. This lady had 2 very wonderful kids. As the years went by, we saw these kids grow up and go through high school. When the older child, her son, finished high school, he went off to college at the University of Kansas. His ambition was to make movies like Spike Lee. Well, after this one particular semester was over, he came back to spend the summer with his mother and his family. Not too long after he got back into town, he and some of his friends went out to a party. About 1 or 2 in the morning, they all were driving back home. When they were about 2 or 3 blocks from this particular young man’s house, they got pulled over by the police. They were told to get out of the car with their hands up. All of a sudden, the 2 policemen started to shoot this particular young man. They later claimed that this young man had pulled out a gun and pointed it at them. It’s needless to say that this particular incident happened about 15 years ago and nobody has found that gun yet! Why? Because he never had one. But here’s what I’m getting at. After the young man was shot, the policemen hand cuffed his friends and put them in the back of the police cars; by this time other police cars had arrived. The people of the nieghborhood had started to come out of their houses to see what was going on. They were told by the police to get their a$$es back into their houses and that they better not come out again. Now it gets real deep, y’all; pay close attention. At this point, the young man was all shot-up on the street, but he was still alive. The police then set up a road block at one end of the street, and another road block at the other end of the street. When the young man’s mother had heard what happened, she went over to the scene, jumped over the road block to run to her son but was tackled, hand cuffed and thrown into the back seat of a police car. A few moments later, the ambulance with the paramedics got there. But guess what my Afro-American brothers and sisters? The police did not allow the paramedics to enter and get in there to try and save the young man’s life! The young man died about 15 minutes later. Now the paramedics were allowed to go in and take the young man’s body away. Those bunch of bastards! Now, was that a case of murder by the Los Angeles Police Department? I say yes. Here’s why. Section 187 of the California Criminal Code says that if you purposely cause the death of an individual, then that’s homicide; what we commonly call “murder”. In not allowing the paramedics to try and save the young man’s life, the police were purposely causing his death. Yet, the 2 policemen were never charged with a crime. The mother sued the city of Los Angeles and won a pretty large sum of money. But no amount of money will ever bring her son back.
    Here’s another issue that this incident brings up. I forget, off hand, the section of the California Criminal Code this comes from, but it deals with what is commonly called a ‘death-bed confession”. In other words, when you are about to die, whatever you say to another person who’s there with you, after you’re dead and gone, that other person who was there with you can tell a court that before you died you had said this-this-and-that and you had said such-and-such. What you say the dying person had told you would be legal testimony in the state of Califonia. That is why when this young man was shot, the people of the neighborhood were told to stay in their houses, his friends were locked up in the back of police cars, the street was closed off, his mother wasn’t allowed to go see him, and the paramedics weren’t allowed to try and save his life. If he had told anybody that he was shot in cold blood, then that individual could have told that to a court in California, then that would have been legal testimony against those policemen. Those bastards murdered someone in cold blood then covered their a$$es. Do the Los Angeles police do that? All the time! And I’m not saying they do that; Johnny Cochran (God rest his soul) didn’t say that they do that; even O.J. Simpson didn’t say that they do that. No! The one who said they do that was Mark Fuhrman, a Los Angeles policeman; one of their own. During his testimony in the O.J.Simpsom trial, he said thay they lie for eachother, they cover for eachother, they mess with evidence to make you look guilty, they plant evidence to make you look guilty,they take away evidence from a crime scene to make you look guilty, Mark Fuhrman said they do it all.
    I agree with “Terence” in that what we have here is a lynching and a case of “KKK mentality”. I also say that this is racial terrorism and a complete disregard for the sanctity of life. My heart and prayers go out to each and every one of you. Stay strong, people and be blessed.
    From my heart,
    Smooth Thug

  17. When I heard about the verdict, my mouth was wide open and immediately my heart sank for his fiance’ and children. How do you explain this to your children?? Much less try to deal with this yourself??

    I don’t know how many examples America needs to wake up to it’s wrongs. Americans must realize that there are two Americas. White and Black. Sadly, they are not the same. Not the same education, not the same opportunities, not the same justice system, not the same incomes. Not the same. My life is totally different than my White friends. America must be only one America. Point blank!

    I am sick and tired of Black people not being offered the same opportunities or being treated like any other race. All we have ever wanted was to have the same opportunity than the next person. We have never wanted to be treated “special”. “Am I A Man Too” has always been our slogan. Stories like this really pisses me off.

  18. Nubianus, right on. I totally agree with you. I go by the name “Smooth Thug” and I am a Latino from Los Angeles. I see that you know something about the history of the southwest. Yes, you are right. At one time all the southwest… Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, parts of Utah and Colorado were a part of Mexico. It was all taken in the Mexican-American War. By all accounts, that war started when President James K. Polk ordered Zachary Taylor to cross the Rio Grande to sieze lands that belonged to Mexico. But as far as cooperation between blacks and mexicans? It was always there. Before this war, when Texas was still a territory of Mexico, whites crossed over the border from Luisiana and Arkansas(oh, by the way, those whites crossed over those borders illegally!). What the Mexicam goverment didn’t like wasn’t the fact that those whites were there illegally, the Mexican government didn’t like that these whites had brought their black slaves with them. Ya see what I’m saying? The Mexican government told the whites that if they were going to stay, they would have to free all their slaves. The whites had a total fit! All those whites got together and started to talk about rebelling against Mexico; Mexico can’t tell us what to do; Santa Ana, the president of Mexico, is nothing but a dictator, ect. Eventually, Texas did break away from Mexico and became a part of the United States. Now here’s where all this cooperation starts. After the Mexican-American War ended, the whites got to stay. They also kept their slaves. As in the south, many of these slaves began to escape. What the Mexican peoples in Texas, who were left over after the war ended, did was set up an “underground railroad” to help these escaped slaves run away down to the northern parts of Mexico. To this day, in the northeastern part of Mexico, there are small towns that have a small number of blacks who speak spanish. Is that cooperation or is that cooperation?
    “Nubianus”, you just keep doin’ yo thing. You keep educating us. Yes, at times the Latino and Afro-American communities have been at odds, especially here in Los Angeles. But because of bold, enlightened and open minded people like you, the day will come when all people of color will stand as one and say “enough!”. We will all together shout the words of the Mexican labor leader, the great Cesar Chavez, “We are human beings, we are not animals”.
    “Nubianus”, you keep on keeping on and don’t stop. What you are doing will intimate, inform and apprize that the Afro-American community and the Latino community delineate compatable agents and are, in fact, a consequence of an identical liberalism. Metaphor as discourse or images as narrative create subjective perceptions, yes. But they also provide a repertoire of symbols and tropes, work against the construction of a sectarian process, and strongly insists on multiethnic/mutiracial coalition building. And what only appears to be discursive projects is in actuality a solid vanguard of continuous agendas and particularisms.
    “Nubianus”, take care and be blessed.
    Smooth Thug

  19. Not surprised. Everyone knows its ok for any white cop no matter what city or state to shoot and kill any person of non color and get away with it. Been in the books for years. What we need is a group of public peers to police the police. This so-called department called Internal Affairs doesnt work. Everytime something like this happens it ought to be the state vs the guilty officers or officer not one stupid white judge or some white guys from Internal affairs that they have lunch with on a regualar basis. Put them in front of the people that they are supposed to protect and see if they get off! I guarantee they would get the maximum every time. Then lets see how long they would last when they face their REAL PEERS!

  20. It’s clear that the law only applies to those of color, The mayor of New York got busted for using Tax payers money to fund his whores and he gets a book deal, wtf? again its clear that the law only applies to black folks.

  21. Im an absolutely disgusted with this verdict. That whole “beyond all reasonable doubt” argument is weak, and the judge knows that. 50 bullets don’t count for beyond reasonable doubt? It’s BS and they know it. NO one contests that Bell wasn’t innocent but they police were justified in their shooting? And they wonder why Black people don’t respect the law system, and want no part of it- it doesn’t respect us. Police can kill us at will and be aquitted, but we can’t walk down the street in a group of friends, or be at a club chillin without them coming and disturbing the peace. There needs to be some protests or something to let them know we aren’t going to stand for the disrespect they throw at us incessantly.

  22. Yourz~ Truly,
    It depends on the crime that was committed, My brother was murdered at 16 and the guys that killed him didnt want a jury trial, becauase the case was so emotional ,it wouldve been members in the jury that went thru a similar situation and the chances of the case being in their favor wasnt a good one, so the cops knew what they were doing, they’ll get a white judge who’s a racist to rule in their favor, they would never get regular folk to judge that trial. They all stick together, cops, lawyers, judges, mayor’s, governors and the rest of them who make the laws but never seem to follow them. This whole system is corrupt, and alot of the times it has nothing to do with black and white, but everything to do with class, that’s why Middle class americans pay more in taxes than rich folks, it just so happens that most black folks are middle and lower class… its crazy! that’s why we need OBAMA in office, cause its only going to get worse if we have any one else!

  23. Ni~ni, wat if obama comes into office and God forbid the racist ppl (like the KKK) comes after him????

    idk….after wat happened in sean bell’s case my vote is on Hillary. We still live in a racist society.

  24. Yourz~Truly,

    that’s a thought, and that’s something my husband and i think about all of the time, but at the end of the day what else do we have to lose?
    They’ve ran the country since the beginning and look where its gotten us, high gas prices, people losing their jobs, white and black. And its only going to get worse. We’re dealing with a generation that will rob, steal and kill you over anything, and if things keep going the way they are, you can bet things will get crazier than they are now.

  25. Wow! I read the article in the newspaper and the one cop who fired 31 of the 50 shots broke out in tears. The papers claim he said he wanted his life back. I guess he couldn’t wait to go murder another young black man. 31 shots?! How many bullets does one pistol hold? Do cops carry two guns or did he reload?

    Why are our lives reduced to say 3/5 of another human being but some stupid dogs are placed in human shoes? People wanted Michael Vick to get the death penalty! He had 100 million dollars on his head. Guess how much the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks had on his head? 100 million dollars! Had the two towers been in a predominately black area, would anyone have cared? How many times will a black man get shot up by cops before someone with power does something about it? I know I am rambling on but someone needs to answer some of the questions we have been asking for many years.

  26. Exactly. Either way black people are persecuted- Michael Vick get three years to make an example out of him, and then Sean Bell gets killed for being at a club. I mean what do they want us to do? What can we do? It’s a bunch of bull is what it is


  28. What we as black people have to understand is that when we all come together and show them we’re not going to take it, you’d be surprised what will happen, the sad part is we dont know how to come together and stay together! as black people we’re agressive because we have no choice but to be and white people fear that. Once we all get together all i can say is ” what a time what a time” They know the damage we can do, look what happened with Obama, who’d ever think we’d come together like we did and keep this man in this race! people are free to vote for who they choose, but at the end of the day we all need to sick together as black people, cause its clear they stick
    together, right or wrong! For them to shoot this brother down is a clear statement of how they really feel, and its not the first time this is happened and it wont be the last. until we show this white goverment we dont work for them, they are supposed to work for us, But they’re only working for their own.. the upper class. meanwhile make the blacks pay for everthing. this sickens me, this is why I dont by desingers clothes, shop crazy in their malls, drink or smoke. bottom line why would i make these millionairs richer than they already are! why should i spend 700 bucks on a gucci bag and your kids go to the best schools and my son is in a public school getting little to none education. its crazy and i refuse to waste any money in this economy than i have to. but lets not forget the little checks they’re giving us! shall i say thanks you? i feel like this was owed to us, Jews got money for the holocaust, asian, and indians get money just for coming over here and we as blacks who built this country got nothing, and they feel giving welfare, section 8 and food stamps is enough!
    its time to wake up! cause its only going to get worse!

  29. Michael Vick and Wesley Snipes got what they deserved. You are so ready to forgive their crimes just because they’re black. You’re no different than the KKK, corporate America or the injust criminal system you speak of. These cops belong behind bars with Wesley, Vick and any other person that breaks the law. Regardless of race you ignorant people.

  30. Sanchez, I didn’t see any comments requesting Wesley or Mike Vick be set free.

    Oh, and by the way TWO of the cops in this case are black. Only one is white. Do you even know the specifics of this crime? Or are you simply joy-typing?

    Ignorant vs. Stupid…hmmm, I’d take ignorant. One can always learn.
    (if you’re confused look up the actual definaition of “ignorant”)

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