Season 4 Preview of ‘Being Mary Jane’

Season 4 Preview of Being Mary Jane

First Look: Season 4 of ‘Being Mary Jane’

Gabrielle Union’s popular BET drama, Being Mary Jane, is set to return for its fourth season this coming January. The show has undergone a number of key changes since its season three finale, including the loss of creator and showrunner Mara Brock Akil. Mara abruptly left the show last season and has since signed a multi-year deal to create shows for Warner Brothers Television.

BET replaced Akil with Erica Shelton, a former producer for Hawthorne, The Good Wife and Cold Case. Shelton has since implemented a number of her own changes, most notably switching the show’s location from Atlanta to New York.

When season four debuts in January Mary Jane will now be working in the Big Apple, a move the network says will open up all sorts of opportunities for the character. As well as leaving Atlanta behind, several key cast members are also expected to be left in the dust, including a number of Mary Jane’s immediate family members.

You can check out a preview of the upcoming season above. So far we know Lisa Vidal will be returning and that actor Michael Ealy will make at least one guest appearance. Mario Van Peebles has also been tapped to direct the first two episodes.


  1. Yes leave the family out. I hate the family drama. Give me Mary Jane and her anchors. But why New York?? That place is so dirty and over rated.

  2. I suspect the entire family will get the boot. Sad, really. I liked a few of them but did think the family drama was a bit much at times. I hope they don’t revamp the show so much it loses what made it special. The location change doesn’t bother me at all. I’m from New York. Love the city. Can black folks please just say no to Michael Ealy. He’s not that talented or hot to be seen as often as I see him on my tv screen. 🙁

  3. Why would Akil just abandon her show like that? She swore BMJ was her baby, the show she’d always dreamed of doing. I guess WB offered her more money. This’ll probably be the show’s last season. Akil wasn’t just the show runner she was also head writer. I hope the new people don’t flip the script too much.

  4. Being Mary Jane tanked during the second season. It became depressing and tapped into every black woman relationship trope you could think of. I walked away at the end of the season and never looked back.

  5. I hope this isn’t the last season. Seems like when you start switching what has worked, shows get boring…hence The Game ?

  6. Being Mary Jane had less than 2 million viewers last season. It’s lost most of its audience. Not sure if it was ‘working’ if over half the audience has tuned out. I think that’s why the Akil’s jumped ship.

  7. I’m all for deleting that brother and his daughter. Those two characters epitomized very negative stereotypes and Mary Jane had put too much energy into them. I would be interested in how her Mother’s illness was dealt with. Hmmm….

  8. I say bring the game back.ilove BMJ.However The Game was the shiiiiiiiiit

  9. #1. Talented Take-Over Team, But NYC? Give me a break. Every show you see is either in NY or LA. #2. This changes the WHOLE tone/vibe of the show. MJ is a SOUTHERN Girl…A BLACK Southern girl. We have FAMILIES. We live NEAR our Families. We Love & take care of our Families…even when they don’t live up to our expectations, make bad decisions and bring DRAMA to our already hectic lives. That’s Real Talk! #3. I pray Will & Erica don’t lose the essence of who MJ really is.
    Note to self: Everything THEY DO isn’t necessarily good…and definitely NOT good to or for US!

  10. Wow that was straight to the point and not thinking about real New Yorker who who live and breathe in New York. Everykne have their opinion in life, but sometime we can think about the feeling of other in beautifulness of life!

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