Seen On The Scene: Tichina, Garcelle, Rihanna & Tyra

Rihanna is quickly becoming a paparazzi favorite. If this girl so much as sneezes the cameras will be there to catch it- and who can blame them when the sista leaves her house looking this cute. This green thinga-ma-jig is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

Garcelle Beauvais was spotted at Saks Fifth Avenue’s 20th Annual Spring Luncheon yesterday. She’s looking quite springy in this floral print dress.

Actress Tichina Arnold attends the “Seventh Annual Comedy For A Cure” benefit at The Avalon on April 6th. in Hollywood, California.

After taping the 500th episode of her talk show, Tyra Banks was later seen visiting Monty Python’s Spamalot in Times Square. The trench coat look never goes out of style- does it?


  1. THey look good i love love love rihanna’s dress
    stephie when are we getting this fashion section on the blog?

  2. dark sista, I know fashion like I know sports- in other words- never. i am fashionably challenged girl 😆 But I have been thinking about looking for someone to write about it here on the blog- but that would be a big undertaking and maybe something I will seriously consider in a few months.

    Stay tuned 🙂

  3. of course malcolm is referring to fashion icon, RIHANNA.

    the green thing looks so good on her.

    btw, there is a fierce photo of her in a washout jeans jacket and white pants and shaes. that photo has to be posted, the girl exudes FIERCENESS.

  4. Bajan, I pride myself on being able to get any pic I want. However, I hold my head in SHAME cause I haven’t been able to get that one yet. 🙁

    When I do though I will add it to the gallery. I have hundreds of exclusive Rihanna pics I have been too lazy to upload to our gallery.

  5. Everyone looks good. I especially love Rhianna’s dress I would rock that.

  6. Rhianna does look hot in that green dress, her style is really cool ….

    I notice she is coming from the tattoo parlour in that photo…Could we be seeing another tattoo on Rihanna?????

    But you go girl, show them other chicks how its done…..

  7. I love RIhanna’s green dress and she rocking that joint too work it!

  8. Rihanna is so hot. Malcom you are right. Go girl! I love the black stockings against the green dress……Her stylist is to be commended.

  9. @ Miss T

    You’ve already seen the tatt (extended stars down her back in previous post). This is the same day as her friends Melissa’s bday party, just earlier and diff clothes.

  10. Gotta give it up to her and her stylist…when it comes to style she is definitely leaving the others behind…she has a different look everytime you see her and you can’t help but look wether you feel her or not and i aint mad at her! lol make Paris H and them see whats up! lol…Rhianna do your thing!


  11. Rihanna – chic!
    Garcelle – gorgeous!
    Tichina – ummmm. I heart Tichina, I do, but not really feeling her hair this time.
    Tyra – ummmm. There’s something not right with her eyes. Foundation underneath too light? No false lashes make the eyes look bald? Her expression….haggard. Love the trench!
    Stephanie – WE SEE YOU! 🙂 I should change my pic to ‘me’. I’ll try doing that today.


  13. @ Lola
    Oh I see, Thanks for that. I do love that tattoo in her back

  14. Man, I wonder how/where can I find that outfit Rhianna has on….that is HOTT!!!! She is truly a fashionable sistah!!!! She has her own style and I LOVE IT!!! 🙂 🙂

  15. Loving the whole outfit Rihanna is rocking. She stays fresh. Love her style.

  16. I love Rihanna’s whole look, head to toe. She is definitely a fly chic!

  17. Now if one us walked down the street with that green thang on, yall know people would be like “What do she have on???” 🙂 But…we’re not Rhianna. Or celebrities. Or rich. Or famous.

    (K, I’m depressed now…. 🙁 )

  18. @nia do not be depress lol. If someone have fashion scents they would know what that outfit it all about. She look great it take her to put something on that we would not dear to where. You see it on her she make the clothes look really good.

  19. Nia that’s the case with most celebs, an everyday person dare not wear what they do. Buck up! 🙂 sometimes I depress myself watching too much celeb stuff, which is why I’ve lightened up on the blogging. STEPH, I CAN SEE YOU! I JUST WANNA PINCH YOUR CHEEKS! (the ones on your face) tee-hee

  20. The dress rihanna has on is from armani exchage and its on the website right now. Its on sale for 60 dollars

  21. Kanyade, you are right, Tyra’s eye make up looks terrible, she looks old, I’m surprised.

  22. Thanks as well F.Y.I for the link. @Voice the link is and it comes in green, black, and white.

  23. I just love clothes and accessories….I love fashion period…Rihanna style is too cute…Her stylist is absolutely one of the best….I am totally loving the green dress

  24. Rihanna Style is young, fresh, different, and uber fabulous. I like everything about her.
    Garcelle looks great!

  25. The dress sold out in green im going to order the white one mmmmm lol. armaniexchange is on a overload go rihanni lol.

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