Selita Ebanks Marries Nick Cannon

US Weekly is reporting that beautiful Sports Illustrated model Selita Ebanks married actor/comedian Nick Cannon in Las Vegas last weekend.The happy couple have known each other almost a full three months and decided to tie the knot on a whim while enjoying the NBA Allstar festivities which also took place in Vegas.You can see pics of the two together below as they appeared athe GM Ten Fashion Show and head on over to the US Weekly website to read the entire story for yourselves.


  1. What does Nick Cannon do exactly? He’s like a Black male socialite :lol2:

  2. I would never marry a man like Nick Cannon.He strikes me as the kind of dude who dates women who he thinks are great eye candy pieces.I cannot imagine this man really loving anyone but himself.He views women as things to make him look good to other men.Can you see him staying with a woman if say she got cancer or gained a few pounds? I can’t. Should Selita stop being the type of eye candy this man needs he will drop her in a hot minute.

  3. He hasn’t been with her for 3 months.He was with Kim Kardashian just a few weeks ago.He dropped Kim when word came down that she made that tape with Ray J.I wish them luck no matter even though we know iy’ll be all over before the year is out.

  4. I’m sorry, she is not attractive to me. Her head looks skinny. They’d make some weird lookin babies πŸ˜†

  5. I agree Liyah.Selita is hardly a dime and has the body of a little boy.And Nick Cannon ain’t no Denzel his damn self.I’m still trying to figure out what women see in him. 😐

  6. She looks better modeling Victoria’s secret, but anyway this will probably end soon. Take that to the bank honey! We didn’t know they were dating until yesterday. Now their married? What was she thinking marrying this wannabee player? Maybe she wasn’t.:noway:

  7. Either she got the good stuff or this is a publicity stunt.:booty:

  8. Dana, Nick is a comedian that play starred in Drumline and Love Don’t Cost a thing with Christina Millian whom he also dated. He also had a show called Wild-n-Out. Which was funny as hell. Selita wasn’t much known then until now.

  9. Well, I think she is pretty. I do not see the body of a little boy seeing that she has breasts and all. She is a slim girl, what is the problem? Not everyone is going to be super thick πŸ™„

  10. He married someone that he’s known for a couple of weeks! Can you say stupid and irresponsible and we wonder why divorce rate is at 50%. That sounds like two people with a strong attaction for one another who got caught up in the moment. I think Kim made a fool out of him with that sex tape with Ray-J and now he’s making a desperate attempt to redeem himself in the public’s eye. Kim was a total slut and that serves him right for always jumping on these beautiful women without knowing anything about them, simply going after these women just because they look good on his arm.

    I personaly don’t care for Nick Cannon he’s very corny, goofey and unattractive.

    Let’s all sychronize our watches and count down to divorce….If this story is true.


  11. Word is spreading like wild fire through the music industry that Selita was dating DJ Paul from rap group Three Six Mafia and he secretly made a sex tape with him and Selita. I can’t wait to see this tape.

  12. Wow Big Homi!

    If that is true he’ll be looking stupid for the second time, serves his stupid ass right.


  13. Yeah Selita Ebanks is gorgeous and definitly could get better than Nick Cannon’s retarded ass. He’s so cocky and full of himself Selita deserves someone more intelligent:dance2:

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