Serayah Covers Rolling Out Magazine


Serayah McNeill Coming Into Her Own

Despite her ever diminishing screen time on Empire, actress Serayah McNeill seems to still be benefiting from the show’s success. She’s recently been signed to Sony Entertainment and has finally gotten around to putting the finishing touches on her first solo album, reportedly set to be released this coming fall.

She’s also been covering a number of smaller magazines, including Rolling Out. Serayah is gracing the April/May edition of the magazine, which you can either view digitally or pick up at your local newsstand.

In her interview I was hoping Serayah would give us a few clues about her status on Empire, but she doesn’t reveal anything we don’t already know. She was absent from last night’s episode, but she will appear in the next two that I have seen already. The show appears to be setting up some kind of rivalry between her character, Tiana, and the show’s other female singer, Laura Calleros. And while two women bickering over a man (Hakeem) isn’t a favorite storyline of mine, if it keeps Serayah from being totally sidelined, I’ll suffer through it.

To read her entire Rolling Out cover story you can visit their official website here. Photo shoot and behind-the-scenes video can be found below.


  1. Didn’t they make her a lesbian during the first season? Why would she be fighting over Hakeen now? Also, she and the Laura character are badly miscast. Neither have any kind of flavor. Two women with more powerful personalities should have been chosen to play the roles of Tiana and Laura, especially is they about to get fully with one another. 😆

  2. I don’t know her.

    At first glance I thought she was Rihanna.

  3. She plays Tiana on Empire. She’s barely been seen all season though so I’m not suprised you didn’t recognize her.

  4. She looks like rihanna I think ! Wish her all the best, I hope she has good people looking out for her. I caught part of a radio interview she did and I didn’t like how they were talking to her.

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