Serena, Iman & Taraji Cover Essence Magazine

Essence Magazine has a smorgasbord of beauty on their April 2009 cover. Up and coming actress Taraji P. Henson, along with tennis pro Serena Williams and model/entrepreneur Iman are all featured in the magazine’s annual “Ageless Beauties” edition.

Serena, Iman & Taraji

The magazine tapped seven everyday women, along with a few famous faces, and had them share their secrets for staying fit and fabulous at any age.

You can pick up the latest edition of Essence on newsstands now, or you can check out their official website for a preview.


  1. Beautiful women im so proud of Taraji and Serena. They both came a long way. Go black sista. Iman have not change a bit. They said black do not crack unless you on it. :bowdown:

  2. Gorgeous Women :bowdown:
    This is one of Serena’s best looks. The makeup and the dress goes perfectly with her skin.

  3. they all look gorgeous!! i will definitely be picking up this issue!

  4. “Black don’t crack unless you on it” :lol2: U crazy Lady!

    The cover is beautiful! All three look lovely.

  5. This is an absolutely GORGEOUS cover! Iman is just ageless…


  6. “They said black do not crack unless you on it.”


    tis’ true

  7. :lol2: @ Lady. :brownsista: Essence is tops; they always do such tasteful covers. Love the pink to and of course the three lovlies :hifive:

  8. Beautiful women all dress in my favorite colors .

    I ‘m definitely going to pick this one up!

  9. Love it 🙂 I don’t even like pink, but I’m feeling it today. Iman is definitely one of my SHEroes. (Her snake-skin bags on HSN ain’t no joke btw).

  10. Hmm same cover different people :noway: get some originality Essence DANG i love seeing my fellow sisters on a magazine cover but could you give each of them your cover? WHAT they don’ t deserve to grace the cover by themselves? WHATEVER

  11. They look stunning! Taraji really steals the photo tho…

  12. @ Voice: your grievance is unfounded. This is a regular article Essence runs yearly. The fact that they choose different people offers insight to how Essence listens to and understands its readers. Yes each of these women could definitely grace a cover by themselves; but the point is that they are each representing women of different ages, so calm down and stop hating on Essence.

    BEAUTIFUL cover ladies. :bowdown:

  13. “intelligentsista”
    Do i know you ? How do someone hate on a magazine?What was your point in that rant ?[because you made no sense to me]
    You have a problem with me expressing myself?

  14. Like the cover and the girls. It’s always interesting when celebrities talks about how they age and how they stay young. They never really tell you about the facials,botox, facelifts, etc…They always speak about eating healthy and exercising and laughing and…. That comment was not about these three ladies, just celebrities in general. Let’s face it, celebrities stay young cause they have access to every anti-aging products imaginable.

  15. “i love seeing my fellow sisters on a magazine cover but could you give each of them your cover? WHAT they don’ t deserve to grace the cover by themselves? WHATEVER”

    Child they are not mainstream enough to get their own covers don’ t you know that ? Smdh Beautiful cover but i am with voice, I hate hate hate when they put sisters together on a cover with a rushed interview like seriously don’ t they deserve to be on a cover by themselves? Whatev

  16. Iman has to be one of the most beautiful women Ive ever seen. I cant believe she’s in her 50’s. Serena is a little too masculine for my taste.

  17. All beautiful women but what I’m confused about I guess I got to read the magazine is what do they have in common why these women but I am a huge Serena Williams fan I love her and her sister

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