Seveyn Streeter Debuts New Music


After months of getting attention for all the wrong seasons, e.g. her relationship with rapper B.O.B., singer/songwriter Sevyn Streeter is finally back on the public’s radar for all the right reasons, e.g., the release of her new Chris Brown assisted single “Don’t Kill the Fun.”

The 28-year old Florida native wasn’t due to release her new opus until the thirteenth, and was counting down the days via her Instagram page with images from her as yet untitled second solo album. Unfortunately, the internet being what it is, someone beat Sevyn and her label to the punch, leaking the single online three days in advance.

Sevyn too the leak in stride, thanking fans for supporting the track via Twitter, and retweeting positives comments. Check out the single below, and look for the video, which Sevyn shot last month, to debut in early February.

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  1. Terrible generic music. Where are the real musicians and singers hiding? This song is just dull. Doesn’t move you in any way. The kind of tune you won’t remeber a week from the day you heard it.

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