Sexy Betsy Ross is Coming to Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow has announced its first big decision concerning season three and it is one that is sure to doom this already struggling show to the eternal flames of cancellation hell.

Sexy Betsy Ross

That’s it…

That’s the first major decision the writers and producers of this show came up with and chose to unleash on the public after it fired Orlando Jones and pulled out of it’s appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

With all the problems this show has, and it has many, how is it the writers sat down and came up with Sexy Betsy Ross as a plan to kickstart season 3?

She is another former lover of Crane’s and she is nothing but Katrina 2.0. The real kicker, however, is that she is being reported as a series regular.

Why is another character from Crane’s past being brought into the daily mix? Did we learn nothing from the fiasco that was Abraham (Crane’s former best friend), Katrina (Crane’s wife) and Jeremy (Crane’s son)?

How is Betsy, who has been dead for over 200 years, going to be incorporated into the show on a regular basis? Will it be via flashbacks, or will she too somehow manage to be brought into modern times?

Who honestly thinks Sleepy Hollow will benefit from more attention being placed on Ichabod’s personal life? Fans have been there, done that, and got the mug, sticker, and low ratings to show for it.

No more, I say. Viewers casual, and obsessed (like myself) are not interested in Crane’s sex/personal life? Especially while the show’s co-lead (Nicole Beharie) continues to be almost invisible. Remember Luke? His ass is probably still unconscious on the cabin floor waiting for medical attention. He was Abbie’s ex-fiance’ and was unceremoniously knocked out and never mentioned again.

Sleepy Hollow is the show that just can’t stop shooting itself in the foot. It knows what made its first season successful and it knows what the fans like and want, so why is it so hard for the writers to give it to them? Why do they keep feeling the need to pair Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) with females other than his co-lead? Why does Crane constantly need another female to play off of when his chemistry with Abbie is off the charts?

While you ponder that question, I leave you with the tweets of writer Genevieve Valentine. She seems to have all the answers.


  1. I knew the foolishness would continue into season three. The producers hate the fans and have no intention of featuring Abbie in any meaningful way and will never pair her with Crane. The new show runner is Goffman 2.0 and the producers like Wiseman and Kadin are just as blind.

  2. Let’s be real. They didn’t stand a chance against Scandal anyway. Women love that show and are the focal point. Sleepy Hollow always was and always will be about Ichabod Crane. Abbie is along for the ride. She is his pal. His caretaker. The show will always bring in other women for Ichabod to save and romance.

  3. Didn’t I tell you guys the show would bring in a white female for Crane to romance? I told you all months ago. The show is still playing color politics. It’s why all the original actors of color were killed or sidelined and it’s why they brought in Nick Hawley and turned the show into a colonial Gun Smoke. They think they need a white female to pair Crane with. They don’t see Abbie as someone Ichabod could love and possibly put first. They don’t see him protecting her. He can’t have his hero moments with her. They just don’t view Abbie that way. As a woman. They’ll give her a fake love interest before they pair her with Crane and make her the show’s true leading lady.

  4. I can’t say that I am shocked. We all know the writers and producers don’t like Nicole. They barely mention her name when talking about the show. I think Fox may have wanted her or someone else and now those in charge treat her with contempt. I remember Len Wiseman saying they wanted Nicole, but I get the feeling they didn’t expect her to become as big a draw for the show as she did. They tried replacing her with Katia Winter last year and now they have another one to try and replace her with this year. I feel for Nicole. I hope a better and more respectable role for her comes along soon.

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