Sexy Safari Fashions

Indiana Jones ain’t got nothin’ on the “safari” fashion trend this summer. Continuing to make waves among fashionistas everywhere, which we started to see this Spring, this trend is anything but boring. You can create your own sexy safari outfits with a few key pieces. Embracing your curves is an important part of fashion, and the trend of colonial military attire and African-inspired styles is no exception. Pairing up basics to create a more feminine touch emits confidence in the ever-changing world of fashion.

Here are some sexy safari runway looks from top, influential designers from around the world, featuring field jackets, leopard prints, khaki, and chunky tribal jewelry:
By Elana Pruitt


  1. I’m so not into following trend but i would work the second outfit, with a bit more “animated” Top since the shorts are pretty plain.

  2. With the exception of the tank in #2, these are way outside of my wardrobe price range. But fantastic pairs – I’d try them all if I could!!!

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