Shad Moss and Angela Simmons Dating Again?

“Am I the only one that is somewhat confused about these two getting back together? I didn’t think so! Not to say I am mad, but I wonder what sparked the rekindling of these two? These last couple of weeks the two have been tweeting each other a lot, but it was a matter of time where many would start to speculate, but I guess this time it was all said to be TRUE! I love to see young POWER couples that can grow with one another and I hope this time things go well for these Love Birds. “


  1. They are an interesting pairing but if they are “back” together congrats, BUT for some reason I don’t believe Angela is celibate, I mean Bow Wow came “back” for somethin right? but then again I could be wrong…who knows.

  2. They’re a cute couple. I think her and Terry Kennedy make a better couple though.

  3. When you are young you follow your heart. More power to them!

  4. so what happened to her other boyfriend? the one she was “defending” and toting the wonders of interracial dating for?

    i agree with 17150918 though, we know Shad’s not celibate so I highly doubt he’s with Angela simply to converse.

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