Shanice Sings Her Version Of “If I Were A Boy”

Some of you might remember her, but this is a strong reminder that there are true singers still out there. My favorite song back in the day was ‘I Love Your Smile’. I think this woman is gorgeous. Anyhow, here is her giving her rendition of If I Were A Boy…what do you think?



  1. We all know Shanice can sing her behind off but she needs to stop here. She was screaming and it was embarrassing. This song does not suit her voice at all. :bag:

  2. That girl can sang!!! She does the kind of singing that brings tears to your eyes. Her voice is just that beautiful. She’s a beautiful girl and she seems very sweet. I subscribe to her Youtube blog also. She’s hillarious. I guess her image is too clean for her to be super successful in this industry????? Her vocal talent is undeniable.

  3. I love SHanice, I really do. But her version of this is not good. Yes she Can sing and yes she’s beautiful, but her version of this song only needs to be sung by BEyonce!

  4. It has nothing to do with her image. Shanice has been around for probably 20 years but she never could quite get the right material. She never made one song I liked. Yes she is pretty and yes she can sing but all that means nothing if you can’t create a hit single.

  5. She still has great pipes. She was just never able to capture the limelight. Like the song. I still like the little white girl’s version better – more rock less r&b – uummmmmm BC Jean.

  6. I always enjoyed Shanice’s voice and her last album was really really good. It is a shame that we allow the industry to decide who is going to be successful and whose not. It doesn’t have to be about image like we think, there is no excuse for some people not making it in the music industry other then fans have been given so much of the same thing that we dont know a good thing when we see it. What happen to being a fan because the person can sing? All these other “extras” has nothing to do with the fans or the artist; its the record companies wanting to make money. It took me a while but now I buy music by people I like regardless of their popularity in mainstream and just hope that that is enough to keep them around. Its good to see that Shanice has stuck it out.

    Country music would not be able to survive based off popularity but their fans are holding them down!

  7. Shanice still sounds and looks FABULOUS. i liked her version of the song, minus the squeal towards the end. i could do with out that. between her and Beyonce, Shanice’s voice wins hands down. the girl just knows how to sing BUT … i still prefer the YT chick who wrote the song to either of them. she sang it best and it was written for her.

  8. OMG….thats was the worst thing she could’ve done… can someone please tell to :stop: and to have that video removed from youtube…
    HORRIBLE…Just so bad….gosh it was bad

  9. Can I just say I couldn’t stand this song until just now. That was the best that’s why she’s in my top ten.

    Her last cd to me was FIRE… If you all don’t have it you need to get it. Chocolate She KILLS and TAKE CARE OF YOU omg just two of my fav songs on her very last cd about 3 years ago. Love Shanice will always be a top support, fan, stan what ever!

    I love me some Bee…for real Love Bee but Shanice will BLOW her out the water!

  10. Shanice has an AMZING voice, but she sings TOO hard. I think she needs to show the subtlety and nuance of her voice. Or maybe I ma so used to these moderate talents her voice seems too strong :bag:

    Like Toni B, Shanice does not get the right material but she is a true Christian and doesn’t slut herself around.

  11. No doubt she can sing, but completely overdid it on this. Her last cd was a good one, but unfortunately, mature real talent is slept on these days

  12. OK I love Shanice, and I PURCHASED her first four albums (still haven’t gotten Every Woman Dreams), but after watching this clip, three things popped into my head:

    1) What in the world is this woman doing where she has the kind of free time to record “video mixtapes” of other artists’ songs?
    2) Why in the hell is she wearing so much makeup? She looks a little cheap.
    3) Did Mathew Knowles set this up? LMAO

  13. She is really beautiful. One of the things I really like about her is that no matter what she is singing, her personality always shines through. She just has a sweet spirit. I am not crazy about this song in general, but I like BC Jean’s version better than both of them. There is no diva-ism in her version, just raw talent.

  14. first time hearing this song at all. i liked it, so i listened to bey’s version online. comparing the two – shanice does notch it up a bit too much, but better than beyonce’s tinny sound that cloys at the throat.

    still, it isn’t the best song for the lovely and talented shanice. she most definitely has a beautiful voice that needs a real song that is worthy of her vocals.

  15. She can sing but her version is a hot mess!! she is to beyonce

  16. B C Jean’s version is a whole lot better than both Beyonce and Shanice put together. I hope B C Jean give a live rendition of her own written work someday.

  17. I love Shanice and her voice is beautiful but…. her version was horrible :bag: .

  18. Thanks Steph for giving Mrs. Flex some shine!


    Amen.. I buy what I like. I don’t even listen to local radio.

    @ Baron

    Shanice is a stay at home mommy. Didn’t you see those pretty babies on the wall? LOL

    Actually, I think this is a cost effective marketing tool. There are a couple of new artist in recent years who got signed as a result of uploading their version of a popular song on You Tube that received a million views. Within a week of Bey’s performance on TRL a few weeks ago, there were 2 dozen homemade versions of that song, each with hundreds of views. To most kids she is a fresh face so her slate is wiped clean.

    I must admit her gospel vocal cords were to much for this song but I still think she is a great vocalist.

  19. I love shanice and she has a beautiful voice, but I didn’t like that.
    I’m sorry, shanice I love you 🙂

  20. Shanice needs to make her own music instead of doing Beyonce songs on Youtube. She’s too talented for this.

  21. The song isn’t that great………… opinion. Why are talented folks like Shanice attempting their versions??? Truthfully, I think it only ‘fits’ BC 🙁 Again, my opinion. Loved Shanice back in the day though :brownsista:

  22. wat a beautiful nightmare she is! !!! why do people do this to themselves…this not only embarrases herself but those watching the clip…i feel embarrased for her..gosh :thumbsdown: go get a job at burger king or something and leave the screaching to rihanna..atleast shes a hot mess…

  23. smh BC Jeans’s version is better than both Shanice and Beyonce’s. I think shanice is an excellent singer loved her since the 90’s lol however I’m not feeling this.

  24. Loveroflife :iagree: Bc jean can sing and also this canadian girl called Lisa lavie,
    But the song is definitely Bc jean , She has a more soulful voice

  25. It is a great marketing tool. If Shanice was singing her own music do you think she would get this many hits. Now singing a Beyonce song that is EXPOSURE! 🙂

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