Shanice Preps New Reality Show


R&B singer Shanice is the latest 90’s diva planning to make a return to the music scene this year.

In a recent interview, Shanice, who released her last album, Every Woman Dreams in 2006, says she is back in the studio with producer B Slade, and that “definitely before the year is out” she will be releasing a new single.

So why release music now, after an almost seven year hiatus? Well, according to Shanice, she and husband Flex have a reality show in the works, which she plans to use to promote her new projects.

“I know I’ve been talking about coming back for the longest,” Shanice told Urban Bridges. Like every year I’m like okay, it’s going to be this year. But this is the first time that I’ve really felt like it because the show is coming as well and I can market myself on my show.”

Now an independent artist with no label support, Shanice says she hasn’t been this excited in years, and is thankful to have to have a show to help her connect with fans on a personal and professional level.

As for the show, Shanice she’s sworn to secrecy, but that fans should not expect any drama, as it will be a “family show,” where the public will get to see her family, and the various projects she and Flex work on together.

“You’ll see the family as a whole. There’s a lot I want to share but I don’t because I want people to be surprised when they see it. It’s pretty funny, because we’re not sugar coating anything. It’s going to make you tear up and it’s going to make you laugh. My house is funny, like everybody in my house keeps me laughing.”


  1. why??????? What would her show even be about?? Is she and her husband Flex even relevant. Please stop with the reality TV! Can we get some real programming. How about some nice funny sitcoms.

  2. I actually always thought about why she wasn’t on something like RB divas of LA….

    her, Tamia etc

  3. Love Shanice….she doesn’t need any “extra,” to enhance her voice, she can SANG!

  4. ….still can jam to “Can You Dance !” Shanice was just a teen when she made that song. She can blow.

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