Shar Jackson To Host Reality Show

Shar Jackson Actress Shar Jackson is coming to a television near you. I first heard nearly two years ago that Shar was due to host her own reality show and it appears that time has finally come. ABC announced the once teen star, and mother of two of Kevin Federline’s children, will be hosting their new reality series, The Ex Wives Club. The show will revolve around a group of women who have faced celebrity divorces and want to learn how to move on with their lives. Besides Shar, other notable ex-wives and girlfriends include Marla Maples, who was married to Donald Trump and Angie Everhart who was married to Ashlee Hamilton.

The hour long series which is slated to run for 5 weeks will premiere May 28th. at 9:00pm EST.

The show just so happens to coincide with Shar’s plastic surgery which you can see the results of on the pages below. I believe the pre-surgery Shar was quite cute and she still is. However, her cups now runneth over- which makes her appear to be nothing more than another vapid wanna-be Black Barbie doll.


  1. She has slowly but surely turned herself into a walking punchline. How long will she be able to live off of getting dumped by some dlist back up dancer? I predict a year from now she won’t even be able to find work in Hollywood. :stop:

  2. You mean to tell me Marla Maples isn’t over Donal Trump by now? She hasn’t moved on with her life yet? Didn’t they divorce over 10 years ago? This is just an attempt to get back in the limelight.

  3. shar needs to let the dentist whiten all of her teeth next time or stop posing to the side……also, the “i dated kevin before britney” thing is so old. im gonna suggest you and the other “ex-wives/girlfriends” follow in your exes’ footsteps & MOVE ON!

  4. Couldn’t have said it better. Shar needs a new gimmick and a dentist :lol2:


  6. Is Shar that bad. Isn’t Acting her profession? I hope she does well. But I have a feeling it may be suspect! 🙂

  7. Yes she is a very cute girl but the black barbie look alike is too extreme with the green contacts and all. Since she is getting all that work done, she might as well get her teeth whitened. They look a liitle yellow on the side in that picture where she is wearing black and white stripes with red trim!

  8. :brownsista: Hey, I say “more power to you, Shar”! You do whatever you have to in order to be successful and it is honest and you better believe if I had the opportunity I would do the same…talk about any ex’s that I needed to talk about to boost my show. You go girl! I hope your show does well. And even if I don’t like it, I will turn it on and leave it on. Good luck! I am not a hater…but I pull up and pray someone will pull me up too! :dance:

  9. This girl is so lost and it’s sad to see.Though I wish her the best, I wish it wasn’t so that in our society (especially in hollywood)that black women in particular didn’t have to make themselves appear less black in order to be accepted as beautiful. I wish they didn’t have to go and mutilate themselves in order to dimish their black features, sad reality. With a few more trips to the surgeons office, we’d have a hard time telling share from little kim.

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