Sharon Leal Poses For Allure Magazine

Actress Sharon Leal is the latest brown sista to take it off for Allure Magazine’s Annual Nude Issue. Every year the magazine asks five women to bare it all for their cameras and talk about issues of self esteem and body image. Check out what Sharon had to say about her experience: ALLURE: What did you do to prepare for the shoot? SHARON LEAL: “At first, I was flattered to be asked, and then I thought, Wow, can I do it? I tried not to have my late-night French-fry fix, and I tried to mentally prepare and keep the fear at bay.” ALLURE: What was the worst part of the shoot?
SL: “The ache in my hip from holding the pose.” ALLURE: What happened when you dropped the robe?

SL: “I just breathed and said to myself, ‘I’m comfortable, I’m beautiful; I’m comfortable, I’m beautiful,’ until I didn’t have to say that anymore…. It’s liberating, but posing once may be enough.”



  1. Awww, where has she been? She looks beautiful to me! And yes she does look great!

  2. She looks absolutely beautiful. 🙂 Nice ‘alluring’ pic of her.


  3. I would have the guts to do it. I think women have been trained that their bodies are somehow bad when in actuality that is the farthest thing from the truth. The naked female form is exquisite. The naked male form ain’t so bad either. I wish they would do a shoot with men as well. :thumbsup:

  4. :thumbsup: ABSOLUTELY!! I vote for Dhani Jones. I am obsessed with his body. And his travel show. 🙂

  5. Sharon is very beautiful and a great actress. Being in Allure is great for her.

  6. Nice pic. I love how the shot was set up with the gold dangle curtains. It’s kinda off topic but I also love her hair color!

  7. Don’t think taking naked pictures of myself for money would be liberating. Might land me few mediocore roles though. Hmm, and yes I am being judgemental. :noway:

  8. Why does Sharon get a pass from you women? My theory is because she is shapeless and no threat. This woman is not Ciara, Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez. She ain’t gonna be taking nobody’s man. Were she any of the women above she would have bee criticized. Look at how you women have come out against Ciara since she became a sexy symbol. Same for Beyonce. You women are hypocrites.

  9. :iagree: Wayman!!!!
    Ciara did the same for VIBE and what did she get? :thumbsdown:

  10. i’m trying to understand the purpose of her posing naked in the first place. i mean, for personal pics or pics for your man, i get it, it’s sexy. for a magazine read by millions… not sexy. and how the hell is this going to land her movie roles? she’s beautiful but i’d have rather seen her in some damn clothes and in a good film than nekkid in a mag.

  11. “when everything else fails, take off your clothes”

    Mama taught you well.

  12. Although I think sharon looks great, I am tired of seeing women naked in magazines.

  13. Damn women have been poosing nake for like ever. Why is it when a sista does it’s omg .
    Do you not think the Black Women body is Beauiful and men don’t lust for it?
    Sharon you look great do you honey :thumbsup:

  14. If my stomach was still flat like that and somebody was interested I would pose like that. I think she looks great.

  15. Wayman, umm Sharon has a nice shape. Ciara just has nice legs. It’s just people posting thier opinions…nothing more nothing less.

  16. hugh heffner have been doing this for years, with all race, why is it an issue with sharon or any other black woman

  17. Getting naked for a magazine is not what I call ” a good career move” there’s so much more that can be done instead of resulting to taking off your clothes. In my opinion it’s cheap, degrating to women of all races and not to mention tacky. There’s only one reason a woman should pose naked and thats for the interest of her husband or significant other. We have got to be more responsible than this because what is it saying to our youth? That its cool to get butt naked infront of the world- NEGATIVE, time out for this garbage.

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