Sharon Leal to Play Miss Martian on ‘Supergirl’


Sharon Leal Joins the CW’s Supergirl as Miss Martian

Sharon Leal is set to become a part of the CW’s ever-expanding DC television universe, thanks to her recent casting as Miss Martian in the upcoming second season of Supergirl. Leal’s portrayal of the character will mark the first ever live-action appearance of Miss Martian, who made her debut almost a decade ago via the popular Teen Titans comic book.

The CW hasn’t released any details about the character or how she’ll be integrated into the show, which makes it CW debut on Monday, October 10th.

What we do know about Miss Martian, thanks to the comic book, is that she is a white martian who was sent to Earth after a civil war broke out on her home planet between her people and the green martians.

Once she arrives on Earth she poses as a green martian, as well as several other people thanks to her ability to shape shift.

Fans who dig this sort of thing should definitely tune in and support Sharon, as she’s already being nitpicked to death by DC Comics fans who aren’t too pleased to see one of their precious super heroes played by a woman of color. I guess they wanted an actual green woman to play Miss Martian.


  1. The CW is literally the worst network ever. Good luck to Sharon though.

  2. Agreed, Traci. That’s a network I always skip past. Their history is hiring only biracial women to play black women is also shady as fudge. I don’t support anything on that channel.

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