Sharon Leal Wants to Record an Album

Actress Sharon Leal, best known for her roles in ‘Dreamgirls’ and ‘Why Did I Get Married,’ is looking to move from acting to music and wants your help in order to do so.

Via Kickstarter Sharon is looking to raise $50,000 to record new music and videos to promote the music. Sharon says she has been signed to several labels in the past but never got past the recording process due to creative differences with the label.

With the urging of Paul Becker, Sharon says she has decided to take her plight straight to people, and hopes the public will support her in this new endeavor.

Hardly a novice though, Sharon says she has been writing and recording her own music since she was a teenager and is ready to share it with the world, but on her own terms, with no outside influence from label executives.

Click here to visit and donate to Sharon’s Kickstarter fund which has so far garnered 9 backers and raised $171 toward its $50,000 goal.


  1. Umm… I think it’s great pursuing your dreams, but she needs $ from fans to do so? *scratches head*

  2. HONEI

    lol yes this is a little….”different” just like how i cringe when engaged couples set up a donation website to help with wedding expenses and honeymoon (tacky to me).

    like if you dont have it yourself, and the bank says NO, how are you asking paypal to help you out?

    anyway i love her face, i think she sang on Ally McBeal back in the day. i wish her well.

  3. She should do another movie and then use that money to pursue her dreams.

  4. This looks so cool….I love how celebs are doing Kickstarter now….

  5. Woopie Goldberg Had one too….I am going to pledge…you get free stuff from her.

  6. Me, too! Thanks for this FYI…it is a cool concept! Much better than paypal donate please buttons or “pitch-in” deals from various merchants…this is cost effective promotion too!

  7. Is she serious, what if i dont like the music she is putting out. I do believe she has alot more money than i do, this is a recession and i am not giving my hard earned money to a movie star!!
    do the people that gave money get a proceed off the money earned?!? anyone one that is considering donating money to “help” should seek out the hurricane
    sandy victims not her getting a record deal, besides she already has her foot in the door being an actress!1

  8. If this story is true she should be ashamed of herself! Juat as WHAT A JOKE mentioned, why the hell would I donate money to a movie star so she can start her music career??!! Ms. Leal, if no one in the industry is willing to give you a record deal, even black artists or producers, you should just stick to acting Love…… Wow!!

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