Sharon’s Beauty Basics

We are keeping up our series of articles on celebrity beauty secrets, by featuring a Brown Sista we have all come to know and love. Sharon Leal literally burst onto the acting scene after landing the role of Michelle in the big screen adaptation of Dream Girls. Since then the actress has appeared in four movies- including “This Christmas”, “Why Did I Get Married” and “Soul Men”.

Sharon recently sat down with and just like Meagan and Shontelle, shared the list of beauty products she uses to keep herself looking fresh and fabulous.

Estée Lauder Re-nutriv eye creme Easy On The Eyes
“I was impressed by how light this went on. I put it on first thing in the morning before makeup, and it smoothed out the area and made my eyes feel pampered and refreshed.”
$100; Estée Lauder Re-nutriv eye creme

Chanel Aqualumiere lipstick in Papeete Pucker Up!
“Chanel lipsticks are always amazing. Finding the right color can be challenging, but this shade was pretty and and felt great on. My lips felt creamy and smooth.”
$28.50; Chanel Aqualumiere lipstick in Papeete

Christian Dior Twilight eye shadow palette Blue Crush
“This is the perfect compact for defined eyes that sparkle! I created a beautiful smoky effect using these silvers and blues.”
$56; Christian Dior Twilight eye shadow palette

Clarins Hydra Quench Cream Mask Face Time
“This mask is a quick and easy remedy for tired, dry skin. I was traveling a lot, and needed a pick me up. After using this product, my skin felt nourished and supple.”
$35; Clarins Hydra Quench Cream Mask

Bobbi Brown mascara duo Take Both Sides
“My lashes aren’t super long, so I’m always looking for something that lengthens but doesn’t leave my lashes feeling crunchy or flaky. I’ve been using this ever since the first application!”
$28; Bobbi Brown mascara duo

Redken Overnight Treat Night Recovery Treatment Beauty Sleep
“My hair gets dry with all the styling on set. I was pleasantly surprised by how one overnight treatment made by stressed-out hair shiny and soft.”
$20; Redken Overnight Treat Night Recovery Treatment


  1. $100 for eye cream? $56 for some eyeshadow? the same stuff you can get from wal mart for under $10. This woman must used to be a doctor or scientist before she started acting, because she’ only been in 2 movies and she already spending out $100 on some lotion.

  2. I love these posts. I love getting idea from the celebs. The Bobbi Brown two sided mascara seems interesting but the price is crazy.

  3. All these lists have some cream made for the eyes; classic white woman problem area. I will enjoy checking out some of these things but others are clearly bogus and not worth the money.

  4. Yep. Only white women fret over eye wrinkles and crows feet.

  5. Be careful with blue shades lol. Yeah most bw don’t trip about crows feet….. my mom just turned 49 and I don’t even think she has any lol and I don’t think my almost 67 year grandmother has them either. hmmmm…..

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