Sheba Baby

I came across these beautiful pictures of Pam Grier and just had to share them.As you all know Pam has been acting for over 30 years and has starred in more than 50 films.Pam was the original Foxy Brown and starred in some really campy 1970’s movies like “Coffy” and “Sheba Baby”.You can presently catch Pam starring in the Showtime original series “The L Word” whose new season started Jan. 9th.Below are promo shots from the new season and you can catch “The L Word” Sundays at 10 on Showtime. Goce!!
Pam GrierPam GrierPam Grier


  1. Pam is still going strong so much love to her for that.Most Black actresses from her error are no where to be seen today.She is lucky.

  2. I saw some old movie of hers the other night and laughed most of the time.She was in some straight wack ass movies but I guess they were the thing back then.She was always beating up some man twice her size and her titties would always fall out. :lol2:

  3. Pam Grier is FIERCE as hell. Please lord let me look that good at whatever age she is.

  4. Black just won’t crack.I don’t know how old Pam is but she sure is looking beautiful.Anyone remember her from an episode of The Fresh Prince where she played the mother of Elise Neal’s character? She was a fox then and is still a fox now.I hope to be that fly when I am her age.

  5. She is still foxy. Wow, these black women are aging so beautifully. This is encouraging me not to be afraid to reach 40 or 50.

  6. Pam looks damn good!! It’s so amazing how beautiful black skin ages!!


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