Sherée Whitfield’s New ‘Scary’ Role

NeNe Leakes isn’t the only Atlanta housewife to seek out new career paths in the ‘Land of Make Believe.’ Former housewife Sheree Whitfield is also hoping to take Hollywood by storm and has landed a small role in the upcoming fifth installment of “Scary Movie.”

Dimension films recently sent out the above photo with the following tagline: “Angela “Big Ang” Raiola of “Mob Wives” and Sherée Whitfield of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” will “go to blows in an unforgettable fight scene.”

The tagline also promised that the latest “Scary Movie” would be the funniest to date, something I don’t doubt considering the rise of reality TV foolishness since the last installment was released (2006).

“Scary Movie 5” is set for release April 19, 2013.


  1. This is foolishness for real. I hope big ang got insurance on them big a$$ tittays. Sheree needs to be ashamed of herself.if she had any class left its gone now.and who is that behind ang so I can get her too?

  2. Big Ang?! Smh, lmao! Too much for me! If Sheree ever wants to stand out she needs to stop acting alongside these big personailities. First Nene, now Big Ang and her tig-o-bitties.

  3. Why would Nene be laughing? Sheree has landed a role in what will be one of the biggest movies of 2013. She’s in a movie with a bunch of other huge stars. Have you guys seen the celebrity list of names making an appearance in this film? Laughing? Nene is probably somewhere wondering why she wasn’t asked.

    I am happy for Sheree who was totally disrespected by RHOA producers. Kim Zociak is boring and her life is a snoozefest now and yet she gets a whole new show even though her Tardy for the Wedding special was a flop.

    I’m team Sheree and see nothing about her role in this film that is laughable.

  4. @Raven

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m team Sheree and wish her the BEST! How she was featured and dismissed on the show was so wrong. I respect what she has gone through so her idiot ex-husband will have a relationship with their kids, I see her love for them. That aside, I don’t think Sheree makes good business decisions and playing with Big Ang will be a big laugh (it’s an outrageous comedy of spoofs and parodies) that could go anyway once it’s edited.

    I’m not a big fan of Nene and her “better than the rest” attitude. Her past comments on Wendy’s about and toward Sheree is what I based my comment on. Nene represents what white America want to depict as the average black woman and this contributes largely to her success, plus her personality or reality tv “it factor!”

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