Next Up: Rochelle Jordan

Haven’t heard of Rochelle Jordan yet? Well that’s ok. You’ve got plenty of time. The twenty-something year old Toronto native is currently an unsigned artist who only recently started making waves in May when she released her single “How To Feel” online. The Klash produced track was such a hit, the pair hooked up again and have now released Rochelle’s second single “Take Time,” to quite a bit more fanfare.

Rochelle compares her musical stylings to that of Ameriie and says the sound the singer made with producer Rich Harrison in the early years was groundbreaking and inspired the recording sessions she had with Klash.

So will Rochelle’s career mimic that of Amerie? Let’s hope not. Though she practically laid the groundwork for what has become known as the Beyonce sound- she reaped none of the reward and her career has since fallen by the wayside.

Let’s hope Rochelle has better luck.


  1. Wow! the sound reminded me of the 90’s ,the golden age of R&B. Made me want to listen to the whole album.

  2. I actually LOVE Ameriie and I love her voice. But she wasnt the most engaging performer. This girl reminds me a lot of Ameriie, Aaliyah, even Monica some. Definitely old school, 90’s feel. I like it.

  3. I agree Ella Umbrella and Monica Rapraro this does remind me of the 90’s music with the combination of Amerie and Aaliyah… Im really feeling her…

  4. Rochelle’s music is a throwback to 90s R&B…but, it almost doesn’t matter how good the artist is or what they look like…what does it take to break a new artist and propel them to superstardom status today?

    Being a working artist is also a great thing…your day job doing what you love, touring and getting to travel around the world isn’t bad either…but, when was the last time we had a new black superstar? While there’s been Katy Perry, Kesha, Justin Bieber, country stars for sure, Gaga…

    Trey Songz,Janelle Monae, Chrisette Michele, Ledisi, Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson are big, but not superstars yet…Chris Brown and Rihanna were the last ones I can think of…whereas Fefe Dobson and Alexis Jordan and [others too] should be huge pop stars, Tiffany Monique should at least be a big R&B star…love her vocals…Melanie Fiona is great, but like Amerie, very pretty and make good music, but people don’t see their personality and this is what the industry has to come to…thanks to reality tv and mainstream tabloid news…artists today have to make a connection with music listeners, outside of their music…people are more visual…with a short attention span…

    If Monica and Fantasia hadn’t done their reality tv shows, people wouldn’t have bought their music as much…there’s so much web tv…artists have to get created and find ways to expose themselves and generate interest…youtube is great, but not enough for some artists to make it to a solid career…being an artist is so challenging…they have to either worry about unexposure or overexposure…the public demands momentum, pandemonium, excitement…even if the celebrities aren’t doing anything, but being famous for no reason, Jersey Shore and The Kardashians, they excite people…either for how they look, wild antics and because they are now famous and we love band wagons…

    My heart goes out to black artists, it’s a rough season…they’re not getting the promotional budgets and we’re not BUYING as much as needed to support black music…back in the 90s, artists didn’t have to be pop to sell music…the music was just so good, people bought it, plus we were just getting into the internet and file sharing…Janet, Whitney, Sade, Anita Baker, En Vogue, Mariah, Mary J., Badu, TLC, En Vogue and others like Regina Bell and Miki Howard were big artists whether white people were into their music or not…they just brought it and we bought it!

  5. something about this song reminds me of the group TOTAL. Anywho..i liked what i heard. Best of luck to her.

  6. Please take Mary J Blige out of the were big artists list her last album went platinum and sold 330,000 copies first week

  7. that track is flame, let me get a hold to it… swear I’ll kill it.

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