ShoeGasm: Sonia Rykiel Benedicte Heels

I’m not a big fan of platform shoes- however Sonia Rykiel’s pink and black French sailor “Benedicte Heels” are really eye-catching. Retailing for a mere $298.00, these platform sandals consist of a cream and black rubber sole, with a top that offers a nude leather peep toe slingback decorated with gold eyelets. The shoe fastens on one side with a gold buckle and has a black lace tied bow detail to the front.

My shoegasm rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. I love them but know I could never pull them off. It takes a true fashion diva to rock those shoes. For some reason Katy Perry comes to mind.

  2. Nice, but I don’t wear shoes that high, so…maybe if I was a performer (singer) or something…

  3. Also, I’d like to add that 298 is not “mere”, lol. That is almost half of rent for a small apartment. Mere is 115 or less.

  4. lol LOVELY, MERE IS 50, heck 20 or less lol jk, but 298 is nothing mere about it.

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