Shontelle Debuts New “Love Shop”

Shontelle’s “Impossible” single may still be climbing the charts; however that isn’t stopping her from releasing new music anyway. The singer recently debuted her latest creation, “Love Shop,” via Cleveland, Ohio’s 96.5 Kiss FM. Produced by Rock City, “Love Shop” is a decent [filler] dance track, but in my opinion doesn’t have the same hit factor as “Licky” and “Impossible.” Still, for fans desperate for the singer’s sophomore album to finally be released, this song will be a welcome addition to their growing collection of Shontelle singles.


  1. Definitely not a hit, but it’s ok, I guess…I stopped listening at 1:35, so…

  2. They are never going to release her album and by the time they do all the songs will have leaked. Jermaine Dupri should have been advocating for her more.

  3. I lOVE iMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!! shontelle has serious Pipes! i wish she could get signed to a label who will actually work with her…

  4. I think she’s so pretty and has a nice voice. This song is not my speed but some folk will like it. It’s solid. 🙂

  5. I like her and “Impossible”, but don’t like how she is being packaged as “Rihanna 2.0” just cause they both from Barbados! Back up off my gurl Riri now!!! lol jk Best of luck to her. 🙄

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