Shontelle Keeps Rising To The Top

Remember when Shontelle first hit the scene and everyone thought she was nothing more than a low budget Rihanna knock off ? Well the 25 year old Bajan beauty appears to be getting the last laugh as her “Impossible” single continues to climb the charts. Currently sitting at #13 on the Hot 100, its highest position so far, Impossible has been slowing making its way toward the top 10 for almost four months now. This slow burn has finally led to the singer’s upcoming “No Gravity” album getting an official cover, which you can see below, and an official release date of August 24th.

Good for her. People have been asking for a singer with a little more substance and now here she is. Lets hope her album does well and she is supported when awards season rolls around in a few month.


  1. I am so happy for her. even though the song was slow getting up there, she might be likened to lady gaga whose album rose slowly but when it caught on she is on everybody’s list of people to watch.

  2. She’s a strong artist, and a strong songwriter. Some of her uptempo stuff falls flat, but when she uses her voice, she’s golden. And, I never thought of her as a low budget rihanna…she’s a far stronger singer than riri. I just thought she needed to find her own lane.

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