Shontelle & RiRi Hook Up

Shontelle revealed during a recent interview with Digital Spy, that she and fellow Barbados native, Rihanna, have been in the studio recording together. The 25 year old up and coming pop diva finally put to rest rumors of the two being rivals, saying:

“People want to make us enemies so bad and we just laugh about it because we’re like ‘I don’t get it’,” she said. “We are two girls from Barbados who are just so excited about the fact that we come from this small island that so many people didn’t even know existed until Rihanna broke out.”

She continued: “Now we recently made history where we had two artists from Barbados in the top ten at the same time – and that has never happened ever in history, not even from any country outside the US.

“So we’re so excited that our little island is making such great waves, you know. I mean we just love it and we’ve recently been in the studio together and we just keep laughing like ‘Wow, we’re rivals but yet we’re working together’.”

However, Shontelle remained coy when asked what the pair were working on.

“This is where I get to tease you now!” she laughed. “Yeah, recently I’ve been in the studio with Rihanna and we have some fun stuff that we’re working on and we’ll definitely be giving you guys some further details at a later date.”

She added: “Hopefully that should relax anyone that thinks that we are some sort of rivals.”



  1. I think it’s good that they get together like that. It’s good to support one another. And don’t worry about the rival stuff as long as the music is good.

  2. I like her video and song, both cute.

    i think less people should stop hating on Rhianna, the girl is extremely talented.

  3. This would be a great collab for the Bajan beauties!!! Make it happen, music world! LOL

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