Should Beyonce Be Punished For Being A Pretty Lightskin Girl?

Most Black women hate Beyonce. I was browsing various blogs today and pow, out of nowhere those words struck me in the face. I was literally in shock for a moment and as I read why this particular Black female felt most Black women hated Bey, I realized that one, she didn’t know what the hell she was talking about and 2, she was jealous of Beyonce or most likely, the preferential treatment Beyonce gets from White and Black people for being fair complected.

This Black female blogger, who I have purposely chosen not to link to, first starts off her piece talking about how whiter Beyonce looks these days but only spent a moment on that before she went on and on about how Beyonce was overrated and overexposed. Now I do not freely play the jealousy card when a woman makes disparaging comments about another woman because I have made many of them myself and felt no jealousy at all.

For instance, I don’t think Halle Berry is that pretty. Beyonce has a wide ass rather than a round ass and her figure is a total figment of people’s imagination. Last, but not least, Meagan Good is NOT pretty. I’m sorry she just isn’t.She should be the poster child for what a weave, push up bra and lip gloss can do for a woman. Now, even though I feel this way about all these women, I promote each one of them tremendously on this blog and support them because they are Black women doing their thing. My personal opinion of them never clouds my ability to report on them. I find however that not many women are able to do the same.

I personally do not believe most Black women hate Beyonce, I do however believe that many dislike the privilege that is afforded to her by Black men and White people for being fair complected and blond haired. The question then arises, should Beyonce have to carry the burden of other people’s racism?

Beyonce is a very talented and lovely woman who has worked for her success.It was not just handed to her. This woman is on the grind and has been for many years now. Yes, she does get magazine covers and various other opportunities that brown and dark skin women would never be offered, but is that her fault? Is it Beyonce’s fault that Black men salivate over her and name her most beautiful Black woman in all their polls and magazine? The answer is no.

Beyonce can’t be blamed for her color and the privilege it affords her anymore than a dark skin person can be blamed for their skin color and the hatred it seems to spawn in others. Beyonce is in some respects the victim of her color just as Heather Headley in my opinion is the victim of hers. Lighten Heather up a bit and she’d get the publicity no talent hacks like Cassie, Mya, and Christina Milian get.

Beyonce is simply the new light skin chick in a long line of light skin chicks that are pushed to stardom by Whites and Black men. White people make them mainstream stars and Black men make them the face of beauty in the Black community.Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Lonette McKee, Vanessa L. Williams, Jasmine Guy and Halle Berry have all rode the lightskin train to fame and now it’s Beyonce’s turn. None of these women asked for the attention it was given to them and this of course creates tension, animosity, jealousy and even hatred in darker women who dislike the perks these women are given for being almost White.

This is what I sensed in the blogger who claimed most Black women hated Beyonce. I think she dislikes Beyonce because of the perks she is given for being fair. Problem is, she is taking her anger out on the wrong person. She starts off talking about how magazines are lightening Beyonce up on their covers but ends it by going off on Beyonce who has no control over such things.She’s angry that a White looking Beyonce is ascending up the ladder of success, but again, is that Bey’s fault? Yeah she has a blond wiggy weave but so does Mary, Faith Evans and others who are never accused of trying to be or looking White.

Make no mistake about, I understand why this bothers many Black women and it bothers me as well. I however have learned to point the finger at the right culprit rather than turning on my lighter complected Sisters. Black men need to be checked on their self hatred and willingness to push the Cassie’s of the world forward while holding the Heather Headley’s of the world back. I won’t even speak on White people because we have no business allowing them to dictate what is and isn’t beautiful in our communities in the first place.

I’m sure this post won’t go over well with many because color, beauty and jealousy are such iffy topics with Black women. I can’t even count the number of times I have screamed interanally after reading Brotha after Brotha berate any Sista who speaks ill of Cassie’s musical talents, by telling her she is only jealous. Cassie can’t sing or dance and she is a woman who can thank her lack of pigmentation, along with the Black man’s obsession with non Black looking women, for her fame and success. Please don’t put Beyonce in the same category with this chick because she does not desrve to be there.