Should Women Ever Pay On Dates?

Who Should Pay On Dates Ladies, have you ever experienced this? You have had just had an enjoyable evening with a guy. He laughed, you laughed. He is looking scrumptious and you are definitely on point. The clock ticks away and the night ends, the waiter brings the bill. Without a thought or perhaps by second nature the waiter sits the bill in front of your sexy date, who then politely slides it over to you. Then he makes the ultimate mistake and says “ You got this right?” Screw face. I may be old fashioned but I was always taught that the man should pay for the bill. Not always but at least for the first few dates. After that then I may decide to pay for us both but initially he should be coming out of pocket or he should not be on a date… with anyone. Your focus needs to be on your business, whatever it is. Whether you are in school, looking for a job, whatever the case, that should be your priority, not chasing women.

The fellas are going to want to lynch me for this but I don’t give a damn. What happened to the act of chivalry and courting a woman? Men always use the women being so independent as their excuse for laziness and lack of chivalry. Sounds like B.S. to me. In my opinion I think there should be a balance. I can be independent and still want to be treated like a lady as you should want to be treated like a man. If a man asks me out then I am expecting for him to pay for the date. Why? Because he is courting me. I know that it may seem like a lost concept but a fundamental one nonetheless. After we have went on a few dates then I am perfectly fine with paying the bill a few times or maybe even alternating. On the contrary, if I ask him out then I should be okay with paying the bill. After all, I initiated the date. Some women will disagree with me and say that I have lost my mind! Never, ever pay for a date. A woman agreeing to it is like blasphemy to them.

I am not one of those women looking for a baller or a big spender to take care of me. So spare me the gold digging generalizations. I do believe in chivalry with balance. For me, the problem begins when the guy asks me out and then never has money for the date. Especially if he knew when he asked me out that he was broke. If you are broke, male or female, you know it. He needs to spend less time chasing women and more time on getting his money up. He should not be fine and dandy with walking around with $2.79 in his pocket.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I aint even read the article or just saw the title and my answer to that question is hell yea! lol na but 4real though it is a recession, does eating at home count if the foods already bought?

  2. Heck no. If a man asks me out on a date and then attempts to make me pay it shows he has no class or sense of etiquette. He who asks should pay… at all times.

  3. I agree that if the female asked the man out, that she should pay and even maybe every now & then as a relationship progresses, she can pay for the meal or movie tickets/snacks or whatever.

    I think that for a man to expect a woman to take care of the bill if he asked her out or the outing was a mutual decision is just absolute dreadfullness.

  4. IDK, if im MODERN, or not as traditional, but like my man pays the rent,phone,electric..ETC. all i pay is $65 a moth for my cell from working at the Salon. Like he pays for some outings, pay for the food sometimes. We go through that same “I got u baby, im the man” then i’ll say “But u do much, i got it”. Same ole Same ole, then i pay it…but if he was’nt doing all that, u d@mn right he paying for it..


  5. I agree.. If he asked me then he should and maybe I will continue on with another date and another date,then I wont mind paying after that.

  6. I believe that a man should pay for the date majority of the time (75%)!!! I am too, old school and thinks that a man should have chivalry and court a lady. (I also believe that a man should ask a women to do nearly all things, most importantly to be in a relationship! I dont want to do the chasing, I prefer to be chased.) But that’s neither here nor there.
    ANSWER to your question….Yes, there are times when women can pay.

  7. Yea ladies… a guy invited me for dinner and I ended up paying.

    That was last time I met up with him.

    He called 100 times, emailed, text. I didnt return any and I didnt tell him why.

  8. I’m old fashioned as well. I believe that a man should pay for dates especially in the beginning stages. Now as the relationship progresses, I don’t see anything wrong with a woman paying for a few activities. For example, if I ask my man does he want to go somewhere/to do something in particular -I got it. 😉

  9. Men (REAL MEN) should pay for the date hands down. If he is having money trouble or simply cannot afford to pay for dinner, drinks, etc. then he needs to get creative and find ways of having a really nice date nite without trying to impress someone by breaking the bank. I would respect a man more for planning a date to a really nice museum opening or to a really nice happy hour where dinner and drinks are half off or bowling or a walk on the promenade with a basket or bag of goodies he has prepared for us vs him taking me to a place he knows he can’t afford as a way to try to impress me, and to ask me to pay is rediculous. To me that says that this is okay with living beyond his means and having people he barely knows take care of him.

  10. I think I’m the one of the only guys (if not THE only guy) to respond so far, but here’s my take on this:

    If it’s an actual date that the man initiated, then yes, he should pay. BUT, if it’s just two people getting together for lunch or a dinner as friends, I see no problem with the girl paying her share. There is a fine, but discernible, line between a date and a get-together. Also if a girl I’m sharing a meal with already has a boyfriend or love interest, no way in hell I’m paying for her share.

    Curious to know what your reaction is to my opinion….

  11. It is not a matter of who pays but who invites? See when i invite a guy to lunch (rarely but when i do) I cook home grab a basket and have a picnic in a park,but some people ask you out on dates and want you to pay for your own,It’s tacky plain and simple, now if it comes down to it, I think men should pay for dates unless it is their birthdays or father’s day then we should step up other than that open your wallet or I’m opening my door ^^

  12. I agree that whoever asks for the other to go out should pay because it is their invite. But I am all for chivalry and men courting women. Today is so business like that there is no romance or excitement dating because people have their own intention, which is not anything good, for dating someone.

  13. @ Baron

    When I go to lunch or dinner with my male co-workers or friends…they pay for me. I think it’s very gentleman like. However, I would not mind paying for my share in that type of situation.

  14. I shouldn’t pay, that’s just how I was raised. I’m no golddigger and I couldn’t give you a reason, I’m just not paying for it.

  15. Hell no! Women need to get out of this new age thinking of paying for a man. That’s why these men don’t feel they have to work hard. If he asks you out, he should pay. If I gotta pay for dinner, drive him around, etc. then what’s the point of having a man?

  16. No. Don’t start nothing in the beginning that you don’t plan to keep up. Yes it is a recession so a man should not ask you out if he can’t afford it. That is some mess and if you start it you will have to keep it up.

  17. I think It should go both ways…….even traditionally the man Is supposed to pay, It’s shows the man has respect and morals

  18. i agree wit surabi. previously, If i asked a man out, i’m paying, but if he ask me, he better be paying.

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