Simon Cowell Wants Beyonce

The recent blood bath that went down on the U.S. Version of X Factor has creator Simon Cowell reportedly eyeing singer Beyonce Knowles as a possible replacement for Paula Abdul or Nicole Scherzinger, both of whom were let go earlier this week along with show host Steve Jones.

Cowell is apparently keen on hiring established artists, and wants Beyonce to join a panel that may also include singer Mariah Carey, as well as returning judge L.A. Reid.

Cowell might attract Mariah Carey, he may even attract Janet Jackson, whose name was also thrown into the mix today; but he will never attract Beyonce, whose 2012 is already accounted for.

Besides being a new mother, the singer is also set to start shooting on her next film, the Clint Eastwood directed remake of “A Star is Born.”

And FOX executives quickly shot down the outrageous rumor that Beyonce had been offered $500,000,000 to join the cast. According to Peter Rice, Vice Chairman of programming for the network, “no such offer has been made.”


  1. i think that would be a good look for her because i believe it comes a time when every artist should sit back and build up someone else and offering their best advice and help wholeheartedly. i don’t watch x-factor but if she came on i would definitely love to see her share her opinions and advice to up and coming stars.

  2. I think they should have someone like us on the panel. We buying the music. I would be a good judge lol.

  3. I think they should think about artist like Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Aretha Frankin, Patti Labelle, Smokey Robinson, Babyface who have somewhat are not making music/albums and could give their honest input. Yes I also think that Beyonce & Marah could be great also but they are still making music/albums and there’s no way Beyonce will not do her movie ASIB after being put on hold because of her pregnancy.

  4. Yea I doubt she’ll take the offer.

    That pic of Beyonce on the home screen is gorgeous. Sista you always find the best pics.

  5. Beyonce didn’t need this move for any amount of money! I’m sure when she does TV it will be on her own terms and as executive producer.

    I agree with Lady, it would be great for a judge to be a person who actually buys music or an unknown singer. The people the X-factor passed on blew me away and I stop watching!

  6. The women who are usually chosen for these shows are struggling female artists who think appearing on the panel will give them a leg when they release their new music. Beyonce doesn’t need any such help and thus she will pass if offered the opportunity.

    Someone like Toni Braxton would probably say yes. Mariah might say yes too. Janet would say no.

    Whatever woman they choose needs to have some backbone and not be all wishy washy like the other females they choose.

    They should look for someone with some years on their resume too. I would like to see someone like Diana Ross, Cher, Donna Summer or Pat Benatar.

  7. Beyonce has a very successful career — she barely stopped when she was pregnant — why would stop it all for a reality show? Even though the $500 million dollar offer was false, it’s insulting to even think that someone would offer her that for her to on the show. I think that’s pretty pathetic.

    I agree with Jenna. Someone respectable with recognition and years behind their name would be wise — Diana, Cher, Donna, and Pat would be great. I think Janet would be great, actually, but she seems to avoid the spotlight at all costs unless she’s promoting something.

    But here’s the deal. Hollywood is obsessed with youth, and they want the newest, freshest, hottest young thing to not just be on the panel but to be eye candy for the show as well. I have a feeling that Simon would clash with most of those successful, talented, beautiful women anyway (can you imagine Simon and Cher going at it — yikes!). He seems to like the women who are pretty enough to look at, and insecure enough to trample on. And if he doesn’t need you anymore — good bye. (Case in point — Cheryl Cole, and now Paula and Nicole).

    I don’t watch either show any more, but Simon should have stuck to American Idol or they could have revamped it. I don’t think there’s room for AI, X-factor, The Voice, Sing Off and every other singing television on TV. Someone

  8. @john I AGREE! That pic on the home page of her is BEYOND beautiful the lighting is nice too! But yes, I dont think she’ll do it if offered like Sista said her 2012 is already accounted for 🙂

  9. @ella umbrella- agreed with everything you wrote! Simon Cowell is a bully, which America seems to like I guess? He just needs some type of eye candy who had a few hits that he can condescend to.

    With that said, I would love to see a strong woman go toe to toe with him and put him in his place 😀

  10. Beyonce seems too shy for something like this where she would have to talk and showcase her personality. I believe she is way too guarded. We get to see only what she wants us to see. And that NOT a bad thing. in fact its the best way to be… If you’re Beyonce:)

  11. Well i will be the one to say it:)
    if the opportunity present itself, she should take it, she can’t go back to her burlesque like performances after having her child, it won’t be as attractive or as accepted, so unless she is ready to make music that she can perform fully dressed and with class, “4” was a clear example of how America and even some of beyonce’s fans have her boxed in a category that she can’t get out of, i know if she isn’t dropping it low, i’m not interested.

  12. That pic on the home page is not real. It’s was photoshopped. That’s Beyonce’s face on somebody else’s body. lol

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