Simone Missick to Reprise Misty Knight Role


Simone Missick to Reprise Misty Knight Role

If you guys binge-watched all 13 episodes of the original Netflix drama Luke Cage– then you no doubt know Simone Missick’s portrayal of Misty Knight was the best thing about the series. Sure Mike Coulter was easy on the eyes and Mahershala Ali’s gritty take on Cornell Stokes gave us New Jack City flashbacks- but it was Simone’s Misty Knight that added just the right amount of vulnerability to counteract the show’s over the top testosterone-fueled bravado.

Fans hoping to see more of the character will get the chance when Simone reprises the role of Misty Knight in the upcoming Marvel spin-offs Iron Fist and The Defenders. Both shows are slated for a fall 2017 debut.
Fans who want to familiarize themselves with Simone’s previous work can check out her demo reel below. The 36-year old Detroit native has also appeared in episodes of Scandal and Wayward Pines– both of which can be streamed via Hulu.


  1. Loved her in Luke Cage, but am not an overall fan of comic book shows. I’d love for Misty Knight to get her own show like Jessica Jones.

  2. She reminds me so much of Nicole Beharie. What I wouldn’t give to see these two sisters team up. I hope Netflix adds a few shows with black female leads. Tired if looking at the same old faces with the same old storylines.

  3. I hope Misty gets her own gig too because I can’t stand another season of this show, not even for Simone or Alfre Woodard. The women of Luke Cage are great. Love them. But all the other stuff is silly man trash. Other than Cottonmouth and the whoever the white guy plays, I don’t care for the other characters or the storyline. Mike Colter is a great Luke Cage though. Diamondback was awful though. Nearly gave up watching because of him. Cottonmouth should’ve gotten at least a season or two as the main villain. They’ve already done way too much for only one season.

  4. I haven’t finished the first season yet. I got bored when they killed Cottonmouth and brought on Claire Temple. Rosario Dawson and her blandness should be barred from acting. Mariah and Cottonmouth were the business. Sadly they killed CM to makes room for Mariah becoming Shades’ puppet. Misty deserves her own show because that is the only way I’ll ever watch her character. She’ll always play backup on Luke Cage. Either to the male lead or what other racially ambiguous woman they throw at him. Misty as his one-night stand was an insult. He was in love with Claire literally a week later and probably less than that with the prison doctor. Give Misty her own show and move Mariah and Misty’s boss over there with her. Plus, Luke Cage eventually marries a white woman (Jessica Jones) and they have kids. Luke Cage is fooling ya’ll with all this black propaganda. That ninja eventually sells out in the comic book and will do the same in the series.

  5. *avoids spoilers*

    I don’t stream Netflix or any other service, so I haven’t seen it yet. I’m traditionally old school so I’ll wait until it releases on DVD, IF it releases.

    Congrats to this sista! I’ve heard the series is a good one. I look forward to seeing it.

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