Singer Grace Jones Performs In Concert


  1. Grace Jones has always been huge overseas but she had to act like a caricature to become as huge as she did. Sadly, well into her old age she is still acting like a “thing” rather than herself.

  2. I agree 100% with you Dana. It has been a rumor for years that the Europeans were more accepting of Grace’s dark beauty but that was always a lie. Grace was never really able to be Grace and display her natural beauty. Instead she has always had to be in many ways a clown… overly made up and dressed in rediculous costumes.

  3. Grace Jones is a character because she is an entertainer. Entertainers are just that characters. If we actually see the real person, we would be so bored. I don’t watch entertainers to see them. I watch to see an illusion, a fantasy. If I wanted realness I would look at myself in the mirror.

  4. Stephanie
    this post inspired me to go on a hunt for Grace Jones. Although I wasn’t too familiar with her, I remembered her from somewhere. It is most likely from a movie in my childhood. Oh yes…she made a BIG impression LOL. Her look is imprinted in my memory :). What a woman! She has an amazing personality in her interviews. She’s so gorgeous…I am glad she modelled. Now, I’m rediscovering her through music. I already have some favs…

  5. I have hear Rihanna say that she would like to be the next Grace jones. I believe Grace is west indian also. I think she can be the next GJ but not as weird. She does have a sick sense of style and I love it all 🙂

  6. Grace is Grace… always has been and always will be. She couldn’t care less about what her haters think because she’s still gonna get paid.

  7. I don’t see the caricature here or in her career. I think in addition to being a musical recording artist she’s always been a ‘visual’ artist, as well. Her style, avant garde, bold, futuristic, art-chic… And she’s an actress too, right? I view this legend as an artist; a very well rounded artist. Love that she’s back on the scene. I’d love to see a bio on her life; who would star? Hmmm. :brownsista:

  8. @jerseybred

    haha you are silly. and it’s kinda true…..caribbean folks wild out easily.

    but yes grace jones is jamaican. my mother always told me so……she loves telling me about my culture….tho i already know.
    but yeah grace was too funny in boomerang. that is a classic performance right there…..either her or ertha kitt…..too damn funny. glad to see she is still doing her own thing.

  9. i love this women and i love the fact that she embraced her darkness,that takes a lot of strength,i dnt know if i wud be strong if i looked like grace jones or alek wek…..i’m a huge fan of this character,she dsnt try to be a multiple personality or something,she just stays true to her crazy character.

  10. @ Kanyade:
    You say that Grace is a “visual artist”. That was deep and I agree.

  11. GRACE JONES IS THE TRUTH!!! This woman is and always will be the ORIGINAL BAD GIRL of music. Grace Jones lived, breathed and created an ORIGINAL Style and was a true Model, actress, singer, designer who did it all and still looks great at 60. I’ll always remember her performance for “Pull up to the Bumper”. Love her !!!

  12. I agree with Kanyade. Grace Jones is a visual artist who loves to take risk. She brings variety into the black woman’s images in the entertainment industry and in the modeling industry. I disagree that she is a “clown”. My aunt used to work for the Vanity Fair back in the 80’s and met Grace Jones and said that she is just as wild and flamboyant in person as she is on stage and on the runway. So this style that she has portrayed has always been her. You have to give Grace Jones her props for being a black woman and being wild, and not only that but not scared to be so. Oh yeah Kanyade gets a golden star for having Phyllis Hyman as her gravatar.

  13. I’m glad to see that Grace Jones hasn’t changed!

    Pull up to the bumper baby!

  14. Boy oh Boy! I haven’t seen this lady in years… since Boomerabg to be exact. I am glad that she is still doin her thing somewhere & from what u can see on the pics that she still looks good( LOVED her flawless chocolate skin). Grace Jones has always had a less than “normalcy” to her music, dress, & etc. However, I don’t think she is living a lie. I think that Grace likes those types of things & it is her. More than likely that is prolly why she is STILL doing it @ this time in her life. Also it is prolly why she does it well, b/c that is the TRUE Grace Jones.

  15. She’s a visual artist who has always fused art and fashion with her music. It’s always worked for her; I don’t see her as a caricature at all … She’s quite daring. If anything, the close-minded nature of Americans, particularly black folks, is the reason she’s never been more popular here beyond having a massive gay following. She’s doing her and that’s what matters.

  16. Grace Jones has always been a wild, talented performance artist. Being
    a black Jamaican woman with family in the religious-political arena,
    its no wonder Grace is so “untamed” but those of us who’ve followed
    her from the late 70’s its exciting to have her back and she has matured and is even more out there with these times of social conservatisim(especially in the US). When Grace first came out,(late 70’s and into the MTV 80’s) she
    fit into the parade of oddballs but Grace is talented, all those thought
    her image was the only thing she had going. Listen to the new Hurricane CD and tell me this lady(what 60 now) isn’t the coolest bad
    ass on the planet! Nobody sounds like her, looks like her, its what
    music should be.

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