Singer Kelly Rowland To Host Bravo Show

Kelly Rowland Kelly Rowland, who is preparing for her third solo album to be released this year, has been announced as the host of Bravo’s new fashion show which will replace Project Runway. Kelly Rowland, designer Isaac Mizrahi and Senior Vice President of IMG Fashion Fern Mallis will serve as host and a judge respectively on Bravo’s upcoming design show, The Fashion Show. The Project Runway-replacement follows professional designers as they compete for a chance to have their designs sold by a major retail outlet. The designers will face off in challenges and have their fate determined not only by the judges, but also by a studio audience.

It was announced last year that Project Runway would be moving to Lifetime.



  1. Congrats to Kelly!! I think she is uber fab!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  2. That a big move for her go girl. Im so happy that she is doing her own thing and i hope this is something she continue to do. I hope her third cd is a banger since she not under Matthew anymore.

  3. Go Kelly Go :thumbsup:
    I’m excited to view her next moves.
    I hope somebody will post this new show on you tube. I don’t really care for television anymore. I doubt I’ll even have the box now that the government and their bodies want to force everybody to switch to HDTV 😆 .

  4. That’s awesome. Kelly is fabulous. I’m glad that she’s taking steps in the right direction!

  5. good job i love this girl and she is so hot to me, i was looking at the cover of my dvd i got of her when her last album came out, it sits on my desk and im always thinking “yes ms kelly!” lol cuz girl looks hot on that dvd cover!

  6. Just wondering what type of material she has set for her new album and will her new manager be able to free her mind from all the crap Matthew has fed her over the years. I really hope that now she will stop singing the praises of the Knowles and focus on selling HERSELF!

  7. Get it Ms. Kelly!!!! I’m excited to she this. she’s making moves and I love it!!!

  8. Wow she couldn’t even be original with the pose though.
    Please check out Beyonce’s newest CD(s) …
    She (Beyonce) has a VERY similar pose on that CD cover.
    Hmmmm … *sigh. I hate jockers. :thumbsdown:

  9. Yeah kelly Oh i am so exited for her :bowdown: GO ON AND GET YOUR HUSTLE ON bOO

  10. Can’t wait to see the show and the new video for UNITY off Ms. Kelly Diva Deluxe ! (latest news) I LOVE this song ! Should of been the first single released. Heard it this morning on the radio and I live in LA … Go Kelly 😉

  11. :hifive: Yay for Kelly!!!!

    I wish she left those demons years ago when Matthew blocked her opportunity to be a Marc Jacobs spokesmodel. He pulled a slick move and she missed the meeting, and of course the deal fell through and poor Kelly was out once again, while Matthew was busy brokering deals for overrated boring beyonce.

  12. @ Taj, if Kelly is copying Beyonce, then I take it you don’t like her either. Everything homegirl does is a straight replica/knockoff/derivative of someone else.

    EVERYTHING. For example:

    is a copy of

    AND, in case you still wondered:

    That is all.

  13. But anywho, I’m proud of Kelly. I think it will take her a minute to reestablish herself and break away, but she will be a huge success. Time and patience! 🙂

  14. Looking forward to the show.
    Looking forward to the album.

    For the record every promo shot of Kelly is not only beautiful but tastefully photographed. Chick is a natural doll.

  15. I’m really excited about this show for Miss Kelly! Can’t wait for the new CD to drop! This is one beautiful brown sista!

  16. I am so happy for her. She is probaly in a better frame of mind. Hopefully her new managers will have her best interest at heart. No more working in the shadows of others.
    Kelly do your thang!! :bowdown:


  17. :hifive: I am glad Ms.Kelly is now getting her shine on. She was being stifled under the Knowles managment and not given a chance. But you work those openings and never look back!

  18. Taj Kelly did this pose two years ago. I think you are a Beyaki stan. you are such a :hater: . get a life k.

  19. See I knew it… As soon as she changed management she was gonna blow up…………she was a star all along.. She is more diana ross-esque than beyonce will ever be.. This is huge for Kelly because she will be coming into peoples homes everyday. MARKETING Blitz here we go building that fan base.. And those T.V. Fans will buy the Album…. I’m estatic..

    That explains Why Beyonce was all over her it that Photograph pretending to be supportive.


  20. SMH, Kelly can’t even have her OWN post without the RETARDS bringing others into the discussion! :thumbsdown:

    Just congratulate and make sure you support her show and new album! How hard is that!

  21. @Ashawan
    You ain’t never lied. Watch this girl blow up :thumbsup:


    I Heard about this awhile ago!

  23. What happened to “Around The World With Kelly Rowland” ? Wasn’t that another reality series she was suppose to be doing? Reality shows are a dead end road. :thumbsdown:

  24. Good for you Kelly, even though I heard about this last week. @ Taj do research before you start posting lies….

  25. I am so PROUD of Kelly! She is her own beautiful person and I will support her show! :thumbsup:

  26. :stop: Reality shows are for celebrities who have no business doing what they were famous for anymore.


    A reality show can only mean you are trying desperately to keep in the spotlight coz your field of expertise does not do
    it anymore.

  27. I think she will do good I hope the rumor about her signing on to Simon Cow’s label is ture after all he don’t like Beyonce.

  28. Kelly Rowland is lovely and I wish her much success! Always glad to support my sistas doing their thang!!! :brownsista:

  29. Kelly’s music and movie career are in limbo right now. So she is doing what other desperate celebrities do to stay relevant; a reality show. Personally I don’t think leaving Matthew Knowles management is going to make much of difference in her career. She will never be as big or successful as Beyonce.

  30. Great for Kelly :thumbsup: … and since this is the replacement for Project Runway I WILL be watching b/c PR was my show & I will need to see something similar to feed my addiction lol :brownsista:

  31. I always thunk that these type of reality shows were for celebs who had nothing to do and wanted to stay current, no matter what.

    If Kelly was gonna do a reality show, she should have done her own. Cameras following her around while she worked on her albums and just hung with relatives and friends. There are enough channels out there for one of them to pick it up. And I would definitely have tuned in to watch. Keisha’s show did well on BET

  32. @ Blame it on the rain,

    The Bravo channel is PURE CRACK. I lurrrrvvvveeedeeeddd me some Project Runway. Now I’m straight addicted to Top Chef! LOL Go Carla! I hope she wins this one!

  33. ^^You have way too much time on your hands. NOT ONE mainstream artist today is original. If I am wrong, please name one for me.

  34. I know right. Um :lol2: at Taj too. …..”Wow she couldn’t even be original with the pose though.
    Please check out Beyonce’s newest CD(s) …
    She (Beyonce) has a VERY similar pose on that CD cover.
    Hmmmm … *sigh. I hate jockers. ” That pose you’re referring to is sooo damn old and WAY before Sasha. So if u wanna say somone’s a jocker it’s Bey. Just like on Flaws & All when she stold the angel thing from Michelle’s Do You Know performance which was 3 years earlier. Next time u wana come and throw salt,make sure ur not the slug. Melt away. :hater: I wish them all the best. CAn’t wait for the show and album.

  35. Kelly I am proud of you coming into your own, I know it took alot to switch managers but you did it and your career is only going to soar on from here. I hope that you do big things in the future. Just like my old pastor used to say stay around people who celebrate you and things will be fine. Keep friends who are happy to see you and want you to suceed just like them, never stay in an overshadowing relationship with friends it drains who you are. I am just really proud that you are finally taking control of YOUR career!!!! I will be watching the show, I have always thought you were the most fashionable of all your girls!!!!!

  36. Wow I never knew Beyonce copied so many people, I think in her defense she must becuase she really doesn’t have a swag like RIRI or Sanaa or Nia..These women know who they are and she doesn’t no matter ho hard she trys to fool us like she does. She doesn’t know any better. That dress at the oscars proved it when she dresses her self it’s a mess, solange has more style than her. Kelly has more style than her, it’s true to her…Wow she really jacked jlo bad!!!!!

  37. I don’t believe in “big job” and “small job”. I believe that a job is good as long as it’s a job that doesn’t ask you to make a deal with the devil in exchange. So I am happy she has a job. I never understand the media who makes fun at celebs from being in a movie to going to TV for example or for being a pop singer to being a host. I mean, it’s a job, it’s in the entertainment industry and it pays damn well.

    About the Beyonce copying and stuff, well, that has nothing with this post.

  38. I don’t believe in “big job” and “small job”. I believe that a job is good as long as it’s a job that doesn’t ask you to make a deal with the devil in exchange.

    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  39. Good for Kelly, she is already rising with new management. This show is most likely to be successful like PR so Kelly is in a good spot right now.

  40. LOL, thanks SpeedBump, some of those were new. And whoever said it earlier, yes, there are few mainstream artists who are original, which is why I do not like mainstream stuff. And, there is a HUGE difference between inspiration and downright copying.

    The highest form of unimaginitiveness is imitation.

    That is all.

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