Single Women Dating Married Men

Are you a single woman dating a married man? Have you ever dated a married man? Do you know a single woman who is currently dating a married man?

Women knowingly date married men all the time. As a woman, how do you feel about other women who date married men? If you are a single woman dating a married man, how did you get involved with a married man? Do you believe you have a future with this married man or are you dating this married man because you’re not looking for commitment?


  1. Nothing good can come from dating a married man…..NOTHING!

  2. I have never dated a married man, but I have slept with one. And it was just that. No communication with him at all unless it was work related.

  3. Are you a single woman dating a married man?
    .No I am a married Woman

    Have you ever dated a married man?

    Do you know a single woman who is currently dating a married man?

    As a woman, how do you feel about other women who date married men?
    .I don’t feel any type of way, The way i see it,She is just another sad and lonely Skunk, However I wouldn’t waste my Time on her, You go after your man…

  4. Sure, I have and it’s lasted 30 years. A man can love two people. Cause when a couple tries to become one, they end up in two halves to become “one.” How can someone think they will never fall in love with someone else just because they are married! Life doesn’t work that way. Everything changes. I don’t need to be his wife, just his friend and lover and I will continue to be.

  5. If we lived in the same home it would’nt have lasted. But I get space in our togetherness. And love making has never changed because we still have anticipation in our hearts. And ps, his wife does know about me! I am free to visit, call and although I can I don’t abuse it. I an intelligent woman and I give her respect because I’m not in his life to give her misery, he just fell in love with me! And that’s the way it has been for 30 years!

  6. Meme your a dumb loser who doesn’t feel worthy enough to have all of someones love so you accept that your not and share.

  7. I understand young women that get caught up in these relationships. In your 20’s its trial and error. Later in life you are supposed to know better, mature, and grow. How can a person be happy for decades knowing that her”man” has a wife and legally is tied to someone else. Love yourself and know that you deserve someone just for you. I have friend who has been seeing a married man since 1989 and it has gotten her nowhere. Its still someone else’s husband and she is still the side piece. If you feel your life is worth just being a side piece for him when he wants you then I feel bad for you. Life is short so why waste it on someone who doesnt’t think enough of you to leave his wife.

  8. I understand that it takes two to tangle. However, a male friend of mine once said that “women” are the ones who have all of these affairs going on in the world. And you know I agree with him 200%. Women will know that a man has a wife and family but will desperately go after that man non-stop to feel better about herself. Then you have the ones that were lied to but still want call it off. Women have so much power that they relinquish. Until women stand up start putting married men(men in general) in their place, have more self-respect, class, and over all morals. Love affairs will continue to happen and homes will continue to be broken. All men are not weak but most are. What comes around goes around and women who do this want ever have a loving relationship because they take pride in infringing upon someone else’s marital covenant. Dating married people to avoid commitments is an excuse women or people in general are using to date married people. Well there are plenty of single men you can fool around with and don’t have to worry about a commitment either if you lay the ground rules. The devil is really making a fool out of people to part take in his job. I know someone that dates only married men. I like her as an individual but when I found out what she does I immediately dis-associated myself from her. That is low class, trashy and not lady like. But this woman considered herself to be a lady lol!

  9. ”Life is to short so why waste it on someone who dosen’t think enough of you to leave his wife”

  10. There is nothing wrong with a married man having a “secondary” relationship as long as everyone knows about each other. Men are not like women, you cannot possess a man, because he doesn’t seek love in the same way a woman does. MEN ARE POLYGAMOUS BY NATURE. Cheating is when your ego is hurt because your man doesn’t meet the fairytale or illusion you have about men.

  11. Men aren’t doing anything they haven’t for the past 5000 years in relationships. There’s just more technology available to discuss it. The difference is women have become more masculine and seek power where our feminine nature needs to be matured. Look really deep inside yourself ladies, you’ll see why he’s running…

  12. To the women who “date” married men:

    He will never be yours. He is using you. Sure he may call you when he and wifey have a falling out…but that is it. You are settling for less than what God intended for you to have…(and though the married man is just as wrong as you are) You are interfering with a commitment that husband and that wife made before HIM. I don’t know about y’all but that’s not something I’d want to mess with.

  13. I beg any sister that is in this or about to do it not to do it. I did this and the deeper you get in the harder it is to get away. I realized why you are breaking a sacred covenant. So please walk away if you can and don’t start if you haven’t.

  14. As a woman, how do you feel about other women who date married men? I feel as if these women may lack direction and self-love. If you are a single woman dating a married man, how did you get involved with a married man? Never did it. I was offered a few times, attractive offers too, but I never took teh bait. Do you believe you have a future with this married man or are you dating this married man because you’re not looking for commitment? NA, but I will say this. I was in college when I got my first offer and it was appealing-as a broke college student. I was offered money for books, clothing, etc. An open credit card account for personal expenses, all in exchange for sex when he wanted it. It was attractive and I did consider it, but in the end I thought about the pain I would be causing another sister and I told the man to take a hike. :noway: He just said someone else would take it if I didn’t.

  15. I was with a married dude ONCE, but never, ever, EVER again. I learned a big lesson. He had me all googly-eyed and I said yes, but I would never remain in this kind of situation because I wouldn’t want it happening to me. Lesson learned.

  16. But why are we all Attacking the other woman? If sisters spent that much time giving hell to the man, More of them will stay in line… I know many women that allowed their men to cheat then go on after the woman , That’s sad..

  17. I did in my younger twenties and I will NEVER do it again. He pursued me relentlessly for a year and we went out on a a date and then after we connected he told me he was married. I continued it and nothing good came to my life during those few years. I dumped him because I realized its not what God wants for me and I knew I was settling. Also during the relationship, I felt so low and hated myself. As soon as I let him go, all these blessings started flowing in. Even if the married men say they love you, don’t believe it! Love is an action verb. I love myself too much now to do it again. Lesson learned.

  18. Show of hands…
    How many of you have “dated” a married man and he left his wife/kids for you?? Honestly.

  19. @Delphine Would he be cheating with you if you didn’t entertain him? I think that’s the logic behind it. Do not misunderstand me, HE IS WRONG. But as another female, you (hypothetically) oughta know how difficult it is to grow a strong relationship (especially BLACK love). Period. My husband knows already if ish ever pops off…I’m going to jail behind mine! (<~~Extreme example but you get the point!)

  20. All I can say as a married woman of ten years you better make sure those insurance papers are in order… This skanks been sleeping with a married man for 30 years you best believe if something happens to the MFer she will be right there with her hand out.

  21. I have dated a married man before, but i was one sorry woman at that time and did not care what i did nor to whom. i did not even love myself at that time and did not have respect for anyone else. now that i am free from all that self hatred, i do not agree with my behavior at the time and am very sorry for participating in another person’s sorry. i don’t agree with it because i am no longer a sad sack of a person. just my opinion of myself at the time.

  22. @ Pauline – you must be one of those woman who slept, date, and long term relationships with married men. That’s the only way I can justify why you would think its ok for a married man to have a “secondary” relationship. No one can posses anyone, everyone seeks loves (men & woman) we are human and GOD created us in that way. Cheating is not when your ego is bruised because he didn’t fit my “fairytale” or “illusions” – Cheating is when you husband brakes the bond you both agreed upon in front of GOD that is not an illusion is a fact. He stood in front of GOD, friends and family as witness that he would protect, love, forsake all others and many more for this woman. You are living in an illusion or fairytale there is one thing that GOD gave us from the beginning of time and that “FREE WILL” he chooses to cheat because he wants to he can choose not to cheat and be a loving husband. So that BS that men are polygamous by nature is just that BS he has the free will to say “NO” and you should also when you are there laying next to your married man.

  23. Meme

    you are a stupid, lonely, diguisting fool and it’s sad. You must have no morals or values and i hope you never step foot into a church because the Lord may very well strike you down then and there.You cannot not be “in love” with two people at once, and you are an idiot if you really believe that. I can’t believe you or that sicko of a married loser you are dating. He should just leave his wife for you (his wh0re),i’m quite sure she deserves and can get much better than him. You two sound like a match made in hell.

    yes this is coming from a married woman

  24. THE WIFE
    First of all, I am a married woman, Never slept with another married man ever in my life.

    Second, I don’t care how entertaining the next woman is you don’t go attacking nobody because your man can’t keep it in his pants, If he loves you Tyra banks can’t take him away from you, the minute you start accusing the other woman, Men are justified and sometimes portrayed as victims of “the other’s woman charm” Sisters LIKE YOU stay talking about the other woman only for (Hypothetically) stay with a cheating man, If anything you misguided and insecure women are the one that ought to know better, If more women stop taking crap from cheating men, they’ll stay in line!

    you don’t worry about the other thing you don’t KNOW her (If you do and she is a close friend of family member than you’re justified otherwise SIT DOWN),She is not your concern!

    Look at you? “I am going to jail behind mine” Girl please whatever happened to i deserve better and i will get better? That’s the problem with Black women , Under the assumption that there is no good man around. You take someone and make it the center of your life, demeaning and degrading yourself for him, What’s all that about? I had a father and he thought me better,He loved my mom and was home every single night, and where he said he was until he died so i know how to handle myself,The rest i feel sorry for you, Angry and confused….

  25. The biggest reason to not cheat or be a married man jumpoff is HIV/AIDS. It is not worth it and I don’t understand why women want to cause another women to feel that type of pain. We all know “KARMA” is a (b****)! When the bible says you reap what you sow, it will be coming back!

  26. @Delphine Hmmm….feel guilty much? Not that I have to clarify, but not talking about you. Just sayn. Seems like this is one of your buttons though…Kanye shrug… What part of my post didn’t say the husband (or wife)is at fault in a sitch like that. And yes, if things ever took that route in my marriage I would react. How I react as the wife shouldn’t be of your concern…and that’s the best I can do in predicting my actions in that instance. However ish like that doesn’t go on in my household. And I’m betting I can speak for the rest of the SISTERS LIKE ME. Nice story about your parents. How long were they married? (Typing from my husbands lap..he he he.)

  27. I think Real Talk said it all. :hifive: Additionally, despite the actions and willingness of the man, it’s a total disregard and contempt for marriage in general. It’s still a union between 3 people — God, wife and husband. Not a union of four, whether the parties agree to an “open marriage” or wholeheartedly agree in the sanctity of marriage. It amazes me how many people don’t understand this and take marriage as some sort of casual arrangement (or a piece of paper) as opposed to a Spiritual arrangement. It also demonstrates not much thought for the husband.

  28. Delphine’s second post was on point. Its clear to me that THEWIFE isnt very smart. Your response addressed nothing that Delphine spoke about. The fact that you are snickering while sitting on the lap pf a man who now knows that u would possible blame the woman for his philandering ways, further shows that you aint too bright. I hope your man doesnt cheat but because u expose him to your insecurity, when he does, he knows you’ll do nothing to hate on the other woman then go back to his lap.

    As someone who has been a wife, I think the other woman is a problem but not half as much as the man. Black women will go on about “why would you hurt another sister like that” and then turn around and go beat the 1st woman they think is messing with their man- seriously, lets do better. Nothin I hate like a fake sistahood when the only one protected is the man.

    Making the man the center of your life is not the way forward. Since u cant control him, control you. Stop looking out for otherw omen, thats his job. If he cheats its not a reflection of you or her. She’s living HER life which has nothing to do with YOU.


  29. Excuse me, but when did this pissing match begin? Still waiting on someone, anyone to explain to me which part of my posts gave the husband a free pass…or is it just more fun this way? Let me reiterate, He is wrong and so is she. She does not get a pass because I don’t know her and he does not get a pass because he is my world. By the way, still wondering where that ASSumption came from. Granted, I’ve never had to go through anything like that. But it sounds like some of you have been on both sides of it. So why don’t you share with me, Goldi, why you aren’t a wife anymore. I’m sure I can benefit from all you’ve got to say, since I’m “not too bright”. Good morning!!

  30. I have dated a married man. The first time it lasted about 6 months but then after talking to some friends I cut it off. I am 23 and he is 41. I was naive because I actually thought he loved me for a while. He explained to me that he didnt love his wife and he had found true love in me but after some thinking I decided to cut it off. We went sometime without talking but started right back. This last time I decided that I was too beautiful and intelligent to settle for the company of a married man. A tru learning experience but I understand what I did was wrong. I promise to never visit that dark life again.

  31. @BiBi thank you! @ Scorpio that’s what all married men lie and say. They don’t love their wives and they are getting a divorce they don’t love you either lol! I used to work at a jewelry store in my early twenties while I was in college. And it’s halarious the lies married men would come in the store and tell lol. And they love to target women 10-15 years younger. They already think and know that some in that age range are naive so they play on that. As women we need to stop thinking that we are going to fulfill or do something for that man that he pretends his wife is not doing. As women that’s where being secure in one self and using common sense should kick in. When you find yourself feeling thrilled about being with someone elses’ man or thinking you have something the wife doesn’t you need to stop and check yourself because you are being played. You are being used for sex because he is sleeping with his wife too. Does anyone stop to think that std’s still exist? Ask yourself this question if he is doing this to the one he made a covenant with then what will he do with you? Also stop messing with separated men or ones that pretend they are unhappy at home. If they are so serious then they would get a divorce and date in a respectful manner. And if he is willing to leave his wife and family for another women then I would not want him because he did not deserve the wife and he definately would not deserve me. I would let a man like that play himself and end up empty handed. They are lying in most cases because they are the problem not the wife. And if you get connected with a married man after while you will be having the same problem as the wife a broken heart because anything you take or steal it was never yours and you want keep him. He will just use you for sex until he can find someone else to run the same game on wake up ladies!

  32. WOW interesting topic! I do not believe in sleeping with married men and never have participated in it either. Some of these posts are just down right sad. What happened to integrity, self-esteem? Women/Girls can be so simple! Who wants to come 2nd – NOT I – To No One!

    My mother allows my father her husband of 19yrs to cheat on her and does nothing about it, won’t even divorce him. This makes me sad.

    Women are so desperate for a man or to have a TITLE saying that they have a man they allow anything.

    I won’t do it. My pride, ego, heart, morals, values, integrity, self-esteem will not allow me to play 2nd fiddle to no one a girlfriend and especially a Wife….

    Women please get it together – Guys only do to Us what we allow them to do…

  33. @The Wife: i am not feeling guilty at all 🙂 As far as i am concerned i’m not frantic on a blog over a cheating man, I know Better, and i have a better man than that so i’m good;And what the hell is a “Kanye Shrug”? How you react as the wife should be the least of my concern? Really , yet it should be my concern who is twisting on top of your man? And i am supposed to join in this “other woman” bashing Party? Please! My parents were married for 30 years, and like i said My dad thought me better, maybe that’s why i don’t react like the rest of the banshees….

  34. GOLDILOX I could not agree more, I hate Hypocrites, I hate the fact that Black women always need someone else to blame, or point the finger at when things go wrong, I hate the fact that they cannot take A mistake for what it is a mistake, Did any “hurt” wife considered the fact that she deserves better? , Men cheat on women then when they get caught they want to “work it out” that should let you know where his head is at . Why are you concerned about the other girl,For all you know she doesn’t know you’re married,or even if she does i have heard case of men making up divorce paper and showing them to their mistresses,Spending more time with them than with their own wives. Men are trifling and some FAKE -ss sisters are sitting here directing the attention toward the other woman, I used to be friends with a girl that was and still dating a very famous Rapper, she dated him the entire time he was with his singer girlfriend and now that he married her she is still dating him,I stop hanging out with her, but when i saw that man i let him have it worse than My ex friend, His wife was right here listening to me rant about how wrong he was , and you know what she says? I quote “Jumps off only get the d-ck ,I got the status” Women showed men that they would give them all type of free pass NO wonder they are cheating, I told my Husband that if he ever cheats on me, This marriage will be over, I take my vows very seriously and if i can calm my cat, he need to bury his Bone, Period , Now THAT’S what you call a woman, Fake -sses

  35. I agree with clazzy, the whole sleeping with/dating married men is something i do not/will never believe in. it is wrong and sad that people think its ok to mess with married people. Marriage is a covenant and one that should not be taken lightly.
    The problem here is that people are letting go of God and settling in their selfish secular ways. People do not understand the power of God and that consequences do exist for such demonic behavior. Yes i said it demonic.
    Why be with a man who would cheat on his wife with you? In the end he would do the same to you. and whats love got to do with it? during these foolish acts does anybody think…AIDS?!!
    Im not saying im perfect and I did mess with a guy with a girlfriend once, and in the end i learned a valueable lesson. Dont do unto others and you wouldnt want others to do unto you…


  36. i have a best friend who has been seeing a married man for about a year now – and i get on her about it all the time. she was in a long distance relationship for 2 years and then found out that the guy had been cheating for who knows how long. she was upset and was looking for comfort.

    now ive never met the married guy but i know much of his story – has a wife that he says bores him, a baby at home…apparently his wife knows he’s cheated before but nothing about his side relationship now.

    i tell her that she needs to leave him alone, but she wont listen – i ask her what she would think if sher was married and found out that her man was dipping on the side.

    she says that she doesnt want to really be with him and all they do is have sex – he doesnt take her anywhere or buy her anything.

    hopefully one day she puts a stop to it, but if not, Karma should be arriving any day now to beat that ass – – of both of them.


  37. 🙄 i think that a married woman has the right 2 go after the other woman bc 9/10 she knows he’s married, if they dont know he’s married they know that there is someone else (jus a part of womans’ intuition)

  38. Women chase/date married men for one or more of the following reasons:
    1) For the same reason men like married women. They’re easy. There’s no commitment.
    2) They see the married man as someone who is willing to commit (ie they’re ready to get married and they can’t find anyone single who’s willing to commit to their crazy ***. And yes, these women are crazy because messing with a married man is way more trouble than it’s worth.) Men in this case are usually just looking for a different piece of *** other than their wife.
    3) I think a lot of women really don’t like other women. It’s another way to express their misogyny.
    4) They’re just ******* sluts :bowdown:


    However, I don’t think asking why women hit on married men is the real question. They are a non variable. The real question is how are the married couple behaving towards others and towards each other? Those are the two players in this equation that matter :hifive:

  39. I am single, never dated a married man, never will. I want my own and no one else’s!

  40. I would never date a married man! Some lines you just don’t cross. It will never end well since the relationship is based on a LIE to begin with :bowdown:

  41. personally i really do believe that what comes around goes around. nothing good will ever come from dating a married man

  42. Why set yourself up to beleive that your husband or wife WILL NOT and CAN NOT meet someone innocently and become phyiscally attracted, emotionally attached and sexually initmate with this person. What make a person think that just because you’re married doesn’t mean someone else will be interested….you were remember..or maybe you don;t remember being attracted to that person and thats why their out cheating……

  43. By the way I’m not dating a married man…But my ex husband had an affair for 10 months with a lady he met while dating me…Why did he choose me over her to marry go figure…Now their together and I’m so HAPPY for THEM… I really mean Them….him, her and her 5 children….

  44. @ RUready4theTruth: Your statement is completely true but we choose if we want to step out of our marriage. I’m married and I consider my self an attractive woman. I have been in that situation when I found my self attracted innocently with someone and it started innocently but when the other person wanted to pursue more I backed off because I am married. I’m not naïve not to believe that my husband probably has had the same situations but I CHOOSE not to pursue anything with anyone else because I’m married and cherish, love and respect my MARRIAGE. I made a commitment in front of GOD and I’m going to uphold that commitment. We all have choices and with open communication, understanding and love a marriage can withstand anything. I told my husband because I respect and love him enough to be open as he did with me.

  45. It is wrong to get involved with someone who is dating someone else, married to someone else or sleeping with someone else.

    The blame is equal for the man and the woman who both participate in cheating on their significant other.

    It takes 2 people to have an affair therefore, the 2 people will share equal blame. IF a man lies about being single and the woman CONTINUES after having the knowledge of his status, she is just as guilty as the liar.

  46. i feel married should not cheat. SO what if the other person is acctrative, dont allow your self to go there. If you feel you cant control it, then move around. Dont put your self in the situation to cheat. And I feel that the man and women is wrong. However dont just go full force at the other women, aint no telling what that man is telling her. Yea she might be dumb to believe it, but if she was smart, he wouldnt of picked her in the first place.

  47. To all the women and men who believe in dating married people. Alienation of Affection is a law active in 7 states currently. A woman in NC just sued the mistress of her husband for 9 million dollars and won! I along with a group of friends are lobbying to get the law passed in our state. I think if you want to play you should pay lol. I am sure you would not want to have to pay the spouse of the person you are cheating with esp women because they are normally doing it for money anyway suckers lol.

  48. No never dated a married. They are off limits me, DOnt want another woman’s rusty cock! I can get my own with a single man. A married will never be mine so why would I watse my dam time with him. Rather date someone I dont have to sneak with. Too old to be creeping and sneaking, cant call when I want cause he’s with wifey and the kids,uh-uh, No MAM! Too many fish on the sea then to creep with a barrucuda thats aint gone never be mine. And if hes cheating with u he’ll cheat on you!!

  49. Delphine hopefully if you have any sense the cheater will be paying alimony and child support. Hey Delphine you might want to watch your back if this law ever gets passed in your state. I take it you might be the mistress that might have to pay the wife.

  50. Real talk: How low, How very Uneducated of You, I’m a wife, The kinda wife that knows better than to blame someone else for her husband mistake, But of course you wouldn’t know anything about that would you? Imbecile.

  51. I think the married men should be at fault. He could of told the single woman he was divorced or single or anything to make he believe. Alot of times single who date married dont find out right away and then its too late. I have been involved with a married men, which I later discovered, and felt bad. I put myself in his wife shoes just to see how I would feel if my husband cheated on me. So ladies put yourself in her shoes if there is a time u encouter a married man.

  52. Delphine I have more education in my pinky finger than you will ever have in your low class brain. Just because you are a wife does not mean you don’t cheat. You are very bitter and ignorant. And I advise you to keep your mouth close when subjects of intellect are being discussed because you don’t make any sense. And at least I have enough education and itelligence to step up and take a stand in my community about this issue and others while you spend your low life time arguing with people in cyber space. Get a life you whore like I said you probably have done this why it hurts you so bad for us to have this discussion. And reading comprehension is definately not your craft. I did not say the husband or spouse was not to blame as well for anything ignorant one. I stated that the spouse should be delt with as well as the person they are cheating with. And you might as well stop hating because you are not stopping anything. I along with my friends will continue to lobby while uneducated and low life losers like you continue to yap about nothing. You are so ignorant please don’t talk again lol :loser:

  53. Men should be the blaim and th grl, but mostly men. I highly doubt that if a man told a girl “im maried, i’m not going no where, all i want to do is f you and thats it, dont call me I’ll call you” that women will stillsneak around. I believe 8/10 times them men be leading them women on

  54. Real talk: You TOLD ME uh? Loool
    Another Imbecile Black woman, You calling me names and “referring” to me as a “hater” Made my point already, That just showed how much you know , and how very much you don’t know, Hey Real talk How about lobbying against the men married men sleep with? Poor Thing..

  55. Delphine you proved my point of how ignorant and uneducated you are. And that reading comprehension is not your craft. And this time you have really proven your stupidity. I never placed labels on anyone or anything from the beginning. I generally stated to all the men and women that like to date married people! So you are the poor thing if a man is wrecking your home then he would be considered inviolation as well. You are the only stupid person putting labels specifically on women. Didn’t someone jut call you out above about your reading comprehension issues. And like I said before you are no one and we will continue to lobby for that law to be passed. It is now confirmed the man you are married to was previously someone elses’ husband that you dated on the side lol. I feel sory for you dummy awe lol :loser:

  56. It’s funny how the other women are always saying nasty things about the wife or girlfriend. Like some of the posters here have said these women are only going by what the men tell them which exhibits their level of naivety. A lot of these women have no idea that the wives and girlfriends they’re steady disrespecting are the ones who are holding down the fort and handling their business. A lot of these men have no clue as to how good they have it. If these women are getting mad at the wives and girlfriends citing that if she was doing what she was supposed to do he would not be with her. That’s not always the case these men are steady lying to them and when they find out that the wives and girlfriends are not trifling and are in fact treating these men right they’re the ones who look stupid. There’s nothing worthy in dating a man who’s married or in a committed relationship. You’re not going to get far with someone who will never be yours. A lot of these married and involved men may in fact have a sexual addiction problem. It also falls in line with the mental illness bipolar disorder. There are a high number of cases out here of men who are undiagnosed as being bipolar. One of the signs of this disorder is the hypersexual behavior for someone who is a type two bipolar. Don’t let the lies fool you a lot of these men are sexual addicts and are not admitting they have a problem. A lot of these women are lonely and they feel that any man is better than no man. Why would a woman want half a man to say they got someone when they can have a whole man who will only want to be with them? I will not date a man who’s still going home to his wife or girlfriend I am not one to disrespect another woman’s relationship. Some of these women don’t think about that and will get mad at the wife and girlfriend if she’s still around. There’s that old saying that a married or involved man RARELY leaves who he’s with for you. So a lot of these ladies are playing themselves and if they don’t get it that’s because they’re in serious denial.

  57. Spoken like true women, ladies if you are seeing a married man. You are wasting a lot, if not all of your young life. Why because most men are not going to leave their wives – for one thing, most men don’t get married just because – they do it because they truly love that woman.
    Most men are looking for a women who is chaste, loving, supportive, a listener, their personal freak, and lets them run the show. However, we as women feel like we want to have all that too. But someone has to give. If you want a man find one who isn’t married and give him these things and I can assure you it will last. A man who has this!! Sure he may cheat – but he is not leaving his wife for you….. You are just an ego booster who will be his side player until He or you die.
    The worst part about it is that most of the time, you are the mistress for years – he dies and if he leaves you something good for you but the wife and kids gets everything. You would have wasted all that time – the wife and the kids will have all the memories of family and traveling you will not be invited to the funeral or told about it and if so you will not be acknowledged either. You will be alone and will grief that way.
    So if you have desperately gone after someone else man, as my brother stated yes we are going to take what you give us, but we also know that we aren’t leaving are wives because – you are just a piece when your wife makes them mad. We do have the power – we just choose to use it in the wrong way.
    Oh and you will find that man that you are madly in love with and exactly what you did to some loving wife who knew and permitted it, will come right back on you. But you will be so in love with this man that it will hurt you and break you and inside.
    Sure we are all imperfect. Yet we say we Love God – So why do we give Satan the power to taunt the God whom we love – as God stated what he has put together let no man put apart in a marriage. So truly if you are sleeping with a married man regardless of imperfection, our human nature, or the many other reasons that have been given. We are truly serving Satan because he has put it in the minds of unbelievers.
    Why don’t you find someone who is not already committed by vows, there are many men in the dating scene who are not married. That’s what dating is for to find out if you are compatible as a marriage mate. Stop messing with the ones who have already chosen.
    Oh and I know this because it has happen too many of my family members. Stop while you can – you will only hurt yourself.

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