Sista Sighting: Eve

One of the most successful female rappers of the last decade, Eve, was spotted by the paparazzi yesterday getting her shop on. I’m personally a huge fan of the underrated femcee, mainly because her image and music, despite her stripper past, is almost 100% spotless and uplifting to women. One of the reasons female MCs died off is because they allowed men to control their image and music- resulting in songs about giving head and not much else. Because Eve shunned that type of music she went on to have her own successful television show and movie career. The raptress was recently seen in episodes of “V” and “Glee.” She’ll also be hitting the big screen again in the film “”

Click here to watch the trailer. Blink and you may miss Eve. This video may also not completely be safe for work.


  1. eve we need you back in this rap game….Ruff Ryders first lady was her Best album “pit bull in a skirt” BEWARE and don’t sleep her lyrics she is a killah when she rap believe dat :hifive:

  2. LOVE.HER.

    Glad to hear she’s got a new movie coming out.

  3. Yeah she’s is the most slept on, one of my favorite female rappers if not favorite.

  4. I hope she comes back hard! I grew up with her and have mad respect for her. Such a good person, rapper, and rolemodel! Get em gurl! :bowdown:

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