Sista Sighting: Bey Costume Shopping

Beyonce Giselle Knowles (I love using her full name) was spotted by the paparazzi over the weekend shopping at Ricky’s Costume Shop in the heart of New York City. The singer seemed genuinely surprised to see photographers when she stepped out of her vehicle and proceeded to quickly hustle into the shop, which was then closed down by the owners.

Image Credit: Flash


  1. beyonce was born into style and fashion, her mom Tina, career is about fashion, ri-ri has just came up from the island and now seeing and learning about fashion.

  2. Who mentioned Rihanna? Good grief you insecure fans never stop do you?

  3. Who mentioned Rihanna? Good grief you insecure fans never stop do you?

    Tell THEM

  4. I love her look minus the hat. How does she walk and run around in those sky high heels, i dunno. But Mrs Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter does look cute.

  5. Where’s the picture with Jay Z with her?? I love them together and her shoes are hot!

  6. ‘kay……..

    I wanna be a sexy cop (not a big fan of cops though)…

  7. Those stilettos are “YVES SAINT LAURENT” shoe game is swa

  8. @Anna how was Beyonce born into fashion. Her mother was a hair dresser. She is not a style icon. Rhianna has a natural stylish flair. My little sister is like that. People like them can take something that was nothing and make it look it was specifically designed for them.

  9. @Bee

    Beyonce was indeed born into fashion because her grandmother was a seamstress and Tina, who obviously grew up under her, learned the skill and translated it into costume design for Destiny’s Child and years later, House of Dereon. Them Beyinces/Knowles are talented and hard-working people.

  10. If you want to go with the premise that Bey was “born into fashion”, it really does not show. She is NOT making any fashion statements. (IMO)
    PS-A seamstresses sewa what someone chooses. Now a designer is something altogether different.

  11. Is her full name is Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter, or did she choose to not use the husband’s or “married” version?

  12. @Baron do you know what a seamstress does. They sew up seams and puts zippers and buttons on. That does not mean you are born into fashion. You all go to far with the stretching. This young lady does not need to be build up on falseness and foolishness. She actually has a very successful career. I am not a fan of hers but you cannot deny that she is successful. So stop just making stupid stuff up when it comes to this woman.

  13. why are people questioning whether Tina is a designer or not. Do they have to question everything about the Knowles. Her mother can design and sew. She is a designer.

  14. @Kriss when people but out things about this family people going to question it period. You know people going to start up some type of fire.

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