Sista Sighting: Ciara & LaLa

Ciara and good pal LaLa Vasquez were spotted by the paparazzi earlier this week filming LaLa’s new reality show β€œThe Wedding Project.” The show will chronicle LaLa as she prepares for her wedding to NBA ball player Carmelo Anthony.


  1. Their pumps hurt MY FEET πŸ˜† just looking at them. Their outfits are casual and relaxed. I probably would’ve chosen a different shoe for Ciara’s outfit… Good luck with “The Wedding Project”. πŸ™‚

  2. these girls look like they just want “paparazzi” attention. ciara better stop doing that she has talent, unlike the kardashians and amber rose.

  3. @ vvrocks
    Ciara is a grown woman she can do whatever she wants thank very much.

  4. @ lil cici too bad “that” grown woman hasn’t figured out why her cd’s aren’t selling πŸ™

  5. @ vvrocks

    Ciara loves people like you.

    CIARA PRINCESS HARRIS 2010!!! :bowdown: πŸ˜†

  6. Actually these photos DO APPEAR staged…

    but perhaps it’s because they’re FILMING A TELEVISION SHOW as the author pointed out in the write-up???


  7. I thought couples doing a reality show ends in divorce…why is she doing that…. and why is La La getting so much talk on these blogs? just wondering

  8. Ha Ha! La la wants to screw up her marriage before it begans. Doesn’t she know that Reality shows are a curse to relationships? Jessica simpson and nick, whitney and bobby, travis barker and his wife, john and kate, should i go on?? But she’s an attention whore so it doesn’t surprise me

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