Sista Sighting: Lauryn Hill

2010 may very well be the year Lauryn Hill officially returns from her eight year hiatus. The rapper/actress is scheduled to make a slew of performances at various music festivals, including the Harmony Festival, which she headlined over the weekend. And despite conflicting reports, organizers of the “Rock The Bells” festival have officially confirmed that Lauryn will perform at their event this summer as well. Lauryn will join a line-up that sadly consists of no other female rappers. Old school classics artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Rakin, KRS- One and Slick Rick, however will be in attendance.


  1. Uh, I wouldn’t care if other female rap artists were in that line up. That’s a classic line up in itself. I’d love to that. =)

  2. I hope this is the year that she makes a comeback. And I like her “ghetto” hairdo (which isn’t a bad thing)

  3. Ok so I looked at these pics again, and doesn’t she kinda resemble Naomi Campbell?

  4. Love the blow-out, press-out. It’s so lonnng 🙂

    When Lauryn’s in the building, need their be any other female MCs???


  5. Kanyade….you are right on point!! Lauryn…I just love this chick!!! I am so glad to see her.

  6. Yes, I’ll go just to see Lauryn and I’m a big fan of A Tribe Called Quest. Go Lauryn, it would be great to have a comeback from Lauryn Hill.

  7. I would love for her and MC Lyte to do something together. That would be classic. I am just happy to see that she is healthy and looking and seems like she is feeling good. Because that will produce another iconic album. This is the one to watch out for. So many people are waiting for her to do something myslef included because we know it is going to be real and from the heart. Because emotions are missing from most of this music.

  8. Luv L Boogie, but I’ve stop holding my breath for her comeback & Dre’s detox album. Hot line up!!!

  9. She actually looks really good! Come back to us Lauryn! :bowdown:

  10. if Lauryn comes back out, Im gonna feel sorry for alot of these females. She will shut them down!!!


  12. She looks like she could be Oprah’s daughter.So does Leela James.I hope she got her mind right and comes back into the music biz. She’s so talented.

  13. I hope she returns, more important, I hope she’s well! She still doesn’t look quite there, but at least, she’s back out. She seems to have had a nervous breakdown or meltdown, which is ultimately a break-through! Depression is something that afflicts so many people, whether it’s bi-polar or any other form of mental imbalance. We should keep this awesome Sista in our prayers and pray for her complete deliverance and victory over strongholds that have tried to keep her and her music from reaching and elevating the masses!

    Where two of us agree…it is done, in Jesus’ Name!

  14. I think L. Boogie is officially back. First her sighting in April, performance in Australia and now this. This is her year!!

    I love her music. I cant believe its already been over 11 years since her last album.

  15. I think Lauryn looks great and super ready to get back in the game (if she wants to). I am ready for her return she is so rejuvenating…go Lauryn…love you!

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