Sista Sighting: Meagan Good

Meagan Good put in an appearance last night at the Nylon Guys Magazine celebration party for their December/January issue. Word is the actress recently wrapped up shooting on her latest film (Video Girl) and is ready to start production on her next one, The Legend Of Zombie Road.

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  1. bash me for bashing our “sista’s” so bright and early but she looks like she has a “habit” and has for a while now. (to me at least)

    her great looks seems to throw people off from it IMO…

    anywho.. great shoes, who knew the girl from eves bayou would sprout into this…

  2. @ liverpool “she looks like she has a habit”? what kind of habit? Cause I don’t see a bad one.

    She looks good to me, even her eyebrows which usually look drawn on and arched too high.

    Did she get a haircut?

  3. meagan’s attire is cute she will always be a pretty girl but i would love to see her in more movies….im just sayin’

  4. (at) summer-raine I thought the same thing does she have a haircut….but It looks like her hair is pinned-up in the back

  5. no that is a haircut i just looked closely at the 2nd photo lol anyway im through guessing it’s cute on her

  6. She needs to stop wearing all that makeup she doesn’t need it. Her career would boost if she stop the partying. She’s a cute girl, but sometime simple is so much prettier. She needs to be simpler.

  7. I agree she wears way too much makeup for such a pretty woman! And if she got a stylist and really pushed I’m sure she could be in more movies. She’s gorgeous and has a cute personality.

    Side note: what happened to her boobies? She is way too too young to have saggage like that 0_0

  8. Love the eyebrows !!

    Glad I’m not the only one who thought she had too much makeup on. Her eyeshadow is even smeared by her temple. But it looks ok though. Not everyone can pull off red lipstick.

    Those clock earrings are really cool!!

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