Sista Sighting: Meagan Good In Miami

Meagan Good Actress Meagan Good had a stellar 2008 but has been relatively quiet in 2009. With a schedule that is presently free of any shooting for an upcoming movie, the actress is free to host events like the one she hosted earlier this week in Miami, Florida. Wearing a black mini-dress and canary yellow Bebe Rosario Braided pumps, the actress played hostess for Headliner Market Group’s “Ladies Night Out” soiree. This is the second time the acting diva has played hostess for the entertainment group, as she and boyfriend, Thomas Jones, also helmed an affair for them last year at KARU&Y.


  1. I love Magan I do but why does she always look so half price? Can the sista get a stylist? and a breakthrough Role? :noway: She is so talented tho 🙁

  2. YEAH!

    My #1 girl crush! I luvs her 🙂

    She looks cute.
    The heels I likes lots- that color! I need it!

  3. They are no longer offered on the Bebe website but a search for “Rosario Leather Braided Sandal” may turn up other places to buy them. I looked, but most places had them listed as sold out. At $149.00 I’m not surprised.

  4. She looks cute!
    and I Iike the color of the shoes also! 🙂

  5. She looks fine to me but I think her star has faded over the last year. The repeated outfits really made her look bad online and image in everything whether you are a singer, actress… whatever. Interest in her has really faded whereas just a year ago she was thought to be a rising star and one of only a few Black actress in Hollywood who stayed employed.

  6. Black actresses are having a very tough time in Hollywood right now. If you check the Internet Movie Database you will see just how little actresses like Gabrielle Union, Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan have worked over the last few years. Meagan is lucky to have worked as much as she did last year. She probably starred or co-starred in more movies over the last two years than any other Black actress. This could be because she gets roles outside of Black movies and is relatively young, whereas Sanna, Nia and Gabrielle are all in their thirties.

    Hopefully Meagan will continue to thrive and become the great actress we all know she is capable of being. She is beautiful and has a good head on her shoulders.

    By the way, the person on Twitter pretending to be Meagan is a fake. Don’t believe everything you read on some of these blogs.

  7. Megan comes across as one of those ‘celebs’ who rarely work but just party. We are in a recession and partying for most people does not pay the bills, I certainly hope someone is paying her for prancing around otherwise she needs to get herself some more work. The film/tv industry is tough for black actresses and you have to do everything it takes to keep working.

    This is why I hate when singers (who can’t act) take acting roles because women like Megan, Sanaa, Taraji, Gabrielle Union could be doing these roles but instead Hwood just hands it to a famous singer. It also shows how selfish certain people are when they take acting roles away from fellow ‘sistas’ who are trained to do the job properly. I hate to bring it up but it needs to be said. And for those black women who want to make it in tv/film its time to step up your game and bring the heat, look at Taraji and Viola they proved that if you work hard you can get the opportunities but it requires a lot of work.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with UKGirl. Black actresses aren’t just competing with each other now they are competing with singers as well. Meagan Fox doesn’t have to compete with Britney Spears for roles but Meagan Good does have to compete with Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson for roles. Think of all the roles that have been given to those singers over the years and you can probably think of a real Black actress who could have done a much better job. I love them all but their acting skills are limited. Jennifer was great in Dreamgirls but so so in Sex and the City. Poor Alicia can’t act at all and B is just as iffy as Jennifer. You have to cut women like Meagan some slack because the roles are so few and far between. Heck, if it wasn’t for Tyler Perry even more Black actresses would be unemployed.

  9. Heck, if it wasn’t for Tyler Perry even more Black actresses would be unemployed.

    That’ s what i’ ve been saying for ever

  10. Did you all see the pic of Meagan at this party with her wig flying off? I had to laugh because Meagan’s wigs have gotten ridiculous. If you are going to wear fake hair please oh please tighten up your wig before you walk out the door. :lol2:

  11. I can not wait for my book Beautiful to become a movie. I going to work hard to make sure it happens. Us Brown Sistas need to support each other. We also need to start writing our own movie roles, stuff we as a people want to see and support, and stop waiting on Hollywood and “others” to give us what we want. Sometimes, you have to take with intrigrity what you want in stead of waiting for hand outs. Of course, it takes time, but it can happen. Ask Rosa, Martin, Obama, etc. We need more then just Tyler writing roles.

    Anyway, I think Meagan is a pretty girl and talented actress. I love my Brown Sistas.

  12. Well I love all sistas & brotas, I hope yall know what I’m saying.

  13. I’m just happy she’s not rockin those black leggings.

  14. Not feeling those shoes on her…her ankles aren’t big enough for them….and her hair is usually more on point…. :stop:

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