Sista Sighting: Miss Jackson In Italy

Janet Jackson seems to be sitting back and taking it pretty easy these days. The singer was spotted over the weekend getting her “chill” on with new boyfriend, Wissam Al Mana, on the beaches of Cala di Volpe in Sardinia, Italy. Janet will reportedly kick things up a few notches when she returns to the states later on this month to continue principle shooting on her latest Tyler Perry flick “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf.”


  1. Janet looks happy and seems to be enjoying herself. Silly me, I thought folks still wore swimsuits and swim trunks at the beach. Maybe the rich do it differently. Call me crazy, but I miss seeing her with Jermaine.

  2. i hear ya jusme.
    but …’s her life. hehe. and we got our own.
    wonder what’s up with jermaine though?….questions.

  3. For Colored Girls…… wrapped up shooting weeks ago.

  4. Yes Tyler Perry has said they have completed the movie. Unless Janet is still on vacation these pictures are a couple of weeks old.

  5. Nope the pics are new- taken over the weekend and released by INF. I’m posting their report as well of Janet doing some re-shoots on the TP movie. Most movies sometimes have to re-shoot scenes.

  6. James DeBarge must’ve left an impression cause Janet sure loves em light bright and damn near white. That is still my girl. Love her!

  7. Sorry Sista I’m going to let you know your job lol. Your on point as usual, I’ve just checked everything that I thought I knew the answer too lol.

  8. I never wish I was someone else besides me, but looking at Janet traveling the globe, chillin and relaxing makes me wish I was her or wishing we could trade places for awhile. LOL!!!

    @ BLACKSISTA LOL! I know, but since a lot of black men perfer the same, I say go ‘head Janet do your thang honey. LOL! I love her too. 🙂

  9. They looks hott together and she looks really happy and relaxed. Get it, Janet!! My baby is happy.

  10. Janet and I have the same preference in men but we do not discriminate,lol.

  11. LOL!! I’m behind on things. When did her and JD break up?
    Who the hell is this guy?

  12. Janet and Jermaine broke up back in 2009 but she still says that her and Jermaine are still good friends to this day :). I miss her with him a little myself. She is happy though so I’m happy! I even read though that she wants to even have kids with him (wow). Well, good luck Janet and I wish you and Wissam the best! Can’t wait 2 see her in Tyler Perry’s new movie. Also I hope her and Tyler go around promoting the film too like they did with both of the Why Did I Get Married films. It always seems to be so funny when they do an interview together. I love it!

  13. What I ment to say is that she was ready to have kids with Wissam, not Jermaine LOL. My mistake

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