Sista Sighting: Rihanna + A Bit Of Chart News

Rihanna Pop diva Rihanna has regained her fashion throne- and rather quickly I might add. Some say the singer stumbled terribly on Tuesday night when she showed up for the Met Costume Gala dressed in a ladies tuxedo suit. Only 21 and yet already deemed a fashion icon, Rihanna is expected to wow whenever she steps outside the door and some say wow she did when she was spotted shopping in New York City the next day. Rocking a leather jacket, cut off shorts and thigh high boots, the pop diva drew a crowd as she shopped at a boutique on 5th Avenue.

Definitely not an outfit the average woman would wear on a cold rainy New York day- yet Rihanna seems to pull it off brilliantly. This girl can truly wear anything.

And in that chart news I mentioned earlier, Billboard says after only 4 years in the business Rihanna has become one of the most successful singles artists ever, coming in above both Beyonce and the great Aretha Franklin. Rihanna ranks 10th for artists with the most gold (500,000), platinum and multi-platinum (1 million+) singles in the United States.
Love her or hate her, I’m happy for her success.


  1. I know ppl going to rag on her and call her untalented but if Britney Spears, who can’t even sing, can be given a pass then why can’t Rihanna who can actually sing? No she isn’t Patti Labelle but she can hold a note and isn’t just a dancer/performer posing as a singer. Black women always have to do twice as much and work twice as hard for the same and often less respect than White female acts and I’m tired of it. Let our sisters bask in the glow of their success just like the White folks do for their marginally talented artists.

  2. She’s is so FIERCE!!!!!!!! OMG she ‘s truly a fashion icon!
    I’m really happy for her success too! I think she deserves it , she’s a hard working woman !!

    Welcome back Rhirhi ! We missed you!


  4. Icon :lol2:. So I guess this is original?

    Let me let you in on a little secret! GAGA (clothes), you do remember her right?

    How about Cassie (hair)?

    You truly have to be a die hard fan to like this and not say she looks like a hooker, just like GaGa, but that IS what GaGa was in the beginning she just so happen to have some real talent, have you seen her perform live.

    What you see in these pics is a No Talent Chick scared of her competition and if that means stealing from them to try in get back in the good grace of the not stans then so be it. Like I said this girl will jack your MOMMA!

  5. Go Riri! I didn’t like the costume she wore the other night but I am loving this look on her. those boots and those short shorts are super cute and young and fresh!

    Congrats on the Chart Success!

  6. Robine, i agree with every thing you said. Its so unfortunate that people hate so much on ri ri when she is doing the same thing as other pop artist before her. The girl even has the most #1 hits this decade, and people still won’t give her props. Anywayz, ri ri is looking hot like fire. Go ri ri.

  7. When i call her the queen of pop some peeps wanna kill me……this girl aint going nowhere and has no time for haters.She’s gonna make everyone work harder,she made Ciara and some woman change their game…..her fashion game is sick,she is a Pisces chick like me,we are very fashion intuitive and creative,we know what works and our bodies are made for clothes…riri sings better than Madonna and i think she is a black Madonna and as time flows she will be Getting Her Money Up….How old is she again?

  8. Stephanie,

    those chart news are incorrect. somebody made it up and claimd it was from th RIAA. yet, you’ll find no such thing on th RIAA website or on any credible site for that matter.

    i don’t think rihanna has any talent. she dresses great and can model. therefore, she needs to leave the mic alone and go do what she’s best at…model. people should not be comparing her to modonna or britney b/c even though they lack singing abilities, they have one thing rihanna doesn’t…THE ABILITY TO ENTERTAIN. when rihanna gets on stage, she looks like she doesn’t know what to do. she looks more lively on the street than she does on stage and that’s not a good look. i have never seen this girl get a standing O in front of her peers and that ought to say something about her singing and entertaining abilities. def jamis is using her and when they are done with her, they’ll throw her away like they did with janet. she makes no money off of her endorsements, albums, singles and barely makes any money off of those concerts. i think she has a 360 deal with defjam and therefore, everyone gets paid before she does. GGGB severly underperformed in the states after all those videos and singles. leave the singing alone and go do what you do best…model :thumbsup:

  9. lizz said, you find that hard to believe?

    This girl is way overrated always have been! The little altercation just made people open their eyes. She has no talent, the only major thing you can talk about is what she is wearing! That’s the only thing.

    That’s not hate is just a fact, she is too studio enhanced and it tells when she walks on a stage to perform. Who has gotten the most bad reviews while performing? Rihanna!

  10. @ bored thats not true people talk about her hits such as umbrella, Rehab, Disturbia, Take a bow. Please don’t try to take away from the fact that the girl does put out hits. So she is a banger, and puts out hits, which means she is the total package.

  11. :hifive: Woohoo…you killed it!

    Clearly the thought of this chic taking the top spot makes some of you down right orgasmic. Half these people biggin up RiRi only do so because they’d love to see her take that top spot away from “the real diva” LOL. Their contempt for “the real diva” makes them throw all their support into this underdog. LOL They’re so OBSESSED. 😆

  12. much better than that mess of a tuxedo. i don’t think the outfit would be so interesting though if it wasn’t for the boots

  13. …waiting on stephanie to confirm info so i can celebrate…

    please hurry :thumbsup:


  15. Plz Plz everyone google sidekick by Natasha this girl is American and is realy big in South Africa she can move,she has been rocking for months and am worried that Beyonce will swagger jack her….she is hot and will give Ciara a run for her money.

  16. Rhianna you rock :bowdown: I love love love the boots :bowdown: Halle Berry and Rhianna are number one at the top of my list for fashion. I am always checking to see what they have on. In my opinion no one does it better than them. And congratulations on the single sales :thumbsup:

  17. RhiRhi you killing them period :bowdown: . That all i have to say.

  18. Loool awww how cute those stans “stephanie please say it aint so before we break down and cry” you are pathetic, Be happy for someone else than that other girl for once in your LIFE, Stephie Thanks for the article, Now i want her earrings and boots

  19. What exactly does Rihanna do these days? Has she changed her profession to streetwalking and clubbing? How many more conversations on her hair and outfits can we have before finally admitting she has no substance beyond her looks? Just :stop: already!

  20. yeah she definatly cant top beyonce period i dont care what anyone say, she maybe a fashion icon but is that what she came in the business for? i love rihannahs look and her singles get me going for a short time but its nothing to go to crazy for

    i feel unless she make a big change on the next album it wont do very well, i guess other singers dont really have to change because their vocals and all around talent can old their own on an album but rir i feel she need a totall different image and sound for people to not be over her next time around….we shall see

  21. Mario: that’ s the thing NOBODY is trying to stop beyonce, it’ s just that all these chicks have to do something better than her for BLACK FOLKS to stop comparing thema and appreciate them for who they are,No one wants to stop beyonce, do you really believe those chicks sit down and make a plan on how to end beyonce’s reign? Come on now, she came on top of beyonce and aretha as far as SINGLES you can’ t even congratulate her? when beyonce’s movie came up i gave my congratulations and i’m not even a big fan, I feel like you beyonce’s fans are extremely negative and jealous of everyone else’s success and that is not cool, regardless on how you feel about someone when they do something right you need to drink some water and congratulates

    keepin it real: i think beyonce has no substance as well but how many cds have she sold? exactely to me someone like jazmine sullivan, jennifer hudson or chrisette michelle deserves those sales more than be, more than rihanna too but beyonce still outsold all of them! You people stay saying rihanna has no talent she is a one hit wonder but she sold more singles than bey and aretha SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE must like her music, Come on now, I’m all for opinions and debates but PLEASE know how to say “congratulations”

  22. lizz: SAY WAHT? that’s y whenever you say something i’m like dang i was gonna say that ALL THE WOMEN IN MY FAMILY ARE PISCES high five Boo!

  23. @mario me and you mad cool but you can not say rhi-rhi is giving your girl a good run. But im the type of person that like new and different things.

  24. @voice say what? you my girl …… riri a street walker! she is killing the streets and the airports….beyonce tried to street walk while riri was away but she failed to impress her game wasnt tight,she must just stick to the weave and her windmill….poor girl she must be craving a new hairrstyle….riri turns the streets into a ramp wow! thats swagga for real.

  25. @ Voice Real Talk Sis :hifive: How is Dark Sista? @ Lady “But im the type of person that like new and different things.” :hifive: :iagree:

  26. lizz:U know it :lol2: Pisces rule them anyway

    Real talk: she is fine so are the girls im going crazy they are 4 of them yelling screaming, the older have their mother’s attitude which is not good, they pull my hair punch me and stuff Lool but you gotta love them they are adorable how are you? how’ s the pregnancy going?

    lady: I’m i lying? lool

  27. HAHAHAHAHA! I just knew some people are going to comment on here and trash this girl. No matter what she does, good or bad, some people have nothing better to do than trash her success. Some of you need to realize that there’s a whole other world out there and that it doesn’t stop around your feet. This girl is successful because there are people who like her music. Beyonce’s fans act as if EVERYBODY HAS TO LIKE Beyonce. If that’s the case, she should have sold billions of albums right now, not just millions and her movie should have done better than Titanic, but that’s not the case. What’s strange is this only happens between black artists and people. Madonna and Celine Dion had world tour at the same time last year, both very successful, made the top 5 of the most grossing tours but Madonna’s fans didn’t insult Dion or vice versa. They are willing to support both cause they are DIFFERENT. You have to be deaf to think that Beyonce and Rihanna sound the same or try to be like one another. You also have to be blind to see that they are trying to look the same. They are different artists, the only same thing is they are both black. And for that person who said Rihanna is not making any money at all from her stuff, I don’t know what you are smoking but it certainly gives you denial. And on a last note, have you all forgotten that this girl is only 21?????????????

  28. @lady no i think riri is hot style comes first of course but she has hot singles i will never take that away from her

    @voice im sure beyonce and rihannah are friends anyway, i know they probably dont care that they both are hot its not a big deal with me, i like rihannahs music from her last album but nothing before it

  29. mArio: see your statement right there contredict what you typed in the first place, the agressivity coming form beyonce’s fans has got to stop, Beyonce said rihanna is like family to her, I don’ t believe that for a second but i doubt she is jealous of rihanna, or rihanna jealous of her, so who looks ri damn diculous with those stupid e-fightS? You know what i’m saying? it wasn’t fair for you to say she can never top beyonce because she is 21 and in a few more years, if beyonce fade (IF) rihanna can top her doing this number, does that mean that rih is more talented than beyonce? absolutely not, but there is always going to be someone better than you and we need to be okay with that You know?

  30. @mario you are in denial,beyonce dsnt have friends thats why she got to keep her self busy coz she is lonely.

  31. Voice i honestly believe that they are cool with each other, no i dont think they call each other to say whats up but im sure they probably are cool though, i give riri her props shes a bad girl when it comes to fashion and i love her videos, her songs usually have to grow on me like disturbia i love the songs from this last album not any from her first two albums in my opinion she is the “it” girl but in my opinion beyonce is past that. i am a fan of beyonce because i care more about music than fashion i am a big music fan fashion is for others thats why i feel that riri cant top beyonce in that area but who am i? no one everyone will have their own opinion on beyonce and rihanna and thats cool, i never beat anyone up for liking rihanna because i like her too!

  32. lizz why do you always try to start stuff? whats your problem…you have no clue of who her friends are because shes private and thats her business if she has friends or not give it up honey its not that serious MS. LIZZ

  33. Voice and i do agree with what you are saying, its a matter of opinion on who they like more, i dont mind someone loving rihanna i just give my reasons of why i do and dont like her just with beyonce shes my favorite but sometimes i hate what she is wearing, i almost never hate what riri wears but alot of the times i hate her performances

  34. Hey real talk, long time no hear from
    congrads to riri on her success!!..

  35. Rihanna is fierce when it comes to fashion. I love it. :thumbsup:

    Why does Beyonce’s name have to appear in every blog?

  36. Those are NOT boots, there leggings and there Rodarte ($920) and peep toe booties! I think this is a bit much but I think its cute. FOR HER… :iagree: W/ SHELLY, I love Bey but this thread has NOTHING to do with her AT ALL!

  37. @VOICE

    I honestly think that YOU are the biggest Beyonce stan up in here! You seem to always have SOMETHING to say about her regardless of the topic. 😆 Its okay Im sure ur in denial but its very true. YOU LOVE HER!!!!! :hifive:

  38. @real talk thanks when ri-ri first came out i think she did look alittle beyoncish. When she change i was like go head girl. I give her props for that. The only thing i do not like about ri-ri is that some of her performance are dull. But other then that she killing it right now.

  39. Chick CAN’T sing worth a lick but she SURE can dress. I heart her stylist!

  40. I am shocked about the best singles artists, but I am happy for her considering she is not a very good singer in my opinion. I just like people who go for what they know and do a good job of achieving their goals, and this shows that if you don’t have real showmanship you can still sell albums if you keep recycling your old material with a few new singles with other superstars like TI and Justin Timberlake.

  41. Virgo: Since we are sharing opinion 🙂 I honestly think you are extremely jealous of rihanna and wish you were her, I think you have no self esteem and praise people like bey because she represent what you wish you were, Light,beautiful,rich and famous,I think chicks like you only aspire to be the go doers of people like bey, because you have no sens of leadership, or self esteem, That’s what i think so keep it coming girlfriend, I know the likes of you .

  42. 😆 @VOICE

    That was extremely cute! Why would I be jealous of Rihanna?? Not alone do you sound foolish but you sound ignorant. I like Rihanna, I think her style is outta this world and I never have an issue giving props to her when due . My self esteem is alot higher then yours OBVIOUSLY! Im very happy with my looks and would never wish to be anyone other then myself b/c I AM THE SH!T and if you knew me you would know that. YOU ARE JEALOUS OF BEYONCE and its evident 😆 ….You never have anything nice to say your a negative energy that LOVES to hate on EVERYONE even when there is no choice but to give props your hatin a$$ will always find something negative and jealous to say. I think your a boy that wants to be a girl. I know the likes of you… and its not women! Anywho CARRY ON…

  43. Oh and about Rih having the most singles…includes LIVE YA LIFE which is T.I’S song. So initially its a TIE between her and Beyonce.

  44. @ Voice :bowdown: shut that want to be down :hifive:

    @ VIRGO I see reading comprehension is not one of your best virtues :hifive: . Beyonce’s name was mentioned at the top in the article: (SEE BELOW IN PARENTEHSIS SO YOU WANT HAVE SCROLL BACK TO THE TOP)

    (Billboard says after only 4 years in the business Rihanna has become one of the most successful singles artists ever, coming in above both Beyonce and the great Aretha Franklin. Rihanna ranks 10th for artists with the most gold (500,000), platinum and multi-platinum (1 million+) singles in the United States.)

    That’s why Beyonce’s name was brought up :lol2: :lol2: GET IT GOT IT WOW 😆 ! You need to get a life and get your facts straight before you post. You are a generally very ignorant person. And like I have stated before, the money you spend making Beyonce rich so that she may travel around the world, pay for her maids, and butlers. You should try investing that money into your education and upgrading the quality of your life. It’s obvious you don’t travel especially abroad and get out much due to your narrow minded perspective and low tolerance to deal with difference of opinions. :thumbsup:

  45. I swear, some of you have to be getting paid by Music World Entertainment.
    Rihanna is not worried about what people say, she can wear whatever she wants and pulls it off nicely. Its funny because Rihanna sells records no matter what, people know she cant hold a note like Whitney but her songs are good and she is interesting to watch. 12 million albums sold worldwide is good for an artist that has only been out for 4 years, she has the most #1 singles and she is young enough to continue this for years to come. Many of you forget that Beyonce is getting older and she will not be where she is now in a few more years, just like women before her…..Janet,Whitney,Madonna,etc all had their time.

  46. Virgo : thank you for the two long post I knew you would answer ,but Why are you mad? we are just sharing opinions .. and stop using those “lol “smiley you know you’ re mad, I have given Beyonce her props and i have actually said more positive things about her than you have about Rihanna so what is your point? How is refrerring to bey as “light,beautiful,rich and famous” being jealous?You are an idiot like i said those three things you will never be so keep on praising beyonce and jealousing her competition[i.e going on other blogs condoning what Chris did to rihanna], I pity you

    Mario: Lool i’m just saying 😆

  47. @Voice
    You know you are responding to a stone wall right? This is what Virgo does, she cant help it!

  48. @ Kenny MIND UR BIZNESS HUN! I will never again waste my time on a foolish person like you. Thanks


    Please if you actually THINK that you could make me upset, your as stupid as I thought u were :bowdown: You dont know me and I dont know you so what makes you think u cld push my buttons hunnie?! LOL I pity you and any fool that deals with you on a regular basis…I never condoned what CB did but I stated there are two sides to a story and b/c Im not a judgemental person I refuse to take sides. You are a LIAR I have NEVER seen you say anything positive about Beyonce. But its all good ,You love Beyonce and you wish you were her, I love her drive and her as an entertainer, so there is no way that I wish I were her but only strive to be as successful and driven as she is. You are a very negative person and NEGATIVE PEOPLE ARE USUALLY PROJECTING THEIR OWN FEELINGS OF INADEQUACY. :hifive:

  49. Kenny: I know, but i have thing messing with weak chicks like her, beside my nieces are asleep, and i’m bored out of my mind,plus she is very mad an trying to change my mind about her and it’s hilarious

    You caught yourself trying to “ring the alarm” on me and now you’ re mad honey
    why are you explaining all these things[reason why you’re praising bey] to me ? Trying to convince me that you are something else
    than an insecure ,over weight,low class,uneducated,loud mouth, poser, loser, follower waste of oxygen?
    It’s not working Baby

  50. Rhianna is fierce hats off :bowdown: Well I am going to go there Mario, and especially woohoo and VIRGO are all :hater: :hater: :hater: It literally hurts them to know that someone is better than Beyonce. It’s almost as if you are talking about them personally :loser:

  51. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: @ VOICE

    You seem a little upset yourself, calling me all those names, I bet you thought you TOLD me huh 😆 calm down hun, dont get you’re boxers or panties (which ever u decide to pull out the dirty clothes) in a bunch…Insecure, over weight, low class, uneducated, loud mouth ECT 😆 If you only knew me. ANYWHO this is the last thing Im going to say to you’re pathetic low self esteem having a$$…Im stating my opinion, you will always have yours, your brain is too small for it to be changed, so why try. CARRY ON :loser:

    PS: YOU AND KENNY WILL NEVER BE WOMEN so keep dressing in drag and clicking your heels to become the Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s of the world. You’re BOTH men and need to find a site that talks about BROWN BROTHAS. Clearly you both are lost. :bag:

  52. YES



    She simply is

    The only BeYawnSay does that makes it APPEAR she’s on Michael Jackson’s level is oversaturate the market with foolishness nonsense, accepts any and every endorsement deal.

    Rihanna has the international market, that is where she has had tremendous success. GGGB has sold 7.8 million copies worldwide. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    Sorry, but if people are truly about giving credit when/where it’s due they would simply say congratulations Rihanna you earned eventhough you don’t sing like Jennifer Hudson. 😆

    Sorry, this young girl has IT written all over her. The media the fashion world and music industry knows where their bread is buttered. Rihanna is bringing back the 80’s….she is a total trendsetter.

    She wears it all very well, even what we don’t like. She’s just confident and could care less what people think!

  53. Luv me some Rih Rih…
    She has the sexiest gams in the world to me!
    My girl- Miss Good, comes in second. 🙂

  54. @Virgo: Why do you have all those smileys like it is supposed to emphasis on your present mood? I didn’t call you names, stop being so sensitive we’re talking right?
    The dragqueen assumption was funny but is that all you got?

  55. Rihanna= FIERCE (However, since she’s been seen out and about clubbing, eating lunch, and what not, why does she keep cancelling her shows? She seems fine to me. It’s just not a good look, IMO.)

    Off topic:
    Bad news: A pair of debuts from LaFace/JLG’s Ciara and Def Jam/IDJ’s Chrisette Michele will be next week’s top chart newcomers, each looking to score in the 70-80k range. (From HITS Daily)

    I bought Ciara’s album and think its pretty hot. I didn’t expect huge numbers from her but much more than 70-80k. Oh well. We will see next week when the final numbers come in.

  56. :stop: everyone needs to start getting along around here :bag:

  57. Lol mario: I was just sharing my opinions like she did she is the one getting mad
    Just a tought: The show was never supposed to go down they said someone lied, and i am not surprised of Chrisette numbers she is fiercely under estimated, for ciara i’m waiting for CA08

  58. @Mario im with you.
    @Voice you is funny lol.
    @Virgo breathe lol.

  59. @Mario: Honestly, Im cool and have been since I started posting my opinions and very much like you Im starting to root for both Bey and Rih. (even though I will always love Bey more) There is room for both, they are both very talented and iconic in different ways. :bowdown: I will not waste my time on indviduals with the brain size of a small rock and the mentality of a fool.

    @Lady HEY Girl!!! :)) I think you should be telling that to VOICE. She was way too hype over nothing. lol Im cooler then a polar bears toe nails! 🙂

  60. @Virgo
    @ Kenny MIND UR BIZNESS HUN! I will never again waste my time on a foolish person like you. Thanks

    Even though you just did? :lol2:

  61. Wow, if this is true then this is really saying something. Above Aretha? Amazing. I gotta give her props for this and I am happy for her. *applause* Hopefully this will lead to headlining WW tours as well as over in the states. I think another successful album will do it.

  62. And especially after the few months that she has been through, it is good to see Robyn(I like to call her by her first name 😆 ) get positive news. Again, I am happy for her and her fans. There is room for many successful sistahs in the industry and this proves it. :thumbsup:

  63. @voice lol no you didnt say you were waiting on CA :lol2: im waitint too…

    did yall see that video of beyonce calling out that her lights man is gonna get fired while she was performing diva? lol it was funny because the lights are suppose to go out so you can see her outfit glow in the dark and the light guy i guess forgot to shut the lights off

  64. @Lady, and that’s where Rihanna will have to improve if she needs to get to the next level because your performances are what sustain longevity. That’s why Madonna can do just platinum(I say just platinum because that’s low for her standards) and still sell out tours because any time Madonna puts out an CD, it is basically to let people know that she’s going on tour soon and they will fill out every arena. 😆 That’s longevity. So if Rihanna can improve her performances, then she was headline tours, then she’s on the road to legend. I know that sounds crazy saying it, but…I am objective-minded. If she do the things I say, then before you know, 15 years down the road, she will still be in the game.

  65. For all you Ciara and Chrisette Michelle fans, it is a fight between your fave artists along with hannah montana for #1: THREE INTO #1 COULD GO

    Chrisette Michele and Ciara Debuts, Will Vie with Hanna Montana for Top Spot

    May 6, 2009

    Three very different divas hold the key to next week’s HITS Album Sales chart race.

    A pair of debuts from LaFace/JLG’s Ciara and Def Jam/IDJ’s Chrisette Michele will be next week’s top chart newcomers, each looking to score in the 70-80k range.

    Ciara’s Fantasy Ride, her third album, will benefit from her Saturday Night Live performance this weekend, while Chrisette’s Epiphany, the follow-up to her 2007 debut I Am, should see action after being priced at $2.99 all week at Amazon.

    The race for #1 could come down to a three-way race between those two and Disney’s Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack, which could emerge as a dark horse with increased Mother’s Day store traffic from dad and the kids.

    Other promising debuts include Ferret’s Devil Wears Prada, a Dayton, OH, anti-materialist Christian metal-core outfit (25-30k) and Virgin’s Ben Harper and the Relentless7 (20-25k), followed by Hickory American Idol alum Elliott Yamin, Columbia Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts and UMe’s artist formerly kinown as Cat Stevens, Yusuf, all at 15-20k. E1’s Hatebreed round out the newcomers, with a total in the 12-15k range.

    Next week, Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown hits the street on Friday, May 15, followed by Eminem’s Relapse on May 19, if that date isn’t moved up.

    The market was basically flat vs. last week, down 18% from last year, and now down 13% to date.

    Is anybody alive out there? Just asking.
    Wow. I can’t believe Ci is only 70-80K. This is unbelievable and CM might have a shot at being #1. She is nowhere near as commerical as Ciara. Unbelievable.

  66. not a BIG fan of ciara like her some, though i thought she would sell at least 100-150k 🙁

  67. I am surprised at this too@Mario. I know that CDs are selling like that anymore but I am shocked at Ciara’s #s. Man, artists are STRUGGLING these days.

  68. And in that chart news I mentioned earlier, Billboard says after only 4 years in the business Rihanna has become one of the most successful singles artists ever, coming in above both Beyonce and the great Aretha Franklin. Rihanna ranks 10th for artists with the most gold (500,000), platinum and multi-platinum (1 million+) singles in the United States.
    This is no surprise this chick is Fierce!!!!!!

  69. omg I went through some posts and I don’t understand why you’re hating so much on each other, you’re taking it too seriously
    relax and enjoy your life damn
    I’m out of here

  70. Y’all betta stop this madness! I swear if we were all still in the school, I’d bet some of you would be meeting behind the handball court after 3 o’clock for some “jeans and sneakers” action with vaseline on your faces!

    But seriously, I agree with the numbers for Rihanna. Album-wise, she doesn’t have as many #1 pop (it’s the pop numbers that count) solo singles as Beyonce (”Take A Bow”, “Umbrella” & “Disturbia” vs “Crazy In Love”, “Baby Boy” “Irreplaceable” & “Single Ladies”), but I agree with the sales numbers. Beyonce has never reached the album sales numbers, with and without Destiny’s Child, of, say, Mariah Carey at 10m or more of a single album, Madonna at 9m or even Janet at her peak at 12m Crazy In Love 4m, B’Day 3m, & Sasha 2m, now currently #20 on the Billboard pop chart). She’s actually DECLINING in sales. Not to mention Whitney and Britney.

    That said, my money’s on Mariah Carey to make a major comeback in the acting category with the critically acclaimed “Tennessee” and “Precious” (check her out in Wise Girls with Mira Sorvina – she was actually quite good in that) who i believe will redeem herself with a follow up hit record, if she reunites with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis as Janet is said to be doing.

    That’s my say.

  71. @ Curtis
    Thanks for that great input.

    Wouldn’t it be great if other people focused and were well-rounded enough to also listen to and appreciate other artists like Chrisette Michelle, Jazmine Sullivan, Lisa Shaw, Conya Doss, Lizz Wright, Leela James & Ledisi as well as that particular “icon”, Keisha Cole, Ciara, and Rihanna?

    Isn’t there room for ALL black female singers to shine? Things weren’t like this even 10 years ago, save the whole Brandy/Monica thing, which was a marketing ploy.

  72. Speaking of “streetwalking” and “clubing” ( Keepin It Real !!!! ), according to, and, Ri-Ri has been seen out on the town here in Los Angeles with Los Angeles Lakers star Andrew Bynum.

  73. To clarify

    beyonce still has more domestic and global album sales and more number 1s domestically (it gets a little hazy worldwide)

  74. Wouldn’t it be great if other people focused and were well-rounded enough to also listen to and appreciate other artists like Chrisette Michelle, Jazmine Sullivan, Lisa Shaw, Conya Doss, Lizz Wright, Leela James & Ledisi as well as that particular “icon”, Keisha Cole, Ciara, and Rihanna?
    I do listen to everyone,sometimes i like sometimes i don’t, I know how to say congratulations and i know how to say girl sit down

    mario i had three drinks Lool, i have my cyber vaseline on waiting for CA08 ima cyber beat her -ss lool i kid i kid

  75. This is only stating what we already knew. Rihanna is a singles artist here in the USA. She has benefitted greatly by digital sales. She has put out three albums in eighteen months. Americans find it safer to pay a dollar for singles than purchase the album. Digital sales are fairly new. Most artist on the list haven’t benefitted from digital sales like Rihanna. The other artist on the list sell more albums in the USA than her.

  76. haha ive been waiting for her too, didnt she say the album was going to sell alot? from what i heard it wont be doing as hot as she thought…but since that album been released i havent heard from her… :bag:

  77. Gosh this bickering so tiring to read. I think Im too old.

  78. I for one can’t wait for the back. The lady is rockin’, her and Lady Gaga.

  79. No clarification needed: Beyonce has nowhere near the amount of number one singles domestically than either of the women I’ve listed (no hazy).
    Maybe more than Rihanna, which was the point, I guess.

    @ Michelle, great point.

  80. personally, i think she looks like a hoe but whatever strokes people fancy its up to them..for those who say riri is a bigger start than b, dream on people.. riri has had success but until she can make 80 mil in one year girl is far from being at the same level..b just has a movie, 28mil opening weekend with little promotion as opposed to rihanna everyday posts for doing nothing but clubbing and shopping..riri has great sense of style but dnt like it much after the beatdown..she seems like she is trying too hard.. it used to look effortless…

    To be honest, this is the only post that remembers what riri has done in the music business.. all they talk bout now is her clothes.. she even sang at the met noone reported on that.. ole girl is becomming more and more of a socialite…well the numbers will tell in the next cd how big a start she is but there is to much competition right now def jam will not release anything from her…heck, they even pulled her concert in dubai???

  81. Good for Rihanna, I big her up. I dont mind seeing her at the top there is enough room for everyone!

  82. @banjjioboi

    as far as the hot 100 singles chart, the premeire chart for the U.S. AND, the only reliable source for world wide info, beyonce has the most domestic hot 100s and beyonce has the most LEAD artist number 1s on mediatraffic, they are tied if you count live your life. BTW, beyonce vs. rihanna sales break down for albums puts bee in the lead.


    DIL : 4million, 6.5 million world wide
    B’day, 3, million 5 million world wide
    IAMSasha: 2 million, 4 million world wide

    total : 9 million domestic, 15.5 world wide


    Music of the Sun: 0.5 million domestic, 1 million world wide
    Girl like Me: 1 million domestic, 2.5 million world wide
    GGGB: 2.5 million, ~7 million worldwide

    4 million domestic, 10.5 world wide

    AND THAT IS THE facts, so don’t correct me cuz i’m RIGHT!!!

    with singles sales RIHANNA is the clear winner, but as albums cost 10x more than singles….eh…that’s a weak victory

  83. who really cares about the numbers really? its getting kind of old dont you think?

  84. @Bronze you is soooo correct. They both sold millions so it does not matter. To me if all like that beyonce number should be going up not down.

  85. Why do they alway do this?!? Both woman are black, both women are successful, and we should be proud of both. i am a beyonce fan not a stan, i am fond of ri ri not of her singing or performance but a fan of her style. they are not in the same category, beyonce- RnB.. riri -pop so why not compare RiRi to britney and beyonce to ?? but anyway.. just a thought

  86. @ Somebody

    Thanks for the qualifications, and I was just about to compliment you on your eloquence before you negated your point by being arrogant :lol2: but please re-read my posts: I agreed that Beyonce has outsold Rihanna. Where she doesn’t impress me is that she hasn’t risen to level saleswise of the other women I mentioned (Madonna, Janet, Whitney, et al).

    A TRUE smash is a diamond-seller (domestic, NOT worldwise). Those are my personal qualifiers, by the way.

  87. yeah, like i dont care that much about the numbers between them too as long as i know what music i like, just like beyonce, there is bound to be a song or two off an album that i dont care for with riri but at least they are both doing their thing

  88. @Mario

    “Da Numbers Man” says hello! Or is that “Halo”? 🙂

  89. @ Someone who actually knows music. So based upon what you are telling us that Beyonce and Rhianna are tied due to the fact that live your life is a colaboration. Then that also means that Beyonce does not have 10 Grammy’s she only ave six of her own? Correct :iagree: It never fails Beyonce stans are quick to point out something to drag other people down but fail to point out the truth about her. :hifive:

  90. @Anonymous 1

    I am far from a Beyonce stan, i prefer rihana actually. i just like the truth. But, in all truth, i did not say collaborations, but as LEAD, beyonce is the lead or equal on every grammy. In live your life, rihanna is an acessory. Hence, featuring, instead of, duet with.

  91. @Someone Who Actually knows Music
    Once again I disagree about the Grammy’s. And since you like the truth than you should be able to stomach the fact that Beyonce only has 6 solo Grammy’s and 4 she share with Destiny’s Child. To quote and tell the world you have 10 Grammy’s as if you earned all of them by yourself is a lie straight up. If I bought two homes, then you and I bought one together then it should be stated that way. Not I own three homes because that would be a lie I own two and share one GOT IT. According to Merriam Webster a lie is anything said or done to deceive someone. And to state you have 10 Grammy’s as if you earned every last single one of them by yourself is a straight up lie. Excuse the post but I just want you to come politically correct when you or anyone respond to me because I don’t buy the lies and hype.

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