Sista Sighting: Rihanna In New York City

Rihanna Pop diva Rihanna is slowly returning to public life after being kept in almost total seclusion for the past month. The singer has of course been keeping a low profile since she was allegedly assaulted by her boyfriend Chris Brown on Grammy night. Accompanied by her bodyguards and wearing dark sunglasses, Rihanna was spotted in New York City yesterday leaving a hotel. Since Chris Brown was arraigned last week rumors have run rampant about the couple. ET correspondent Kevin Frazier, who appeared Thursday on Oprah’s domestic abuse special, told the talk show hostess the couple were recording a duet and even penning a book together on domestic violence.

Of course none of this has been confirmed by the either Chris or Rhianna’s reps, so until we know otherwise it is all just speculation.

What isn’t speculation however is that Rihanna is indeed looking like her old self again. Check her out below looking like the stylish diva we have all grown accustomed to over the last few years.


  1. I thought Kevin, Oprah, and Tyra and all the people who participated in that episode did an excellent job in presenting the troubling issue of domestic violence.

    The Tyra show clip of Chris Brown speaking of a his memories of watching his mom’s abuse was sad. My theory is that when we don’t forgive others-esp. authority figures-for the wrong things they do, we run the risk of becoming just like them.

    It was an eye opener to learn that Rihanna grew up in a hostile household and suffered disabling migraines from the stress of her parent’s persistent arguments. I can now understand why she has distanced herself from her family.

    I hope that Rihanna and Chris receive counseling separately. IMO it is too soon to sing and write about these experiences. It takes time to understand and overcome bad habits and destructive behaviors.

    I pray that as many people who watched the show who are currently the victims or perpetrators of domestic violence, see the light and decide to RUN and keep some help.

    Oh and Rihanna is as beautiful as ever.

  2. i’m loving the hair and the shoes,my girl still got real style,i love this young girl so much i hope she works out her issues for real and hope Chris gets help because he is a wounded young man and if he is sincere he will be in a better position to uplift his young fans…..riri is a true style diva

  3. i just read that rihanna jay and bey went out to dinner last night to celebrate her belated birthday, that is very sweet of them

  4. Beyonce just trying to jump on the bandwagon as noone is talking abut her.

  5. JJ Fad this was a positive post, please for once dont bring in the negativity, my god people like you…

  6. Her outfit looks great. She does look a bit different in the face. It could be a few extra pounds or perhaps she really will need surgury as reported. Whatever the case, the shoes are hot!

  7. gurl u got beat down go kill chris and u is going be in jail but its going feel good righa

  8. She is STYLING!!! I LOOOVVEE the outfit!
    I hope that she can find peace in all the drama that has happened.
    She’s the next Style Icon for sure!
    Go RiRi

  9. I wish the media would stop trying to exploit these kids!!! Oprah, Tyra included and I am a fan of both Oprah and Tyra.

    I was so dissappointed that Oprah had a gossip journalist as her source of info. She was an actual journalist. I understand trying to get rating but where was the big domestic violence show when Sean Penn alledgedly beat up Madonna? Or other stars get DUIs, act reprehensibly in public.

    Chris Brown is/was DEAD WRONG but he ain’t OJ the sequel.

    Britney Spears does not even have custody of her own kids and she gets to sell albums and go on morning talk shows, STILL!

    There is a huge double standard that is going on and the two top BLACK media moguls have to join in the crucifixtion.


  10. Mario I think your talking about mediatakeout, which isn’t true because Rihanna was with Brandy. Jay Z and Beyonce was doing their own thing. It was pictures taken of them but they wasn’t together.

  11. @ Tulalazoeapple
    Your points are valid but I treat these as sort of a given.

    In general black folk, celebrity or not, with the exception of OJ, generally get harsher treatment in the court of law and public opinion.

    And sensational, speculative, voyeristic, celebrity style reporting has taken over once reputable news programming like 20/20, NBC Dateline, ABC Nightline, HNN, etc. True dat.

    Oprah may be a jounalist but she makes her money as a talk show host that regularly features celebrities. The Rihanna/Chris incident is a “teachable moment” as Oprah likes to say. Everyone (us included) is talking about it. Why not Oprah? As I mentioned in my earlier post, Tyra shed light on what she learned first hand from both of THEIR MOUTHs, so she says, about their backgrounds. This info made me more sympathetic to both.

    Again, I think Oprah did a better job than CNN’s Headline News Network. Any show she does is far superior than what any other talk show, including Tyra’s, would do with this sad, sensitive subject.

  12. RiRI and Chris moment teachable ,what u mean to tell me if chris didnt beat her people wouldnt even talk about domestic violence.People need to mind their business and deal with their own relationships which no one is getting involve with.

  13. Well if she is doing good,looking that good and still partying,and seems very happy I can only leave her alone to make her own decisions, Thanks god her face has cleared up, She is back to her old ways and I’ m happy for her

  14. Pearlsrevealed: The only person tyra is interested in talking about is herself, Trust and believe at some point of the show she is going to make it about her, But i agree on what you are saying, People are milking this story Dry! Sad I thought Oprah Knew better than to push rumors…But whatever I don’ t watch Oprah or Tyra anymore, I rather chill somewhere laughing at Ellen DeGeneres 😆

  15. I agree PearlsRevealed,

    I just think its disingenuous. I did not see the show so maybe her opinion was more balanced but the excerpts were really one-sided. I feel like if you really want to help someone, you reach out to them not put them on blast publically on your show like everyone else is already doing.

    What if Oprah reached out to Rihanna privately, then after this all blowed over had her come on the show as a TEACHABLE moment?

    That way maybe Rihanna would listen and not be emotional. Then many girls would truly be helped.

  16. :stop: Oprah you need to do a show to encourage women not to sit on the bench getting fat and old waiting for a high yellow man to propose. Glass houses!!! :lol2: They all need to butt out and clean up their backyards and stop acting like Rihanna and Chris are the first couple to every fist fight. Half the people commenting probably got their asses beat and still in a dysfunctional relationship, and abuse is not just physical. How many women/men are still tolerating low self esteem situations because they don’t want to be alone!!! That’s probably half the people posting! 😆

  17. Talulazoeapple :iagree: :iagree:

    I’m tired of this yellow journalism us BLACKS receive!

  18. Talulazoeapple
    Not lying, I just think Oprah and Tyra are just trying to make themselves interesting by putting their two cents in, If they had something to say it is not on tv, or if you wanna do it on TV don’ t say any names, Pick up the phone Call rihanna and give her a lecture .

  19. You said it, Talulazoeapple and lipstick. It seemed everyone has totally blanked out the fact Rihanna was the product of abuse, too, who parents fought all the time. Why is it to say that she does not exhibit some of the same behavior traits that everyone is placing on Chris Brown, because he came from an abusive environment? Some women from this type of environment tend to not allow men to take advantage of them and some become submissive to men. Oprah jumped on this bandwagon without all the facts. She should have waited until after all the legalities of Rihanna and Chris Brown were over with. Tyra was more into being on the show and showcasing herself than providing any substance. Rihanna is not the poster face of abused women, as she has money and can walk away from that relationship at anytime. This is one time Oprah put the horse before the wagon and made some horse manure. These are two young people involved in an adult relationship who got in a horrible situation that night and neither were mature enough to handle it like adults. The media and public are abusing them by all the vile name calling and vicious articles being written about them.

  20. Tyra was more into being on the show and showcasing herself than providing any substance
    i am telling u

  21. @ Voice that is because Tyra is very insecure herself. But I find it very sad that just because a celebrity gets abused the whole world has to stop and pay attention when things like this go on EVERYDAY! Why couldn’t there be shows like this BEFORE this happened. so Oprah and Tyra you’re telling me that when this happens to a celeb its SURPRISING??!

  22. Riri’s styles is always on point. She don’t miss a beat.

    For all the rumors going around we still really don’t what’s going on. It’s been found out that the post fight duet was a lie so a lot of other things could be too.

    I wish her the best.

  23. Bronze_Beauty
    I thought Me and my sisters were being parano, You see that too? Dang for a rich and famous chick you always wanna make things about you for real? She can’ t ever step back and watch someone else sjine, whenever she have a guest that is funny she cuts them short or throw some jokes in to bring it back to her 1 and you ain’ t lying about what she couldn’ t have shows like that before!

  24. Based on all the of the responses no one here ever watches Oprah regularly. She produces shows that empower women ALL THE TIME. She has showcased the issues endangering the lives of regular women and children all over the world more times than I can recall. Oprah has put a lot of her own business in the street over the years. If she is exploitive, then she has exploited herself more than any guest on her show.

    No. For the most part the show did not focus on the rumors surrounding what happened between Chris & RiRi. I think the show could have did without the ET correspondent at the beginning of the show who simply regurgitated the rumors. The bulk of the show featured noncelebrity teens & families who have endured abuse, lost a loved one to abuse, or who only had an opinion about it.

    Yes. Tyra did recount her relationship with a former boyfriend that she said was emotionally abusive. I don’t believe she tried to make the show about herself. Her comments were appropriate. Tyra has a younger fan base than Oprah so her appearance on this episode served them both

    It was Tyra who adamantly reminded the viewers that Chris & RiRi were no different that anyone else; that both experienced/witnessed some form of abuse in their homes; that it is unfair to expect RiRi to take some strong stand for women’s rights when she has not had time to process her own experience.

    As I have stated earlier, the problem of journalism lacking substance is bigger than Oprah’s take on violence in teen relationships or the perception of her motives for doing the show. The media as a whole has made it newsworthy. IMO, considering what has been reported, Oprah used this sad incident to moderate a fair, balanced and compassionate discussion on violence in teen relationships.

    I’m done.

  25. Beyonce knows that her husband has a soft spot for the Fierces girl in the game (RIRI) her style is always on point!!! She made sure that she didn’t leave them 2 alone crying over some bubbly!!!!!!

  26. I didnt see it so i cant comment on oprah r tyra but i will say these comments have me make proud 2 be sista most sites people comments r half pasted ignorant so im grateful

  27. :stop: :hater: :hifive: :bag: :iagree: :noway: :brownsista: :koolaid: :lol2:
    Were do you get the emotions?

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