Sista Sightings: India Arie & Beyonce

India Arie Singer India Arie and Beyonce both made appearances last night. India, who released her new album Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics yesterday, was spotted in New York City at her album release party, which was sponsored by Target. No word yet from Hits Daily Double about where India will end up on next week’s chart, but with no major releases from any other artist, I say India has a good chance of opening at #1- just as she did with her previous album, Testimony: Vol 1, Life & Relationships, did. Next up is Beyonce who decided to skip the Grammys on Sunday, but did show up for last night’s Unforgettable Evening Benefiting The Entertainment Industry Foundation’s dinner.

Next up for the singer will be the NAACP Image Awards which air live tomorrow night. I hear Bey will be performing.


  1. I`ll definitely check out Indie`s new album because she`s a great writer. I think I recall her once naming Stevie Wonder as an inspiration and he`s a great artist to admire because he`s certainly one of the greatest songwriters to walk the earth. I already have Indie`s music as part of my collection and I`m sure I`ll be adding her latest as part of my collection.

    Yes, she has a good chance of doin` well the first week because no one is taring up the charts in sales as I stated on another post. Until Bruce Springsteen last week no one had topped the 70k mark for sales in a single week for weeks. Taylor Swift seems to be the one racking up the most sales right now with nearly 3mil sold as I also stated earlier. Anyway, I`ll definitely support Indie. Not only is she a great talent but she`s very “humble”; that goes a long way..

    Michael Jackson & The Golden 80s 4ever!!!

  2. Something’s definitely up with Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson. Jen didn’t show up at the Inaugural balls. Bey didn’t show up the Grammys or the Super Bowl, where Jen performed the anthem. Bey just jealous Jen winning A-plus awards! 😆

  3. Oh India! Love her CD. It is worth every penny spent. But that outfit is horrendous.

    Bey looks too old in that outfit. Ima need her to upgrade the fashion. She can’t seem to find a happy medium – either she is dressed like a 16 year old or a 50 year old. That dress is more suited for Mama Knowles. And that necklace, earrings, and a shawl? Love the shows though

  4. India Arie’s album is one that I can play all the way through and truely enjoy it. Her album is quality music. Go India!

  5. I love that India Arie does her own thing. More entertainers should be willing to take risks and set themselves apart from the crowd 🙂 And I’m going to need those earrings in that first picture.

  6. lol @ india.she looks bad.lyk very very bad.b looks wondafulicious- cnt w8 4 da performance 2moro!

  7. WHY IS B WEARING HER WEDDING RING ON WRONG HAND? i dont get her. either your not goin gto wear it at all which is fine or if your going to wear it (is it not a symbol of her vows?)..put it on the right finger. “her song put a ring on it playing in my head like torture”

    maybe she got mad at jay for being so passionate about rihanna’s situation.

    left finger hun…

  8. B luks gud! :stop: n all da haterz please do US a favor if u dnt like B n u kno u aint gne say sum shit dats mature or nice or datz goin to comment on somethin completely different dnt comment at all!

  9. Beyonce looks stunning!!! And she is now someone’s wife she has to start looking like one! India Arie looks….festive. Anywho Bey doesnt have to come to the Grammy’s or supe bowl….no one showed for the grammys and the super bowl was Jen’s time. cut it out :hater:

  10. I am amazed that a Rihanna story is getting more buzz and responses than a Beyonce story. Rihanna – 67 and Beyonce – 12. Wow!

  11. Looking weird both of them, but i gues s my eyes are playing tricks on me..

  12. Will be buying the CD this weekend. I’m glad that fashion really doesn’t matter.LOL. Not diggin’ the runaway slave motif. She still my girl, though.

  13. India is rocking that short hair. It looks great on her. B looks like she’s choking in that 1st pic. A simple strand of that necklace would have been fine B :thumbsdown: 🙂

  14. I will definately be buying this cd tomorrow. I love India Arie’s music :thumbsup:

  15. i love india’s head she is so natural and beautiful and she has a perfect shape,i admire woman who keep their hair natural but anyway if she lived in south africa man wud have appreciated her more and praised her in every street corner coz our man like sistas who keep their hair like God created us to be,i feel guilty that i cnt maintain the natural route and i am happy india is representing the so called slave look and she is confident.

  16. I know right what do you mean by slave look? she’s natural and she’s not ashamed, im also going natural as well

  17. India and Beyonce are BOTH beautiful ladies. Different looks, both beautiful!!

  18. @ lizz and Bronze

    “runaway slave” look~~the make-up and jewelry in the middle pic and NOT the hair. I am ala naturale myself. Prefer conservative dress, that’s all. To each his own.

  19. If it was really an natural, she would’ve had more hair on her head and wore an afro. Why do some black women consider a boys hair cut a natural? Nor do I see anything beautiful on that…my opinion and I have a right to stand by it like you do.

    Anyway Bey is cute…Next!

  20. @ Xia

    natural= chemically unaltered; no extentions; the hair you’re born with.
    It doesn’t matter if it is long or short just as long as the hair has its’ natural curl pattern.
    In conlusion, she is wearing her natural hair in a boy cut. This is a natural hairstyle.

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