Sista Sightings: Meagan Good & Beyonce (Updated)

Brown Sista Meagan Good and her fabulous stems were seen outside the Crown Club in Hollywood, California last night. The actress was spotted signing autographs for fans and then walking off into the night. And for those of you not still focused on Meagan’s legs- check out her new do with auburn highlights- I like.

Check out PAGE 2 and PAGE 3 for more fabulous pics of Meagan I spotted on

Next up we have Beyonce who was spotted earlier this week enjoying the beautiful weather the NYC is having. Later on Bey would eventually meet up with Jay where they took in the Cleveland Cavaliers/ Boston Celtics game of the semi-finals.


  1. Both ladies look good. Meagan’s hair looks good, but not too keen on the booty shorts and heels. Isn’t it like cool/cold in Cali at night? I like Beyonce hat (I love hats) and the pants. Cute and laid back.



  4. Brown Sista, why doesn’t your web site focus on African American women who have actually made a difference in our society and inspire like Michelle Obama, Sheila Dixon, Maxine Waters, Oprah Winphrey, etc. Your site focuses to much on Beyonce Knowles. A woman who is idolized for being pretty, having a sexed up image and sings about freakum dresses and material things. I mean what has she done to change our society that she deserves this much attention?
    Oh and this is not hating, it is my opinion.

  5. Brown Sista: Black Female Celebrities

    Brown seeks to celebrate the beauty, style and accomplishments of African American women in Hollywood.
    That is the description of this website.

  6. Megan is such a PYT. I don’t like the Bimbo look but she is beautiful and seems to be = in personality. Beyonce pants are nice, she is chilling. She is soooo PREGNANT stop frontin’. Look @ that little bulge.

  7. @SistersThatMakeADifference
    Wow!!! GREAT question. I wasn’t going to comment on this forum because there’s not much to comment to in the first place. But your question ingnite my urge to do so, so here it is…

    I think women/people are really starting to feel the emptiness behind certain artists who have reached stardom based off their fabricated, materialistic lifestyle. That flashy, booty-shaking, barely no close having, bling-bling attire/accessories, lifestyle has been overtop far too long. It has had a mudane impact on our society. People are dying /killing trying to live like that. But those lovely sistahs who you mentioned have definitely paved the way in a form/fashion that no Beyonce, Rihanna, Mariah, etc can never claim. If I’m going to look for fulfillment in Man, then give me the Oprah’s, Michelle Obama’s, etc…ladies who are fighting for a cause – and not a selfish one. The true humanitarians where their self-sacrifices are unnotice to the rich, but cherished by the poor.

    Stephanie – Do you have any information on these ladies to post to this site, or does this part of the spectrum interest you enough to post? Just asking…


  8. Meagan has great looking legs! These shorts really shows them off. I’m not a fan of this particular hairstyle on her, but she still has flawless skin and she is such a pretty girl.

    Beyonce looks good in these pictures. Again, it’s the accessories that make the outfit. And I’m loving those pants, she wears this type of outfit a lot when she’s photographed relaxing.

  9. Why do peope come to celebrity gossip blogs and ask dumb questions like the one asked above? This is a gossip blog and most of you visit it everyday and other blogs too cause I have seen you there. If you do not like what is posted here there is no shortage of sites that post the content you do like. But I doubt any of you would visit those sites as much as you visit the gossip blogs because they just aren’t as interesting. Looking to a gossip site to give you information on Maxine Waters is like looking to King to give you information on Michelle Obama. If you all don’t want pics and information about celebrities then stop visiting sites that give you that type of information.

    I like the site just the way it is. I like my gossip fix and the great posts made in Sista Talk and Whatever sections. Brown Sista clearly tries to shake it up a bit by getting personal and allowing the visitors to talk about themselves and their lives. They also wrote about Obama and Michelle sometime back but most of the sistas here were anti Obama and his Black wife.

    We are just never happy.

    I also think the original poster simply dislikes Beyonce cause that’s the only person she mentioned. Yet I notice when stories about India Arie, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu are posted they get virtually ignored. Hell, one post about Beyonce can generate twice as many comments as a post about several others sistas combined. Check the Alexander McQueen post for proof.

    I say you keep on doing you Stephanie and I love Brown Sista. I’m happy to have a site that isn’t hating on us all day or calling sistas whores and bitches and looking to bring us down. If you choose to feature a Maxine or Michelle I say gor for it cause I know you will keep it classy. If you don’t, I won’t care cause I’m smart enough not to come here looking for that any way.

  10. Yes, and this site is quite nice considering all of the other blogs that drag sisters through the mud. Everything is good in its place, and to be quite honest, Stephanie does post some interesting/informative things that are worth while in between the photo shoots etc. I agree with Dana, sometimes it seems that blacks are never satisfied. I am sure there is a site/magazine that is geared toward that zanra (did I spell that right)

  11. wow! DANA!!!

    I think Bey looks cute, i like seeing her like this..

    I think Megan stole the shorts i use to play foot ball in{ my tom boy days} lol

  12. And can yall stop fishing for a baby! just wait a couple months.. if its there trust me it’ll show..

  13. I loves me some I like the celeb features but my favorite of all the things posted here are the feautures that allow us to interact with one another and not just about the celebrities. I have learned a lot and read some great stories and gotten some good advice here. I like knowing I’m not the only one going through something. Sometimes we sit here and argue with each other so much that we forget that there are people behind these screen names with feelings, lives and real problem. If anything I want more of that. I like the site as it is and think the owner(s) (didn’t there used to be 2) are doing a great job. I like my celeb gossip minus the “ho.e sit down” and other snide remarks made by the owners.

  14. Dana-

    And this is where I’d like to end it with the topic of who BrownSista should post on this site because I can see the Your points/opinions were taken in consideration and I don’t want you to think that I have anything against what you said – cause I don’t. However, I will say that rather you thought my question was dumb, or not, doesn’t matter to me because I didn’t pose it for you – it was for me. I applaud you for analytical thesis on how one shouldn’t post on a gossip blog if they don’t like what they see/read – true! And how BrownSista is fine the way that it is (which I actually do agree). But before you or anybody else, intends to make a long drawn out conversation about what I said then go right ahead…have fun.

    Just know that I see you on here often, too! And the next time that we cross paths like this I’ll acknowledge you with a “hey girl”. 🙂

    No drama here. Have a good one!

  15. BrownSista aka Stephanie-

    I think you’re doing a great job – never thought otherwise. I hope you didn’t take offense to my comment (can’t speak for the other commentor), cause it certainly wasn’t meant to offend.


  16. This is a very nice website and should be dedicated to all accomplished Brown Sisters and not just glorify celebrities. I am not here to start any drama or arguments. I only mentioned Beyonce because it seems that any post about her gets so many responses. It seems that she has become the poster child for successful black woman.

  17. Ni-Ni, I aint fishing honey I’m just sayin what I think I saw, ya know like people usually do on blogs……sheesh!

  18. Nesh Nesh I am here everyday, but unlike others I am not here complaining. When and if this website become unpleasant to me I will leave it.

  19. Blah, blah, blah. I need somebody to tell me why Meagan Good has on booty shorts and a leather jacket. 😆

  20. Dana – Rather your complaining or complementing, I would only hope that your opinion is respected – as long as it’s tasteful. I would just hope that nobody refers to it as being “dumb” as you did with me simply because it wasn’t satisfactory to them.

    And I agree with the later part of your statement @ 3:05pm.

    Good day!

  21. I didn’t know rolled up blue jean coochie cutters were back!! Heeeyyy!! 🙂

  22. Dana, I total agree with everything you said. Anyway… Megan looks good and she has great legs, but if she needs to wear a leather jacket with her hands in the pocket as if she is cold does she really need to have on short shorts! Beyonce looks cute and comfy.

  23. Looks like Bey has taken some fashion advice from Janet (hat top, jacket and wide-legged pants)…I ain’t mad at her..she looks good

  24. I don’t mind people with 2 colors in their hair. What I can’t stand is why people put the darker color on top and the lighter color on the bottom. That annoys me! I don’t know why but it does. other than that both ladies look nice.

    If Beyonce is pregnant then good for her and I know her family will be happy for her especially her nephew. I don’t know any of her cousins or anything, but there dosen’t seem to be many children in the Knowles family. Maybe they are just not mentioned. At least her nephew will have someone to grow up with.

  25. Megan is such a cutie – love her hair. It’s funny cause I can remember when I could rock shorts like that – once upon a time! Beyonce is lovely as usual, but I also think there’s a bun in the oven. If so, I hope she’s happy – she sure looks it.

  26. Neither of their outfits are particularly cute to me. Short and Long sleeves are one of my fashion irks, I swear! Beyonce’s outfit looks all mixed up, and those pants lack any kind of shape. I know long and wide…but not like that. But they both looks cute as themselves.

    I wonder if Beyonce even likes Basketball? Seeing as how she always has to be at the games, it’d be crappy if she actually hated Basketball. Her face has “I can’t wait until the season is over” written all over it.

  27. Beyonce looks good! Love the look on her. Marriage is agreeing with both of them.

  28. @Stephanie,

    I like the site the way that it is. You have covered Michelle Obama in a previous post. I come to the site to talk about beauty, celebrities, clothes, fashion, and “sista stuff”. I am already far too serious in my real life. I would suggest that the people who have decided to “suggest” forcefully that you talk about what they think should be discussed, might do best to get a blogger account, and set up their own website to talk about the women who they have decided are worthy of conversation.

  29. byonce is played out im sick of her and the outfit is ugly and i dont fit her megan is holding her private part what about rihanna she got a new movie role the movie features kerry washington mos def the movie is called mama black widow

  30. Hey ain’t it Janet Jackson birthday today, May 16th…I’mm just saying! Maybe I’m early since I am in Dubai so I’m nearly a half a day ahead of folks in the U.S. And Stephanie, I love the being in the Mid East and reading on all my brown sistas is great!!! Thanks child.


  31. Beyonce looks gorgeous! She is truly a beautiful black woman!

  32. YES LEE IT IS JANETS BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! HAPPY B’DAY JANET………………………I LOVE YOU!! MMWA (that was a kiss). 🙂

  33. I use to like this site as well. But if you look at all the african-american blogs you would think that Beyonce and Rhianna are the only two sisters out her doing something. I mean great that they are going there things but there are a ton of sisters who are doing their thing in television, movies, directing, broadway, and a whole host of other things in the entertainment world. It does make me wonder why you guys only focus on a few young ladies.

    Just a thought.

  34. The African American blogs worship both Beyonce and Rihanna because of their looks and sex appeal. That is it in a nut shell. Folks praise everything these two woman do because they like the way they look.

    If you notice, all of the pretty chicks in the industry are the ones that get all of the press on both the white and black entertainment web sites. But, that is the state of our society. Worship and focus only on the ones that are pretty to look at.

  35. Meagan’s got great legs! Who knew? Not better than mine of course, but great. Beyonce’s pants are so cute. I’d definitely wear those. She’s got a beautiful side profile too.

  36. i just want to say really quickly that a few months ago i questioned why beyonce was featured in so many artcles on this site & why it wasnt focused on other african american women more often. basically, the response was b/c beyonce is popular right now. this site is geared towards what the public in general thinks is interesting…celebrities. yes, oprah is a celebrity but she’s not the kind of celebrity the GENERAL public truly has interest in as far as her everyday whereabouts/routine.

    i have come to realize different sites focus on certain people. if you want to read alot about oprah or michelle then this is not the site for you. im not being rude, im just being honest. there are other sites that are geared towards those interests…this just doesnt, unfortunately, qualify as one.

    thats my opinion….

  37. Meagan looks good with her new hairstyle. It’s about time she changed up her look. Her 90’s style cuffed hot pants is going to be hot this summer!! Gold star for Meagan!!!

    Beyaki looks like shit. She needs to stop dressing with the lights off. Those pants are not flattering on her AT ALL. To all you people who are saying that she looks good dressed like that, put whatever it is that you are smoking down and get the eff off of her nuts cuz the chick looks TIRED. She needs to take her ass back in that hotel and TRY AGAIN. Thumbs all the way down for that fashion DON’T!!!!

  38. Beyucki is trying to rock the neon nail polish like Rihana but those colors don’t look good on her skin complexion.

  39. Megan is so hott! For the past couple of years, I’ve had a girl crush on her like one wouldn’t believe. I use to on Bey but I had to dump her butt- she been lettin & lookin boring to me.

  40. Beyonce is a beautiful black woman! Her outfit is fly!

  41. I must say that I didn`t realize that Meagan had such great legs; they`re awesome. She`s a very beautiful woman and I hope her career picks up and gain some steam. It is true that she seems to always be playing the same type roles, versatility would definitely be a good thing. Pigeon holed is not a good thing.

    As for as this website goes; it`s a site for sistas in the entertainment business. Hence you get posts on sistas who fit that category. So I suggest that if you have grown tired of a particular individual then just stay clear of their posts and just not comment on them; that`s what I do. If you notice I didn`t/don`t comment on the other individual in this post because I have long grown tired of her. I simply avoid ALL posts on her. This one I commented on because it was also about Meagan. It`s just that simple…

    Since I`m a HUGE Michael Jackson fan I have decided to always end my posts with lyrics from his songs. So here goes.

    “For All Time” by MJ:

    And maybe the walls will tumble
    And the sun may refuse to shine
    When I say, I love you
    Baby you gotta know
    That`s for all time
    Baby you gotta know
    That`s for all time

    Oh, then on these quiet days
    Where souls embrace
    So silently
    Oh, the rain may wash away
    All these words that young lovers say

    And maybe the wall will crumble
    And the sun may refuse to shine
    But when I say, I need you
    Baby you gotta know
    That`s for all time
    Baby you gotta know
    That`s for all time
    Say that you`ll never go
    That`s for all time
    Baby you gotta know
    That`s for all time
    Baby you gotta know
    That`s for all time
    All time

  42. @Cody and others…

    This blog isn’t focused on Beyonce but we do cover whatever she does- as we also cover whatever Janet does and Rihanna and Meagan and Gabrielle Union and many others. However, I pay attention to what gets commented on and so do most blog owners and despite what some visitors may say they want- their post habits usually reflect something different.

    When Jill Scott’s album dropped earlier this year I posted a 16 minute sampler of all her songs and that post got about 4 comments. On the other hand had it been a Beyonce sampler I have no doubt hundreds of comments may have been made.

    I have also covered India Arie and my favorite girl, Heather Headley- with little to no response from the ppl who visit this site.

    However, just a picture of Beyonce walking down the street will elicit dozens of comments. So somebody is lying when they claim they don’t want to see some people and more of others, but continue to only comment of posts about those ppl they claim not to want to see.

    I think ppl are also lying to themselves when they claim looks play no part in who they are and aren’t interested in talking about. A photo of a barely dressed Meagan will garner more comments than a dressed Meagan. I’m not the one commenting- you guys are so you should look in the mirror and ask yourselves why.

    All blog owners notice this and go with what get comments as no one wants a post something they know will garner no comments from the visitors.

    Right now if I was to post about Nia Long, Malinda Williams, Gabrielle Williams, and a host of other sistas- few would say a word. But again- a Beyonce post (even more than Rihanna) will bring everyone out in force.

    Still, I have no intentions of not covering the women who garner few comments because I still adore them- I just wish others did as well.

  43. I love Meagan Good’s legs…’glad she finally took her boots off and she aint holding a pack of cigarettes!!! She actually pulls off long sleeves and shorts beautifully.

    Bey looks aite. Love the hat and hair, face is flawless as always. Aint really feeling the slouchy look everyone seems to be going for. It totally swallows her…hence the preggers whisper from Liyah. Donno about that babe, she looks to me like she had a meal and didn’t suck her gut in for paparazzo.

    Steph, I guess I’m one of those peeps guilty forgetting to comment on posts about “sistas that make a difference”. I guess I get my fix for the elsewhere and when I get here I just want A-list celeb news or video vixen news. You do a great job though. Hands down this is the best “brown sista” site I frequent.

    SistersThatMakeADifference- It might be great business idea for a sista fighting the “making a difference” cause to start her own blog. Perhaps that’s your BIG idea and you’ll get a loyal following. I’m pretty sure there’s a market out there for a blog like that. All the best:)

  44. Blog Sites are the New New- It is a vehicle for people all over the world to speak their minds freely. We have to learn to appreciate each others opinions if not what are doing here! There is nothing wrong with adding a positive role model who may not be in the entertainment business- we should acknowledge all the beautiful sisters in the world who strive for excellence and success not just for themselves but for the people.

    So all my beautiful sisters – Keep Your Heads Up and Keep the Dream Alive! We come along way but we still have a longer way to go!

  45. DAM for the last time bey is preggers due sept 08 iight

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