Sista Sightings: Nicki Minaj & Keri Hilson

Singer Keri Hilson and rapper Nicki Minaj both put in appearances last night at industry events. First up is Nicki, who took time off from her joint “I Am Still Music Tour” to perform at the Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth event which was held at Christie’s in New York. Nicki is reportedly already working on the follow-up to her platinum selling debut “Pink Friday.” Though details are hush hush, Nicki did tell MTV that her new project would be released sometime this year.

Next up we have Keri Hilson who was spotted arriving at Guess and Paper Magazine’s 2011 Beautiful People Party. Keri recently released the steamy video for her single “One Night Stand” and can be seen April 3rd via pey-per-view singing America the Beautiful at this year’s Wrestlemania event.


  1. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn!!! What the fashizle is this? Keri Hilson is too pretty to be looking like this. The only thing I like is the belt. Other than that..NO. Her makeup is too white and she looks like Nicole Richie. In the video she did with Chris Brown she was gorgeous but this up top. Stop.

  2. Okay people, I am trying real hard, really, really hard to take Ninki Minaj seriously but I just can’t with that hair. LOL!! It is sooooo wack to me. I am all for different and I can tolerate the multi-colored weaves and what not but when she wears her hair like that it is just tacky not even fashion forward in the least. It is like Marge Simpson gone wrong….

  3. Your points are well stated Koko & Gigi. She needs to stop the insanity. I don’t understand why her hair looks like this, nor can I make sense of her clothes. Does she need medication?

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