Sista Sightings: Rihanna & Meagan Good

Rihanna Dining In NYC Brown Sistas Rihanna and Meagan Good were both spotted out earlier this week doing a bit of clubbing. Meagan at her favorite spot, My House- Rihanna at an unknown location in NYC. The singer was seen dining with Steve Stout, a well known industry exec whose company, Translation, matches singer spokespersons with corporations that want to promote their products. Rumor has it Cover Girl will not renew Rihanna once their contract with her expires at the end of the year- this means she’ll be a free agent and with a new album to promote, will clearly be looking for sponsors and companies to hook up with.

As for Meagan Good, we haven’t posted much about this sista lately. Aside from random appearances at various club events across the country, the actress seems to be keeping a pretty low profile on the career front. A search of her IMD page shows no movies on the horizon for her in 2009.

Here she is below leaving My House Club in Los Angeles. Movie or no movie, Meagan is very popular with the paparazzi in L.A.


  1. Rihanna is something beautiful…. that outfit is nooooo tho…like the shoes. Dang I think her being in that incident might’ve cost her cover girl contract being renwed hmmmm but ehhhh movin’ on.

    Meagan is pretty badd herself lol they couldn’t get better facial expressions tho?

  2. Just when you think you are tired of ririz hair she re-invents herself,i love the hair its nothing new from her but i like the way she maintains it….i like outfit but i wudnt wear it the jumpsuit gives you trouble when you have to visit the bathroom

  3. A Rihanna sighting is as common as a white person sighting on Montana. LOL! All she does is change clothes and walk in front of the paps all day. And, I really don’t know why we are even still mentioning Meagan Goode. She has yet to make a significant ripple in the ocean of acting. SMDH!

  4. Rihanna looking beautiful as per usual πŸ™‚ …. Megan good however looking a little iffy!!!! πŸ˜•

  5. MAJOR MOVIE STAR, you ain’t told nothing but the truth πŸ˜†

  6. Rihanna needs a damn shape up in the back of her neck. Pretty girl though πŸ˜‰

  7. Love the outfit but the fabric is a no no! Those shoes are so hawt!

    She always looks so freshed face and I see her Covergirl commercial is back in rotation!

  8. πŸ™„ oh Meagan when will you ever be sighting in a movie roll?
    😎 RiH-RiH swagg is still hot

  9. Rihanna is too edgy for Covergirl and much too high profile. She never fit their mold IMO. I believe she got the contract before she was a “Good Girl Gone Bad.” I could see her repping for a high-end designer, tho. Something dark and rock ‘n roll..

  10. Style wise Rhianna is in a class by herself. There is no one out there right now that can touch her style wise.

  11. @ Bee
    “couldn’t agree with you more” ❗ the girl is firece….
    I don’t care what she does her fashion is always on point and she has her own style… I guess when you can’t get the paps off you “haters” wanna call u a street walker( it comes with the fame) πŸ˜† oh and she is def. a covergirl…. so what if she has the badgirl image thats what make her unique!! I guess it could be there opinion, but when it comes to this girl alot of ppl are so hateful *no ones perfect*@ the end of the day she is a BADB**CH!! and Megan please stop lol

  12. Rihanna looks stunning….I love that fit its very Ja Ja Gabor-esque….Meagan looks ight, I love that hat on her too…

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