Sistas And Tattoos

Keyshia Cole All Tattoo-ed Up Sistas and tattoos- where do I start? Much like 10 inch nails and purple hair- tattoos are the newest thing sistas have decided to overdo. I swear we as a people are like peacocks- we like to be seen.We are flashy and don’t get me wrong this can sometimes be a good thing. However when overdone we often end up looking like fools and such is the case with sistas and their multiple tattoos.
I remember back in the day when all women had the same tattoo- a delicate little rose on the ankle. That was back when ladies wanted to be a little edgy, a little sexy, but still feminine. Well the times sure are a changin’- but for sista’s mostly. Black women can now be seen sportin’ tattoos on their breasts, thighs, arms, and even their necks. What kind of woman gets a tattoo on her neck?

I am sure this is all for attention sake and that is the sad part. How sad is it that as women so many of us feel the only way we can get attention is to have outrageous markings all over our bodies and in areas we shouldn’t be showing off in the first place.

Sad to say, but sistas are slowly losing the feminine battle. Between the tattoos, outrageous hair, loud dispositions and 10 inch nails, we seem less like women and more like cartoon characters.


  1. Nothing cheapens a woman like tattoss. My boyfriend calls them tramp stamps. Some are cute and hidden away while those like the ones Keyshia and rapper Jackie O have are just awful. No doubt about it too many sisters get the worst tats because they want attention.My brother started with one and now has dozens.He said they are addicting and he liked the attention.Women can’t do what men do though.

  2. Black women don’t like to hear truths like this and expect to feel their wrath. But as a man let me tell you that we like soft feminine creatures not women who come off or look like men.Tattoos harden a woman and takes away from her beauty.I have always found Mary J. to be a beautiful woman but the tattos on her arm, thighs and hand are a turn off.Whenever she is photographed wearing a gown she looks a total wreck.The same goes for Keisha, Fantasia and Eve. :thumbsdown:

  3. Please excuse me for a moment while I drool all over myself.Keyshia Cole’s breasts are beautiful.I mean those are the most beautiful breasts I have even seen in my life.Do you have a larger picture of them?

  4. Michael :iagree:

    I’m not saying a sista can’t be feminine with a tattoo, but when you are attending a formal event or wearing an elegant ball gown while out with your husband or significant other, the last thing you want to expose is a tattoo.

  5. And Rihanna sticking her butt out in the video isn’t sadly just for attention?

  6. [quote comment=”5867″]And Rihanna sticking her butt out in the video isn’t sadly just for attention?[/quote]
    One has nothing to do with the other and judging from your attempt to change the subject you must be one of the type of women this piece talks about.


  8. It has been a minute since I have been here.Hope everyone is well and I like the new site layout.

    Debra your post is timely because I was ran across one of those Bridezilla shows on television a few days ago and stopped to watch because the couple showcased was African American.What struck me immediately when the bridesmaids were being fitted for their dresses is how everyone of them, including the bride had tattoos all over their upper body which could be seen with the type of dresses they were wearing.Some had tattoos on their breasts but most had them on their upper arms and they were large in size.My first though was uggg! All those tattoo wearing women made the ceremony look so cheap and tawdry and the bride herself was the worst because she was the one who had the tattoo on her breast.I rarely see women of other races with tattoos as large and visible as the ones I see on Black and Latina women.We really have overdone it and need to slow down.Let’s hope the younger sisters especially are reading this.

  9. I agree with several of your statements. When I was 18 (a couple of years before tattooing became popular and more mainstream), I got a small heart on my chest. You can’t really see it unless I wear something strapless and it’s cut real low. I thought about getting another one throughout the years but I found as I got older, that would be a mistake. I actually want to remove this small heart because now I attend formal functions more, personal and business, and I’m forever putting makeup over it. The price to remove it is outrageous and I’ve been told that it may not come off all the way anyhow.

    I love me some Mary J., but Michael is right. No matter how beautiful she looks and how beautiful her gown is, I can’t get past the tattoos!

    Tattoos can be sexy and fun, women just have to be more conscious on where they’re going to put them and the long term. Women need to think about…how will I feel once I’m 30+, what type of job industry am I working in (professional, entertainment, etc.)and does having a visible tattoo work against me in that industry, and can I cover the tattoo up easily.

  10. What a timely conversation to have. One of my friends and I just had this very discussion. I personally refer to tatoos as mutilation of the body, some say it is a bit extreme but thats how I see it. Sista’s with tattoo’s are definetly the new thing, and so many of them do not realize that tattoo’s are a turn off to some brothers. I have seen some of the worst tattoo’s in the world lately on women who friends, if hey were really her friends would have told her don’t do that.

  11. I was once totally against tattoos as I thought that having them took away from the natural beauty of your body. Then I got drunk and went to a tattoo parlor with some of my YT friends. 🙄 😆 I only came out with one tattoo and it’s on the back of my neck and about the size of a 50-cent piece. It’s of my zodiac sign, Scorpio, and no it’s not actually a scorpio, rather that M-looking insignia that identifies the sign. For the most part it’s covered by my hair or by my blouse.

    But I agree with most in that all those arms tats (thinks of Monica) and leg tats (thinks of Fantasia) are trashy; especially when you try and appear as a LADY, that shyt looks horrible! (thinks of Jackie-O…resists the urge to throw up) Still, I have ‘one’ and that’s probably the only one I will ever have.

  12. :iagree: (Stella & Michael)

    You guys couldn’t have said it any better! The reference to “tramp stamps” was hilarious, but true. Its sometimes a “hard pill to swallow” when we are told the truth about ourselves(in my opinion)but is often warranted. Ladies lets be ladies without mutilating our bodies with tatoos. It often takes away the “soft and pink” in us that men desperately desire to see.

  13. I am so glad this was posted. I agree with the article and a lot of the comments. Black women….no BLACK PEOPLE are so quick to follow trends it disgusts me. My mother and I watched the grammys and yes, Mary J’s tatoos were very distracting to her outfit. I think a lot of the things women are doing now are over-the-top but people slowly grow into accepting them. Just some quick history, tattoos come from way back in the biblical days, they were origianally proof that some one was a prisoner (now we use numbers). That alone makes me not want one :noway:

  14. This post reminds of all the things that I think about when I see stars with the most beautifulest gowns and the ugliest tats to match. I’m not for tattoos and i guess they can be quite sexy (in a place where the whole world can’t see) but when you’ve got tattoos like Keyshia Cole, Mary, Eve, etc., the only thing EVERYONE is bound to look at is tattoos. Whenever I watch Eve’s show, I love her outfits but can’t stop staring at the hideous tattoo on her arm. It definitely takes away from the feminitiy of woman…

  15. It is mostly the rough chicks like keyshia and mary j, that get the big ugly tatoos and they take away class and elegance.

  16. Well personally I don’t think anything should be done to please anyone, but yourself. If a woman wants to get a tattoo then that’s her business and it shouldn’t be done to please a man or anyone else. I don’t like tattoos on anyone, just because I don’t :dance:

  17. i myself have no tattoos and it’s just the presence of them look disgusting in my opininion. I hate all the womens tattoos. the keyshia coles, mary j and monica just went overboard with their. even brandy the one on her back is disgusting. when they reach of age,that is not gonna look too cute. I think the worst is angelina jolie. what the hell was she thinking. i was impressed when a couple of months ago beyonce was on tv and stated she had hers removed. clearly it’s not as cute as everyone is saying

  18. Mary J Blige, Faith Evans, Keyshia Cole they have the biggest tattoos and I really can’t understand it! I love all 3 of these women. Especially Faith and Mary of course!! But it looks so damn tacky! Not lady like or attractive. There’s nothing wrong with a tattoo on the small of your back, maybe your ankle something sexy you know. But all that big outrageous stuff is a mess!

  19. Shay, I completely agree. Life is too short to have hang-ups about what others think is attractive or not. I say, do you…as long as you’re not hurting anyone else and it doesn’t impede you being all you can be as a person.

    And no, I don’t have any tattoos…and yes, I do think that some tattoos look tacky on a woman. However, if they like it, then I love it :thumbsup:

  20. Tattoos and couture do not mix. Sorry Ladies. It just doesn’t.

    I’m a black man and I CAN’T STAND to see a woman with tats all over her body. It’s like black women are ashamed of their skin. I was talking with some brothas the other day and we all agreed that sistas have taken the wrong turn on this trend. Too much weaves, nails, green contacts, tattoos – just too much. Most black men love the beauty of a sista’s NATURAL skin. Where are my mocha queens?! We shouldn’t be distracted with roadmaps, zodiac signs, chinese symbols, babies names, etc …that ish looks rough. Black Sistas stop with this stuff and spread the word.

    20 year old tats look like painted on crust.

  21. Tattoos can be fun if they are not offensive and put in areas that are less to attract attention. But in today’s society, just like the weaves, braids & make- up, there are women (celebs as well as the round the way girl) who take things to the extreme and make it ugly.

  22. Tattoos on a woman is ugly to me. Plain and Simple. Plus they hurt!

  23. I am a black woman with a tattoo. I have never had a problem attracting a man especially a black man with my tattoo. I don’t agree with showing your tattoo all the time but I don’t think we let the gender or race down by having one. Its a time and place for everything. During my wedding I did not show my tattoo but while working out I show my tatoo all the time. Once again black people making a big deal out of nothing and attacking each other.

  24. I got a tat back in college a small rose on my left chest. I was able to show it when I wore lowcut tops, but I was also able to hide it when I wanted to be taken seriously. I have another one yrs later a butterfly on my right shoulder. Again placed where I can share it or conceal it. The point is there is nothing feminine about tats on a womans arm all up and down their thighs etc. Bull***t about it being addicting. These women will regret it when they get older and want to be taken seriously. I never regreted my little tats they meant something to me growing up and still now. Trust me docs will be making money removing those ugly things when they go out of style. Its not a trend. :lol2: :lol2:

  25. Mary J. Blige has tattoos and a gold tooth.She is by far the worst looking of them all.She wants to be man.Keyshia is so pretty with clear skin and a beautiful body.I wish she didn’t have hers but she still isn’t as bad as Mary.Eve has gone overboard and looks like a sailor now.She ruined herself.Only trashy women and people will problems get cvertain types of tattoos.Look at Amy Winehouse she is a druggy so no wonder she has tattoos.I think people like Mary though may be trying to work through emotional issue by marking their bodies up.

  26. I Havent seen the purpose of all the permanent markings, what does it actually symbolize? These celebrities are wearing these thousand dollar gowns, Etc…and then you see all these tattoos it looks horrible, It takes away from the elegance of a woman…
    Havent we marked ourselves enough as a Race?

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