Sistas, Is Your Beauty In Your Hair?

Solange Once again Solange has caught the media’s attention by committing an act that many would consider a poor decision. She has shaved her hair low. Some people like it, most don’t, including Bow Wow who recently went on a rant on his Twitter about her hair. His response does not shock me as I have heard numerous times from Black men that they would not date a “bald-headed” woman. Solange does not seem to care either way, her being one that always does her. What makes her so cool is that she does her whether she is all alone in the decision or has a whole campaign of followers. A girl after my own heart. Even her sister Beyonce has commented on being envious of Solange’s “ I dare to be different and screw you if you don’t like it attitude”. My question is not whether you like her new hairstyle rather do you see how important something as simple as hair is in the African American community and why? It’s like, if you cut your hair low and you are a Black woman then you are not considered attractive anymore or something dramatic must be going on in your life. “Girl she must be going through something!” Solange claims this is the second time she has cut her hair like this and it is by choice not because she is having a breakdown.

Why do we as Black women spend so much time emphasizing on our hair? It is as if our hair is our strength. I emphasize on the Black community because other ethnicities do not seem to have as much of an obsession with hair as we do. I myself have even been a little obsessive over my hair as well from time to time. This phenomena has been internalized in us all in one way or another. The generalization is that if we don’t spend half our lives in the beauty salon then something is wrong with us. We aren’t considered attractive any longer if we do not keep a well tailored perm in our hair and we must, must keep it done. So when someone like Solange, who the Black community at least considers mildly attractive cuts her hair then there is time for an uproar. Imagine if Beyonce cut all her hair low like that, it would be absolute pandemonium.

I don’t think that we are the only ones to have opinions about women cutting their hair low I just feel that the Black community takes special offense to it. We immediately assume that the woman has lost her mind and we do not view her as being as attractive as she once was. People are even assuming that she simply wants attention. Or she must be trying to be “deep”. One of those hippie chicks. Maybe it is none of those reasons and Solange realizes that it is just hair and feels that she is attractive whether it is long or she is completely bald. Thoughts?

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  1. I don’t expect a man like bow wow to like this coming from a woman who is fully black. This is why I don’t limit myself to dating black men, they go on and on about no weaves and when women wear their natural hair wether it be really low or really nappy they write her off. It’s okay sistas you don’t only have to date these idiots.

    Back to Solange. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think she looks beautiful, she looks very sophisticated. I’m shocked at how good it looks. I thought she was ugly before. This really looks good on her. It’s exotic. But this look won’t work for everyone Solange just has the structure for it. I don’t want to see it on Teairra Ciara, Teyanna, and damn sure not Rihanna. But I think this works for solange.

  2. I didn’t think any of it, Honest to god, I Just thought hey solo cut her hair,However i can understand why people are making such a big fuss out of it, i have been saying it over and over again music now is based on image,it is sad, deplorable meme, but it is true, which is why i always tell stans you can speak all the air you want, but once your idol don’t look like she does anymore her -ss will be grass,which is why you have to step in the industry with your talent and not how good your look!! See i know sandcastle disco, Tony, I decided solange so i don’t give a f-ck if she cut her hair or not, now let another chick go bald and see what happens, it’s life it’s not fair but you have to deal with it,Look at what happened to cassie? yeah she was a flop from the get go but people would buy her music because they thought she was pretty, and now it’s like hell Nah! :

  3. Also and this is kinda OT.

    I also hate When Sista’s Bash Her sister and other artists for wearing blonde hair. When sista’s like Etta James,Aretha,Tina,MJ.Blidge.etc. wore blonde hair back then and still do. But People call Beyonce,Keyshia,C. MILIAN for Sell Outs for rocking it, when in the 60’s they did and no one is complaing about that….SELL OUTS…SMH Again…Get it togather Sista’s

  4. I have no issues with Solange cutting her hair. I just wished it looked neater and she would get it lined up a little. I think black women can rock almost any hair style beautifuly but you have to keep it neat no matter what you are rocking…. from a low hair cut like Solange to a full head of weave. For me it is all about neatness.

  5. Forgot to mention.. for me beauty is in the hair but not in the length. It is just keep whatever hair you do have beautiful.

  6. I think it is so stupid to continue to keep having a spot on the blogs about her just basically taking her wig off. I think it looks nice on her she just needs to shape it up. I wore my hair like that for 3 and half years and it was reallly strang because I had more men outside of my race trying to talk to me. But, as soon ans I would put a wig on that is when all the black men would try and talk to me. So it is definatly a hair thing with black men.

  7. People of African descent have beautiful unique diverse devine hair. We have many different naturally textures of hair that range from straight, curly, wavy, crinkly, bushy, frizzy, wooly and KINKY. Nappy hair grows out & around and it has its on life form.

    Nappy hair has the power that causes galaxies to spiral, stars, planets, and atoms to spin; that causes the double helix of the DNA molecule; the same spiraling power that causes spiraling known as NAPPY.

    Nappy hair is unique hair because we invented so many styles with it you just can’t help but to love it. Name how many other races can do unique styles with there hair like us.

    “Don’t erase the kinks out your hair, erase the kinks from your mind.”

    African descent women invented beautiful lifestyles of art with there hair.

  8. A part of our beauty is in our hair as a part of our beauty is in how we look and present our selves. The greater part is in how we love God, each other and ourselves. So, whether you chose to be kinky, straight, weaved, wigged out, curled or braided, get your heart right as the greatest part of our beauty starts within. The rest is just cosmetic.

  9. and bow wow need to mind his gay ass business another black men snapping that way is NOT what we need in 2009 and if i offend any of the queens in here yeah i know who yall are then take it!

  10. Lmao: I rocked the blond do before you and i know DAMN well it is not the issue, some white chicks wear braids and don’t catch heat for it, it all depends on how you do it, If i wear blond hair and then talk about how i wish to be another race and how much i can’t see the difference between me and another white chick,and how everyone hate me because i’m light “and beautiful” THEN the blonde hair becomes the last touch that is going to get you whipped! so let’s stop acting like people are being victimized because of their hair color it is much deeper than that, Mary wear blond hair and i don’t mind, Keyshia rocked blond, i didnt mind,C mili looked real cute with the blonde do, so do milli of other sisters, it’s all about HOw you present yourself!!!!!

  11. I did the exact same thing back in the late 90’s. I had hair past my shoulders and was sitting on a hot day pressing my hair and that come hit my ear and I lost it. I left the house looking for a barber and it took me going to 5 different shops before I convinced the guy that I wasn’t crazy and yes I want it all shaved off. The reactions I got were mixed. My friends and some family members were supportive while a lot people were outright hostile accusing me of wanting to be a man or simply calling me ugly. It really shed light on what people are really focused on in society.

  12. Bravo to Solange, that took courage. I believe that it is a womens right to choose how she want to wear her hair. I’ve heard in the past that when a caucasion women in the entertainment business cuts her hair very short is because she wants to be taken seriuosly.
    I am not a huge Solange fan however; MORE POWER TO HER!!!

    I also believe that she has the facial structure to where this haircut.
    As for Bow Wow, who cares what he thinks. He is not her man! I believe she is trying to become a self assertive woman and do things her way by not being a follower but tring to become a trend setter.

    Again, MORE POWER TO HER!!

  13. Solange just took her wig off for the day. I don’t think she got it “cut” this short. Nothing at all against her, I just think she pulled off her wig and nothing more.

  14. Jeez! I never knew hair meant this much to Black women until I came on to this site. YES I am a Black female, but the only thing that me & my friends were ever concerned about was if our hair was neat, clean, & healthy. It didn’t matter what type of style or if you relaxed, kept it natural, short, or long… long as it was those 3 things.
    I think hair is such a big issue b/c Black ppl keep making it a issue. Just like they do w/ so many other trivial things .The reasons for this could be endless, in other words I think that SOME in the Black community NEED a Dr. Phil moment to deal w/ the issues that plague them.I mean REALLY it’s JUST hair. I see nothing wrong w/ Solange’s do. I have known many women who have rocked that style, so so what if she is sporting a fade. However, just b/c a person doesn’t like it doesn’t mean they have a issue w/ the state of Black women & their hair. It could simply be that they just don’t like it or if they do like, well they just do. We all have our personal taste & opinions when it comes to our looks & what we think looks good. The only reason why this girl’s head is a issue is b/c ppl want it to be.

  15. i think this is mainly an american thing. in africa no-one gives a flying fart if you’ve cut your hair short, people just get on with it big deal *rolls eyes* and bow wow was merely stating his opinion don’t get all hung up about it. people just need to let go of the things that dont matter.

  16. I don’t think it is as serious as you make it out to be. Beauty is can come in different forms and just because I care about my hair and/or make-up doesn’t make me any less real or true to myself. I think Solange should do whatever she feels like go bald, wear wigs, get a mohawk – it’s her bizness I don’t like her any more or less just because she dared to shave her hair. Doesn’t make her any more aunthenic than a sister with a lacefront.

  17. She slapped that wig right back on for a performance and I still like her. But she should keep the rants to minimum – silly things become serious when you make them as such. Enjoy life and any haricut you want.

  18. As a sista rocking and IN LOVE with short hair, I’m loving Solange’s hair decision..I also agree that she should get it trimmed-trust me, an edgeup makes a major difference:)…As for Bow Wow’s rants, who is even listening to him-please mind your business and get yourself together son! I refuse to let this ignorant lil boy’s comments represent the black man as a whole and their feelings.I’m positive there are brothers who love short hair-ask the men who approach me on a daily basis.

  19. i am a woman who loves my hair. It doesn’t always do what i won’t it too, but it’s mine none the less. I honestly couldn’t dream of cutting it off. I believe it will make my face look rounder than it already does. I wouldn’t dream of going bald!! maybe one day in my thirties i might rock a cute short cut, maybe by then i would be bold enough to do it. Then again my husband probably would not let me! lol

  20. The big deal is made because this is Solange…Beyonce’s sister. If she were just another R&B sista nobody would care, really.

    I love her hair. I did the big chop myself a year ago. And I’m somewhat inclined to agree with SMOKIE. I think she just pulled off her wig. LOLOLOL *shrugs* LOL And I agree also with VOICE, that so much today is based on ‘image’, hence this reaction to what she’s done.

    To the Author of the post, Black women and our hair is a long debate which I will have to resume in discussing after work. (I’ll be back later). But kudos to Solange for either taking off her wig and letting her hair breathe or for embracing (again) her natural fade. Peace and blessings. BBL!

  21. Hairstyles sometimes show a statement and chacter of who u are..Each woman knows what she likes…To each its own.,Its ok to me,she just neds to get a lineup,with the money she got she can be looking way better then what its looks like now. Bow WOw just needs to grow up, he’s still a little boy,and his mind has yet to mature,becuase if he did he would not have said what he said. Solo is a grown matter if she Bee sister or not,cuz she dam sure does her own thing and we all see

  22. Honestly, I just don’t think the cut looks good on her. It has nothing to do with self hate or not loving my natural beauty. I think the cut is poorly done, very patchy, her hair looks very dry and in need of conditioning and it doesn’t go with the features on her face. If it looked tight, I would love it. She cut her hair really short a few years ago and it looked awesome. I think she needs a new hairstylist.

    For me it has nothing to do with the fact that she shaved her head. India Arie, Amber Rose, Ciara, Erykah Badu all looked gorgeous with baldies or short cuts, but Solange ain’t one of them.

  23. I dont know if its the glasses she has on, or the fact that the cut looks like it needs a shape up…but either way I dont like it

  24. No my beauty isn’t in my hair but my hair is beautiful. Its a part of me! 🙂

  25. Ill admit, when I saw Solanges hair-cut, I gasped only because it was such a surprize. But I like Solange alot and I like her attitude too…she really does her own thing. I mean can you imagine the immese presure behind being Beyonce’s sister and being in the same industry??? She handles it so very, very well so I admire that about her ALOT. When I read this article and the challenge that was presented by the author, I mean it makes you think, it really does. We as black women are over consumed with “hair” and what people think me included. I have been natural now for a little over a year and it was the best decision I have made but a few years ago, I wouldnt think of going with out a relaxer let alone weave lol….so sad. But hey, a sew-in is my best friend bc the end result of healthy hair is priceless. But I agree with the author, why do we think we lose our beauty if we are bald or have a extra short hair cut? its like we believe the hype of not being worthy to be loved or to be understood and/or excepted for our naturalness. We all grow in our own time and im glad that I decided to be natural..I rocks it well and its all mine.

  26. Actually, Solange did cut her hair. She used to talk about taking the ‘dragon’=weave out and you’d see her with a bit thinner, still kinda long hair. But this isn’t the first time she’s done it, so it’s not a shock to me. She rocked the low-low when she was pregnant with Juelz. But more power to her. My sister cut my hair real low because she said it was uneven and I almost cried. Thank God it grew back fast.

  27. I only spend emphasis on long, short or medium hair or hair styles if it looks crazy on her. I don’t care if someone who had naturally long hair or was always wearing long weaves cuts their hair super low or even bald so what unless it looks crazy. But in the end though my opinion matters a WHOLE LOT to me lol it still shouldn’t to them because in the end ding ding ding it’s THEIR HAIR.

    I’ve seen how important hair is i’ll say ESPECIALLY anyways because it’s in important in general AMERICAN culture anyways um at least since I was about hmmmmmmmm i;ll say 5 yrs. old… my mother and grandmother were obsessed with my hair and making it super long and how they styled it and so on.

    I have a friend who though she is a criminal justice major is licensed in cosmetology and she is obsessed with hair especially her own and even though her hair is a little longer than BSL (barely shoulder length) she think she’s BALD HEADED O_O. So can’t be mad at any bm not wanting to date quote unquote bald-headed women because some bw don’t help either lol.

    IMO there is NOTHING wrong with spending a lot of time emphasizing on your hair until it starts perverting um equating someone’s worth or status with their hair. But… is cultural ya’ll and generally in our cultural what’s seen as better or prettier USUALLY? Long, straight and flowing hair. And us black people are part of this general American culture are we not? And most of naturally don’t have flowing and straight hair or long hair UNLESS we spend a lot of time on it so that might be why a lot of us in the black community take special offense to bw hacking off their hair.

  28. @ Voice, when did Beyonce say, Everybody hate me because im Light Skinned/ What the heck are u talking about, seems like yet another Rihanna Stan trying to start stuff, SMH

  29. I have to disagree with the statement that only we (African American women) obsess about our hair so much. So does other men and women of every other race, which explains why hair plugs (were they really created for us? NO), Rogain, weaves, wigs, hairpieces in all colors, etc. were created. Our hair (or lack of) has the ability to represent us…our culture, what a person has been through (or is going through) in their life, style, flair, individuality. It would be politically correct to not judge someone on their hair (or any other appearance factors), but in reality, we all do at one time or another. This is funny to me because someone always has to dictate to someone else what is right or wrong. If a man does not like women with short hair, ok. What can you do to change that man’s mind? NOTHING. That is his preference, just like another man may refuse to date women with a weave. Why get all over theoretical about this? People like what they like and an individual is going to make up their mind based on what they want to do.

    I’m starting to like Solange. She’s irritating as hell at times, but I like that fact that she walked out the house with an unshaped up fade and is doing her. It take guts to do that, especially with her having Beyonce as a sister and having a public life. I can appreciate that because some people care too much about what other people think that they tend to forget to think for themselves.

    After many years of getting relaxers, I decided about 9 months back to go natural. Everyone was telling me don’t do it or I’m crazy. Did what anyone else have to say make me change my mind? Nope and now I am in love with my hair more now than ever before. I can go from a curly afro one day to straight hair the next day. I will blow out and flat iron my hair once a week because that’s what I want to do, but guess who disapproves now….the “natural” sistas. One sista told me that I wasn’t really natural because I put heat in my hair and because I dye my hair. My exact response to her was, “That’s your opinion. Thank you for sharing.” As long as I approve of my hair and its clean, HEALTHY, and neat, that’s all that really matters. The only pet peeve I have is seeing sistas with heavily damaged stringy hair and they refuse to cut it because its past their shoulders. They have no idea that it looks a mess and a cut would be really better.

    I agree with the fact that only WE (African Americans) have a problem with each other’s hair. I get many compliments from white people when I wear my curly afro, but disdainful looks from my brothers and sisters. Does it hurt? No. Do I care? Not at all. Does it make me any better than the sista standing next to me with a weave down her back or with a relaxer? NOT AT ALL. They are doing what they feel is best for them and who am I to tell them to stop and embrace your natural hair? Ummm…I’ll answer that question…NOBODY (to you).

    That’s the key….DO YOU and don’t worry about what anyone else (especially someone who does not know you) thinks.

  30. Wow. Didn’t know it was that long! Sorry for the essay. 🙂

    Stephanie, I like the old format better. Easier to find the articles you want to read, now I have to scroll the whole page to find the good celeb happenings and to see what’s new. Love the site though!

  31. This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I love natural hair. I think Solange wears it well. Like someone else said earlier, its only a big deal because she’s Beyonce’s sister. People like India Arie have been rocking this look for years and nobody gives a damn.

    I can totally relate to your story about men of different races approaching you once you started to wear your hair natural. This happened to me also. I have no idea why but it’s crazy.

    IMO, embracing your natural hair gives you confidence that a weave NEVER could. In the end, yes, it is just hair and you can braid it, dye it, fry it, etc just don’t let it define you. That’s when women get in trouble when they become completely identified by their hair.

  32. @Renae

    I’m a natural sista who flat irons too. It is a shame that some natural women are trying to make you feel bad about straightening your hair as if they are revoking your “natural pass.” (Insert eye roll..)

  33. I actually find this kinda funny. Do we really not know why people trip when we cut our hair? Especially if it was long. It’s simple….It takes too stinking long to grow out 🙂 Every black woman I know has a beauty shop nightmare story where their hair was jacked up and took forever to grow back, so I guess when we have a good healthy head of hair its like I’m keeping it. Does anyone remember that Oprah show where Oprah had her hair in a ponytail and Gayle asked her why she did her hair like that and Oprah said because I finally have my own ponytail. The audience laughed and Oprah was like this is the one thing I tell all my white friends they can’t relate too. I personally think that while Black women have come a long way with hair and feeling free to be different, I still wish we weren’t so dependent on weave and having bone straight hair. I wish that women would wear their own hair more often, whatever length it is and learn to be more creative with what you have. To me, your own hair if you take care of it and style it nice will always look more soft and attractive then the huge unrealistic lace fronts and what not.

  34. I forgot to mention kudos to Solange for just doing what feels good to her. I am not in love with the look on her but she doesn’t look horrible. While she may not have her sister’s success it must feel good to be ultimately free to make this kinda of decision, her sister couldn’t do it even if she wanted to. Beyonce has too many endorsements that pay her too stay looking a certain way, like Loreal.

  35. She looks GREAT with short hair! Likes it much better than that extra thick weave.

  36. I’ve seen a few good looking lace fronts but most just look so outrageous they clearly don’t always wear them to look super natural.

    koko wooooooo HELLO about it taking to logn to grow…..I take pretty good care of my hair well when I wear it out but I still have yet to get much past BSL…. my sister hair grows likes nobody’s business though.

    Lol I actually wish I wasn’t dependent on the occasional relaxer or weave either but grrrrrr I don’t be having time to do much w/ my hair when I get dressed which takes long enough I’M READY TO GO lol. Ohhhh I’ve wanted to whack my hair off also but my face is too round and kinda chub to rock extra short or almost bald hair style. I mostly do an occasional relaxer and/or weave out of convenience nothing more. I love natural w/o hear hair, relaxed “natural” hair, bald, wigs, weave all of it I just wish I had more time to deal with it.

  37. “LMAO” The fact that you picked up that it was her the insecure self hating person i was talking about in my post just made my case,further more you have to put me in the box to fit your small minded reasons why “everybody start some stuff” now shut up “i’ve been got so sick” of you ignorant folks.

  38. oh and FYI i was not talking about beyonce, but about all those sisters who rock blond braids contacts and start talking about how they wish they could be white, asian or latino, anything except black, those chicks who wear that blond hair and sit there talking about some “people hate me because i’m light skinned” YOU deducted that i was talking about beyonce she didn’t even cross my mind in the topic i was responding to your usual whining, i was NOT targeting her personally, but i am pretty sure that if we look deep enough we could find such idiotic statement from her , don’t you know she done it all ?

  39. I’m starting to like Solange. She’s irritating as hell at times, but I like that fact that she walked out the house with an unshaped up fade and is doing her. It take guts to do that, especially with her having Beyonce as a sister and having a public life. I can appreciate that because some people care too much about what other people think that they tend to forget to think for themselves.

    Exactly i will always love solange she is one of those people who will never let others think for her, once you do that you lose yourself, and a wallet can be replaced but if you lose your identity you’re doomed !

  40. Wow!you said that you are a woman who tells it like it is and dnt care how others recieve you,i think you have a problem with other womem who tell it like it is,dnt care if you ban me or delete my post but you get what i mean,so you like the sound of your own opinion so much that you have to supress others view point…..maybe you think i dnt stretch my hair,i do and put all that mess but it dsnt rule my life,i know how to let it breathe and it grows back fast,its a myth that black people cnt grow their hair they just dnt know how to do it.

  41. What are you guys talking about Shape up, she not trying to look like a lezzy or a dude. Damn, she looks fine.

  42. I agree with Koko one hundred percent! I love that Solange is wearing her own hair, no matter the length. While i’m not against weaves, I wish so many black women weren’t so dependent on fake hair and would learn to love and work with what we have instead of copying celebrities with their extra shiny extra long fake looking hair.It’s refreshing to see black woman comfortable in their own skin.

  43. @Blameit on the rain: You seem to speak of yourself like your talking about black women but not including yourself. Almost in a third party but not quite. What’s with that. But you are right we as black people make to much out of hair. It’s just a bunch of cells that if you cut them they grow back. Hair is not that big of a deal. Just keep it neat, cleaned, and combed is really the only responsibility for it. We really as a race need to start getting our priorities in order.

  44. I won’t get into the natural vs. weaves and good hair vs “bad hair” debtate because none of this type of discussion ever get people to think and no one learns from it. It just becomes venting.

    As for Solo’s hair, I love it on here. It looks nice. You know, I like it when she wore the ‘Fro when she was preggo with Daniel. The bohemian(sp) look works for her. I would like to see it on her more.

  45. I don’t think that people are so obsessed with the actual cutting of the hair, but they way it looks on a particular person. Some people look good with it, others don’t. Just like anything else. I don’t think that Solo is particularly attractive with the cut, but obviously she likes it (all that matters).

    I have never seen solonge’s “real” hair before, so I don’t know whether she looks better with the cut or not. One thing I do know is that it should be neater, but maybe that is how she likes it too.

  46. well….who is Bow Wow?…tell him to say something when he gets an album that sells…..ANYWAY!!! That’s the problem, we spend too much time worrying about what a man thinks about our hair! If he can’t handle your hair being low, then hit tha door! Most men have this unbelievable desire to be with a woman with hair to her knees, this isn’t every woman and every woman dosen’t want hair like that! Let Solange do what she feels best!!!!!

  47. @Bee

    It may seem that way b/c when speak I can only speak for myself & Black women that I know. I know & understand that just b/c we are all Black doesn’t mean that we care & worry about the same things, which would be the case for any culture or race. As a Black woman, speaking for me & those around me, the only thing that concerned us was the 3 things I mentioned & that the style was cute. But I see that for many other BW, it obviously isn’t the case. Hair seems to be a big deal, but since it really isn’t for me, I have to take a semi 3rd party stance b/c YES I am a Black woman, but can’t really relate to the big deal of hair ** shrugs** . Hope this answers your question.

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