Sisters, Skin & the Perfect Foundation

Bold or bashful, social butterfly or restrained, bohemian or polished sisters have different styles. If you’re like me and have a sister you share shoes, clothes and makeup. You can’t pick the perfect sister but you can pick a perfect foundation. Want a flawless foundation?

When visiting the makeup counter find a foundation that matches the center of your cheek verses the jaw line or dare I say, the back of your hand or wrist. None of which are the same color or texture as your face!

Matching the cheek will give a precise match to your full face. Foundation blended with concealer will give you the perfect match.

To achieve the perfect foundation begin with a light moisturizer. Using a moisturizer will allow the foundation and concealer to glide onto the skin.

Apply dime-sized drop foundation to the skin with a moistened Beauty Blender Sponge. Blend through the inner eye and through the forehead,cheek, chin and neck. Covering these areas of the face will give you a smooth complexion and a great base for your additional makeup like blush or bronzer.

Use a loose, fluffy powder brush to set your foundation. Applying a translucent, loose powder with a fluffy powder brush gives a soft and natural finish to a gently applied foundation.

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  1. Ms. Napier might you conduct some classes for people who struggle with makeup such as myself. This article was wonderful!!! Great tips and information!

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