Slam Or Glam: Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys held her launch party for her fourth album “The Element Of Freedom” at the Aqua in London, England, on December 9, 2009. Keys is no doubt a pretty woman with amazing talent but i’m not feeling this outfit. ( Too much blue) I don’t know maybe it’s just me. Did she look Slam or Glam?


  1. She looked Glam for where she was, in London. They dress more eccentric than the US so I think she fit in just fine. It was a performance outfit also, so it should be somewhat out there, something to draw peoples attention.

  2. HATED IT!!!

    Her dress/shirt or whatever looks like something u just throw on with a old pair of jeans and some Flip Flops.

    If the dress was a solid blue it would have been better to me. Well then that would have been a blue over kill! Nevermind.

    I guess she looks okay for where she was like KOKO said.

  3. Glam..straight, it’s stylish I’m diggin tha look. Beautiful woman!!

  4. It’s aight and it’s very different for her and I dont think she even feels comfortable in it.

  5. Lately Alicia has been dressing better, but this outfit is not a good look on her.

  6. its ok overall, but her hair hump is too high and makes her face look too long and the outfit is too matchy matchy. But it fits well. Nice and Safe outfit.

  7. its my style- it is glam but too simple for a launch but this is A.Keys not Amerie or Rhirhi,i love colourful leggings its nothing unique thou every fashion slave in the mall wears this kind of stuff

  8. alicia is so fake i never thought she could sing heard she worships illuminati pyramids too they have pictures of it on u tube

  9. I personally think she looks good!! From a brit angle the outfit looks fine 2 me xx

  10. I like it!

    Could’ve done without the stockings though!

    Lol n shes rockin the sasha fierce hair :D!


  11. i def think slam!!! especially her stockings and hair…she can do better

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