Slam Or Glam: Keri Hilson

It’s that time again ladies, where we decide if the brownsistas look deserves a definite glam or an unquestionable slam. This week its the one and only Ms. Keri Hilson. She debuted a new look at the 41st annual NAACP Image awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. Hilson traded in her normal short cut for long black locks, while wearing a sophisticated all black gown designed by Christian Sirano. Her shoe choice could have been different but overall she deserves a glam. Her makeup was all sorts of awesomeness to me, I loved her smokey, sultry eye, nude lip, and eyeshadow which complimented her skin tone. So what do you think Slam or Glam?

*sidenote* She took home the “Outstanding New Artist Award”.


  1. Although it looks prom-ish. I actualy like the look. It shows off her toned legs. So it makes up for the prom dress look.

  2. About time she’s won something.(that’s a good thing) She deserves it. Oh and she looks good. And is it just me because a slam is bad right? You said slam, but liked her look.

  3. I love love LOVE her legs oiled up, they stand out as sexy. Her make-up team did fabulous, but her stylists always make her look like ‘ _ ‘

  4. @ 17150918
    You’re right. Thanks for catching my mistake.

  5. she looks pretty! but the shoe game is definitely a NO!!!…besides that..she looks beautiful!

  6. I love her makeup, dress, and skin! The hair should have been pulled back in a simple bun, but I’ll give her points for not rocking a blonde look. Hanging down like that, it just competes with the dress which is really the focal point of the look. I also don’t like the shoes, but am glad she kept the color at a minimal.

  7. eeeeeeeeewwwwwww……i like her dress but KERI…..eeeeeewwwwww….xoxoxoxox muxh…..this girl is very rude…i met her once in a cafe…i went 2 her to have some pics but she ignore us…

  8. I don’t like her new hair style. It’s a mess!


  10. it’s too much eye-shadow around her eyes…It makes her look older than what she Is….and the dress does appear prom-ish the hair Is o.k but…..Idk glam or slam

  11. I like her look, but the shoes are not the right type of shoes for this dress. So from ankle up, it’s a good look. Usually I hate her style, but not this time.

  12. Glam! She looks so pretty here.
    The dress is hot. And her hair looks cute.

    But I agree about the eyeshadow overload.
    She still looks good though.

  13. Her dress is gorgeous but the shoes and makeup are not. Her shoes clashes with that beautiful dress and the heavy eye makeup makes her look like an owl. This is not a well put together look but is ok for someone on her status. What more would you expect…

  14. What prom are you all going to? The dress is fabulous; she’s a beautiful girl.

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